What does it do? FAQ on Lexus Features

FAQ’s and more from Lexus at Dominion


There are some features that are pretty self-explanatory, others that prove their worth every time you get behind the wheel, and there some that have Lexus owners asking “what does it do?“.


One feature in particular that comes up quite often is the ECO indicator light.  The ECO Driving Indicator is designed to inform and encourage drivers to operate their vehicle in an Eco-friendly manner.  The “ECO” light and zone display let the driver know when the vehicle is driven in a fuel efficient way, based on driver acceleration.  The green ECO light is illuminated when the vehicle is being operated in an eco-friendly manner and will automatically turn off when the zone of Eco-Driving is exceeded.  The ECO Driving Indicator Zone Display (shown as a bar graph) can be displayed in the TFT multi-information display to inform the driver when they are in the ECO zone.  You do have the option to activate or deactivate this green ECO light by using the “customize” screen on the multi-information display, accessed via the “DISP” button on some Lexus steering wheels.


Another hybrid specific feature is EV Mode.  EV Mode allows the vehicle to travel short distances at low speeds on battery power alone.  This mode can only be accessed if the hybrid battery has a sufficiently high level of charge and allows you to maneuver within a parking lot or garage in a quiet, emission and gasoline-free drive mode.


CRAWL Control is available on the Lexus GX460 and LX570 and is a valuable off-road technology for those wanting to take their Lexus on the road less traveled (or never traveled for that matter).

CRAWL Control.png

CRAWL Control allows the vehicle to maintain slow, steady speeds in very difficult terrain and automatically engages Downhill Assist Control (DAC).  CRAWL only operates in low range, with the center differential either unlocked for greater maneuverability or locked for increased stability.  CRAWL provides an extremely steady application to the throttle to maintain very low speeds.  This enables the driver to concentrate exclusively on steering the difficult terrain, without worrying about operating brake or accelerator pedals, making it easier to safely maneuver the vehicle.

The everyday driver may never use this feature so if you see CRAWL (pictured above) and do not plan on taking your Lexus LX up a steep mountain range or down slippery mud road then you can just skip over this dial.


Headlamp Washers are standard on the Lexus LS and available on the 2017 CT200h, GX460, RX, 2016 GS, IS, LS, RC, and RC F.  Headlamp washers help to clear dirt and grime from the headlamp covers, improving effectiveness, visibility, and appearance.

They are especially helpful after a butterfly migration like the one that just came through San Antonio!


Headlamp Washers are designed to keep the driver’s hands and clothing clean and can be initiated from the warmth and security of the vehicle cabin.  When the headlamp washer is turned on (with the headlamps on as well), the headlamp washer nozzles spray high-pressure washer fluid on the headlamp covers to remove dirt.


Lexus Display Audio is now standard on most new Lexus and offers easy-to-use integration for the Lexus driver not wanting to pay extra for the navigation system.  The high-resolution display is the key feature for Display Audio and makes it easier to find and select specific audio sources and the Lexus center-console controller provides intuitive access to audio, phone, climate control, vehicle set up and customer preference settings.  The Lexus Display Audio System offers a wide range of technologies including HD Radio, iTunes Tagging, full Bluetooth technology, Subscription free Traffic and Weather updates and, new for 2017, an app-based navigation system offered by Scout GPS.

Lexus Display Audio in the 2017 Lexus RX350

Still curious as to what your Lexus with “Display Audio” can really do?  Check out all that this standard Lexus feature gives you…

  • Single CD/MP3/WMA player
  • USB and Auxiliary inputs
  • Sirius XM Radio with an included 90-day trial
  • Bluetooth technology for hands-free phone use and audio-streaming
  • HD Radio
  • Subscription-free traffic and weather
  • iTunes tagging
  • Siri Eyes Free Mode
  • High-performance amplifier with digital technology
  • Easy to view high-resolution screen with Back up Camera
  • Built-in Voice Recognition
  • Lexus Enform capability
  • Integration with Steering Wheel Mounted Controls
  • NEW for select 2017 models: Scout GPS Link app-based navigation with turn-by-turn directions
  • Vehicle customization settings


Have questions on any features not listed here?  Stop by Lexus at Dominion and visit with our Vehicle Technology Specialist or email any questions to jbrennan@nplexusdominion.com.

Blind Spot monitor.png

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