7 Lexus Accessories Worth the Investment

Whether you’re wanting extra protection or just looking to personalize your Lexus, you’ll find a Lexus accessory available for every model.  Although there are many options available today, we definitely recommend going with a Lexus Genuine accessory since it’s the only way to get accessories that are actually designed by Lexus engineers for a precise, model-specific fit and finish.  Lexus Genuine accessories also come with a stellar factory warranty that covers 48 months or up to 50,000 miles.  We understand that when it comes to accessories, you have almost limitless options to consider.  This is why we put together a list of 7 Lexus accessories that we recommend as a worthy investment for your current or future Lexus vehicle.


  1.  All-Weather Floor Liners

Not to be confused with All-Weather Mats, the Lexus All-Weather Floor Liners are new for the 2017 Lexus Genuine accessories line, and available for most models.  These practical All-Weather Floor Liners provide even better coverage than the “old” mats since they cover a wider area of carpet.  They are also good looking and an eye-sore that you have to worry about when picking up company.  Constructed from a high-quality thermoplastic polymer, the All-Weather Floor Liners are super-tough, durable and best of all, thin.  These new liners will protect your Lexus against dirt, debris and even tough Texas caliche.

All-Weather Floor Liners in the Lexus NX

2.  Glass Breakage Sensors (GBS)  

Anyone that has ever had a car window broken by someone trying to steal valuables out of their vehicle will probably agree that this Lexus accessory is a “must-have” item.  Glass Breakage Sensors provide extra defense for your vehicle’s security system and can detect the noise that glass makes before it is actually broken.  These valuable sensors use a high-frequency microphone that will sound the alarm, activate your vehicle’s factory-installed theft-deterrence system and disable the starter if and when it detects a window being stuck or broken.  The Lexus GBS is also pretty smart – it ignores other noises so to prevent false alarms and can be adjusted by sensitivity level.

Glass Breakage Sensors
Glass Breakage Sensors (GBS)

3.  Tow Hitch

Most Texans agree that if you have a towing capable vehicle then having a hitch installed is a no-brainer.  Below is a description of the Lexus Tow Hitch Receiver available on a Lexus GX 460.

“The Lexus tow hitch receiver* is designed specifically for your vehicle and engineered to meet your vehicle’s maximum tow rating. Every Lexus tow hitch receiver is thoroughly tested to meet Lexus’ stringent requirements.”

Every Tow Hitch Receiver also receives an “e-coat” that protects against corrosion as well as a UV-resistant powder topcoat.  The Tow Hitch Receiver works best with the Lexus Genuine ball mount and trailer ball – both items sold separately, but it is the Lexus Receiver that we recommend for this list.

Tow Hitch Receiver on the Lexus GX 460

4.  Door Edge Guards

This Lexus accessory is often overlooked, but is one of the most valuable “extras” that you can add to your Lexus.  Lexus Door Edge Guards are color matched to your vehicle model and help protect vertical door edges against dings and scuffing.  Perfect for anyone with a tight garage or heavy door.

Door Edge Guards
Door Edge Guards

5.  Mudguards

Not everyone will need this Lexus accessory, but for those that take their RX or NX to the ranch or on dirt roads, mudguards are an extremely helpful in protecting the exterior paint from mud, dirt, and tire-kicked stones.  Lexus Genuine front and rear mudguards are extremely durable and integrate seamlessly with the NX’s and RX’s specific styling, body panels and ground clearances – a must-have accessory for a ranch-ready Lexus SUV.

Mud Guards
Mudguards on Lexus RX

6.  Illuminated Door Sills

Precision-contoured to fit your Lexus, the Illuminated Door Sills from Lexus feature brushed heavy-gauge stainless steel to help protect against unsightly scuffs and scrapes and, more importantly, heightens the thrill of stepping into your Lexus.  The Illuminated Door Sills feature LED illumination that spells out the LEXUS name in glowing white light whenever the doors are opened (and look awesome both day and night!).

Illuminated Doorsills
Illuminated Door Sills

7.  All-Weather Cargo Mat

The All-Weather Mat and All-Weather Cargo Mat still make our list and are considered invaluable accessories for anyone wanting to keep their vehicle fresh and clean.  In addition to its distinctive Lexus logo, the Lexus all-weather cargo mat* features a multidimensional surface and custom channel design that helps keep your cargo area clean and dry.   The All-Weather Cargo Mat is light-weight, waterproof and removable making it easy to clean and the best part, this mat is made of environmentally advanced materials that are 100% recyclable!

All-Weather Cargo Mat in Lexus LX 570

Check out the entire Lexus Accessory Line online at Lexus.com/accessories or stop by our Lexus Boutique inside our San Antonio dealership to find the perfect finishing touch for your Lexus.

Lexus LC accessories available now

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