Beginner’s Guide to the Lexus UX

The newest addition to the Lexus lineup arrives December 2018 and offers next-generation design, tech, and engineering that appeals to young buyers, and the young at heart, looking for new and exciting vehicles relevant to their lifestyle.  What will soon be the entry-model for Lexus, the new UX is far from basic and offers the same level of extraordinary attention to detail, imaginative technology, and innovative engineering seen in the redesigned LS and LC coupe.  There is quite a bit of information available already on the UX so we compiled a “beginner’s guide” to the new Lexus UX that includes our pick of top 10 features, facts, and behind-the-scenes stories for you to know about the all-new Lexus model.  Let’s explore the “Urban Explorer” before it arrives in dealerships…

Top 10 Things to Know.png

Top 10 Things to Know

  1. The UX name is derived from the design team’s guiding concept and vehicle mission: Urban + X-over (crossover) = UX
  2. First Lexus constructed on the new Global Architecture Compact (GA-C) platform that gives the UX an extremely low center of gravity (best in its class) and best-in-segment 34-ft curb-to-curb turning diameter making it easy to maneuver, park and explore busy city streets.
  3. More than just a pretty face.  The UX is the first Lexus to have full-width rear lights that are not only stunning but surprisingly functional. Unique Aero Stabilizing Blade lights begin at the top of the rear fenders and span the rear of the vehicle that contributes to the vehicle’s stability by guiding airflow around the rear of the UX.  The design also reduces turbulence and lift, providing enhanced stability when cornering and driving in crosswinds.
  4. Two new colors developed for the UX: Cadmium Orange creates a vividness and a sense of depth using a multi-layer paint process that combines a red base layer color with a yellow “interference” mica layer.  The new Nori Green has mica paint particles that have been enlarged as much as possible without creating color unevenness so to achieve high brilliance and strong contrast.
  5. The new UX Hybrid delivers 181 total system horsepower and utilizes the new-generation Lexus hybrid drive system that can go up to a 71 mph speed before shutting off the gasoline engine, such instances would include when driving on a long downward slope. Previous Lexus hybrids capped at 43 mph.
  6. Experience the engawa effect.  UX designers created a feeling of “seamless continuity” utilizing a traditional Japanese concept called engawa.  Engawa creates an effect where the upper section of the instrument panel appears to extend out beyond the windshield from outside the vehicle.  The engawa effect gives the driver an exceptional field of vision and a clear sense of the vehicle’s dimensions that allows for easy parking – even in the smallest of spaces.
  7. Noise reduction was a top priority and in typical Lexus fashion, engineers traced noises to their sources to keep them out of the cabin.  Even the sound of water being thrown by the tires is reduced.
  8. Attention to detail.  The UX headliner was designed to eliminate distracting shadows at the windshield header and even the UX control switches were given a signature “Lexus feel.”  Every inch was thoughtfully considered by the Lexus design team. White LEDs illuminate the front footwells, glovebox, and console switches.  LEDs also serve as the dome light, map lights, cargo area light and provide a unique touch with a backlit Lexus logo that displays on the Lexus Remote Touch Interface when driving at night.
  9. Versatile Multimedia.  Standard Apple CarPlay, 4GB WiFi Hotspot, Instant Replay on Sirius XM, Dynamic Voice Recognition, USB Video and RealMedia video formats, Favorite Genre for FM and Sirius XM that allow the user to select a preferred music genre to discover new stations and as a special feature for UX drivers, the music streaming service, Spotify has compiled its over one million driving-themed playlists into a CarPlay hub.  Talk about options!
  10. STANDARD SAFETY.  This may not be a surprise for current Lexus drivers, but advanced, active safety systems are standard – even on the new “entry-level” Lexus.  UX drivers can enjoy peace of mind knowing they have the latest safety technology from Lexus.  Lexus Safety System+ 2.0 includes Pre-Collision with Pedestrian Detection, All-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist, Lane Tracing Assist, Road Sign Assist and Intelligent High Beam headlamps.
UX things to know.png
Even more: the new UX comes with new tech, features, design elements and driving systems that complement an urban lifestyle.

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