The 2018 Lexus LS in Color

The 2018 Lexus LS 500 is on everyone’s wish list this year but do you know which color is the right one for you?  Check out all of the available exterior color options for the 2018 Lexus LS here and compare each to its F SPORT counterpart.

2018 LS in Atomic Silver

Available in both the standard and luxury model LS and LS F SPORT.


Atomic Silver LS 500
2018 LS in Atomic Silver

2018 LS in Caviar Mica

Available in both LS models for 2018.


Caviar Mica LS LS FSPORT
Caviar Mica on new Lexus LS 500 and LS F SPORT

2018 LS in Liquid Platinum

Available in both the standard and luxury model LS as well as the F SPORT.



Liquid Platinum LS
2018 Lexus LS in Liquid Platinum

2018 LS in Manganese Luster

Available in both the LS 500 and LS 500 F SPORT model.


Manganese Luster.png
New Color: Manganese Luster on 2018 Lexus LS

2018 LS in Matador Red Mica

Matador Red is available for both the 2018 Lexus LS 500 and LS 500 F SPORT.


Matador Red LS
Lexus LS in Matador Red

2018 Lexus LS in Obsidian

Obsidian will be available on both the standard Lexus LS and LS F SPORT.


Obsidian LS.png
Lexus LS in Obsidian

2018 Lexus LS in Eminent White and Ultra White

The 2018 Lexus LS is available in the pearlescent Eminent White for the standard and luxury models and in the striking Ultra White reserved for the Lexus LS F SPORT.  Check out the difference in the two Lexus white colors for the 2018 LS below:


White LS.png
Eminent White LS and Exclusive Ultra White for the LS F SPORT

2018 Lexus LS in Autumn Shimmer

Autumn Shimmer is only available in the standard and luxury model LS.


Autumn Shimmer.png
2018 Lexus LS in Autumn Shimmer

2018 Lexus LS in Nightfall Mica

Available on the standard and luxury models.  You won’t see Nightfall Mica in the F SPORT model just yet.


Nightfall Mica.png
Nightfall Mica on 2018 Lexus LS 500











Power in Detail

Across the Lexus model range, you’ll find thoughtfully crafted details working harmoniously to create an effortless yet refined experience for Lexus drivers and passengers alike.  From hand-stitched embossed leather seating to innovative paint techniques and meticulous human-led quality checks, every detail on a Lexus reflects a tireless dedication to excellence and a greater human experience.

Visionary design.  Visceral performance.  Imaginative technology.  Because connecting the driver and the drive like never before means nothing if it doesn’t lead to the experience of something greater.


2018 Lexus LS

There is a true power in detail and across the Lexus range, you’ll find even the smallest details yielding powerful influence.  Over the years Lexus has earned an almost cult-like following – it is few and far between where you will find a one-time Lexus owner or a Lexus owner straying (at least not for long) with any other brand, and we believe this brand loyalty is due to the tireless dedication to craftsmanship and the details that have us hooked on Lexus.

The redesigned Lexus LS is literally dripping in detail and, since it is the standard for Lexus craftsmanship and superior quality across the Lexus range, we thought we would complete our ode to Lexus craftsmanship with a list showing off just a few of our favorite new details found on the 2018 LS and LC.

2018 LS rear seat luxe – reclining, massaging and climate controlled.

Back-Seat Luxe

Like the perfect host, the rear seats in the new LS invites you in and encourages you to relax and unwind.  With options for heating, cooling, and even massage the rear seats in the 2018 LS spoils passengers with excessive legroom – more than in any LS model to date and even a reclining seat.  Rear passengers can tilt the reclining rear seat up to 48 degrees backward for immediate calm, or raise it up to 24 degrees for assistance exiting the LS.  These luxe details will leave even your rear-seat passengers wanting more – don’t be surprised if you’re asked to be the new designated driver from here on out.

The “floating” armrests in the 2018 Lexus LS – San Antonio Auto Show 2017

Floating Armrests


Inspired by Japanese lanterns, the ambient lighting in the 2018 LS is enough to take your breath away, but it is the “floating” armrests that makes you look a little longer and a little closer when first stepping into the cabin.  This detail exudes a tranquil and utterly chic vibe.  We love it.


Floating armrests as seen in the 2018 LS at the San Antonio Auto Show


Takumi woodwork in the 2018 Lexus LS


The story behind the impressive “artwood” in the new LS is enough for its very own blog post but one detail we could not leave off this list.  The new “artwood” is an incredible detail that truly exemplifies the Lexus commitment to not only producing gorgeous vehicles but creating an emotional experience for Lexus owners.  With three unique finishes to choose from, all are original designs created by Takumi using sophisticated sliced wood and laser cutting technologies.  The end result is nothing short of amazing.


Artwood in the new Lexus LS


Luxury details in the 2018 LS


Structural Blue on Lexus LC 500

Color Reimagined


The new Structural Blue for the LC 500 Special Edition (arriving this Spring) is another example that demonstrates the power in detail.  The eye-catching new color is the result of nearly 15 years of research and development work between scientists, engineers, designers and paint experts.  Said to have been inspired by the iridescent wings of the blue morpho butterfly, layered nanostructures in Structural Blue were created to allow enhanced reflection of nearly 100% of visible light (most paint reflects 50%), producing the incredibly vibrant blue.

The exterior of every Lexus vehicle is finished to perfection thanks to an intense process of painting, sanding, and inspecting.  After each coat of foundation paintwork, the car’s exterior is wet sanded by hand then checked by Takumi craftsman and digital scanners.  Every single Lexus is polished and checked by hand, again so the ensure nothing is missed.  Only a flawless smoothness is acceptable and every surface is ‘read’ by the fingers of the Takumi craftsman.  The painstaking paint process results in breathtakingly smooth surfaces with rich, luminescent color that is full of character and complexity.


LC 500 in Structural Blue


Takumi craftsman at work
Hand-stitched leather seating in the 2018 Lexus LS

Hand-Sewn Precision Built for Destruction

Lexus leatherwork is impeccable and only created by the finest, highly trained artisans that have completed and mastered a strict ten-step instruction program at a special Lexus facility that is dedicated to fine-tuning talent.  The stitching must be sewn to perfection and precisely – every single time and this is evident when you step inside a Lexus and take a look at the seemingly simple stitching.  The beautifully stitched seams are worthy of far more than our back-end but it is this commitment to the Lexus customer and the Lexus customer experience that drives the brand to invest the time and effort needed to create such works of functional art.  What makes the leather ‘detail’ even more impressive is that every inch of it is tested to the point of destruction.  Only the strongest leather is deemed worthy to trim the interior of a Lexus and all potential material must endure more than 30 extreme treatment tests before it is approved for use.  Lexus recently released a video that plays on the process used in creating the leather used in Lexus vehicles and it is definitely worth checking out here.

Hand-sewn perfection.  2018 Lexus LS

Across the Lexus model line-up, you’ll find that every single detail is crafted to meet the highest standards.  Every detail blends effortlessly with another and together they create a refined and simply comfortable experience for drivers and passengers alike.  Experience amazing and test drive one of the new, 2018 Lexus models we have available now at North Park Lexus Dominion.  Click here to view our in-stock inventory and schedule a personal presentation.














More to Love: the new Lexus RX L

The long-awaited three-row Lexus RX was finally revealed and we are loving all of the pictures and details that Lexus has released since it’s debut at the LA Auto Show yesterday.  The new Lexus RX L will begin production next week and should arrive at dealerships in early 2018 (we’re guessing February – possibly late January).  Longtime RX fans need not worry, the RX 350 and RX 450h will still be available as a five-passenger model – same size and design carried over from the 2017 model year, but drivers will soon have a choice to make when they upgrade to the new model year: keep their standard five-seat, two-row design or opt for the new six or seven-passenger option.

Both the gas and hybrid models will be available in the extended version of the RX and we are happy to report that the power-folding third-row seat will be standard.  The new Lexus RX L will also get Tri-Zone Climate Control and Leather seating as standard equipment.


3rd Row Seat in the new Lexus RX L

Lexus states that the addition of the third row will by no means impact the stylish and popular figure of the Lexus RX and the extended version will be just as easy to maneuver as the current model.  How is this possible?  Lexus explained the new “packaging” in their press release:

With the help through the mastery of vehicle packaging, Lexus extended the body length 4.3 inches at the rear and used a steeper tailgate window angle than on the two-row models – ensuring good headroom for third-row passengers.”

Passengers can access the third row easily and with “the touch of a lever that slides and folds the second seat forward” – we expect this to work like the GX seats do now.  Lexus will also offer a new six-passenger configuration which features second-row captain’s chairs (this will be standard for the RX 450hL).


Lexus RX L 

Lexus designed the new third-row of the RX L so to provide the same comfort as the middle row by positioning the second row slightly higher than the third row, creating more foot room for passengers.  The extra climate controls in the back plus two super cute cupholders help complete the package and provides a perfect visual for families looking for some extra seating.

Check out the recently released pictures of the new three-row RX L models here:


Power fold-flat third-row seats in the new Lexus RX L


The Lexus RX L is 4.3-inches longer than the 5 passenger RX 350


The new Lexus RX L from the side


Stowable Tonneau Cover provides good cargo space with the 3rd-row seat up.


Versatile split bench seating


Even better – LOADS of Cargo Space with the 3rd-row seat folded down.


For more information and to stay in the loop on the RX L release, you can sign up for the Lexus Fast Track here.












How to Use Voice Commands for 2014 Lexus RX

We were recently asked about the voice commands for a 2014 Lexus RX 350 since our “Ultimate Voice Command Cheat Sheet” was, for the most part, not working for one 2014 RX owner.  Not getting your Voice Command System to operate as you need it to operate can be frustrating so we wanted to write a post specifically for owners of the 2014 Lexus RX (but this can also work for other models and another model year RX – up to 2015) to hopefully make things easier.

The 2014 Lexus RX has a very specific voice command setting that needs to first be turned on in order for most of the commands listed on our Voice Command Cheat Sheet to work.  This setting is called “Expanded Voice Commands” and you can turn it ON in the Voice Settings screen. Once the “Expanded Voice Commands” is turned ON, you can then press the Voice Command button on your steering wheel, and after the beep, say things like “Audio ON” to turn on your audio system.  It is also important to note that any command relating to the operation of audio/video and AC systems can only be performed when the audio and AC systems are turned on and in some cases, you will still need to say a preliminary command to prep the system for what you want it to do next.

Some of the Expanded Voice Commands can be recognized when the “Shortcut Menu” screen is displayed after first pressing your voice command button on the steering wheel.  For other, more specific commands, you will need to first say, “Main Menu” and then “Play Music” (for example) while the “Shortcut menu” screen is being displayed.  After these preliminary commands, you could then drill down into specific audio commands.  For example, say “Play Playlist <name>” for the system to then play your desired playlist.  Long story short, you have a few more steps that you need to complete first in order to use the commands on our Ultimate Voice Command Cheat Sheet.  Owners of the 2014 Lexus RX can check out the specifics in the Navigation Owners manual on page 337, but here is a quick overview for anyone not wanting to pull out their manual or read the instructions online.

Commands Recognized in the Shortcut Menu Display – no extra step needed once Expanded Voice Commands are turned ON in voice settings:


  • “Find Nearby <POI Category>” – POI Categories include Gas stations, Restaurants, etc.
  • “Enter an Address”
  • “Go Home”


  • “Call <name><type>” – calls made by saying a name from the phonebook and the type of phone, example: “Call John Smith, mobile”
  • “Dial <number>”


  • “Play Artist <name>”
  • “Play Album <name>”


  • “Traffic”
  • “Weather”
  • “Sports Scores”
  • “Stock Quotes”
  • “Fuel Prices”

When destinations are set you can say the following Navigation commands (when the expanded voice commands are turned ON.):

  • “Delete next destination”
  • “Pause guidance”
  • “Resume guidance”

AUDIO MODE Commands:

  • “Radio”
  • “AM”
  • “FM”
  • “Satellite Radio”
  • “Disc”
  • “Auxiliary”
  • “Bluetooth audio”
  • “iPod”
  • “USB audio”
  • “Audio ON”
  • “Audio OFF”

Climate Control Commands:

  • “Automatic Climate Control”
  • “Warmer”
  • “Cooler”

Commands That Work ONLY When Already in Desired Function Screen 

If you want to play a specific playlist or song:

  1. “Main Menu”
  2. “Play Music”
  3. “Play Playlist <name>”  OR “Play Song <name>”

If you want to connect to Destination Assist or find a destination by phone number:

  1. “Main Menu”
  2. “Set a destination”
  3. “Call Destination Assist”


  1. “Main Menu”
  2. “Set a destination”
  3. “Destination by Phone Number”

If you want to make an International Call Using Voice Command:

  1. “Main Menu”
  2. “Use the Phone”
  3. “International Call”

The technology in cars advance with every new model year and so is the case with the voice recognition and other navigation systems.  You can learn more about any specific model and model year on the Lexus Drivers site here or send me an email at and I’ll do my best to answer your question.  Thank you for reading!


2015 Lexus RX with Navigation





Let’s Connect: The Best Online Sites and Resources for Lexus Owners

Whether you’re a new Lexus Owner looking to take advantage of the rewards of ownership or already a part of the Lexus community and wanting more, we have the ultimate list for you.  Check out our picks for top websites, social channels, and apps for Lexus Owners and enthusiasts alike.

The Sites (shameless plug) (another shameless plug…can you blame us?)

Social Media Sites and Accounts to Follow

  • Instagram
    • @lexusdominion
    • @lexususa
    • @akiotoyoda_official
    • @lexusracingusa
    • @lexussouthern
    • @lexusKSA
    • @lexusnews
  • Pinterest
    • Lexusint
    • LexusDominion
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
    • Lexus
    • NorthParkLexusatDominion
  • Tumbler
    • Departurelane
  • YouTube

Lexus Apps

  • Lexus Enform App Suite
  • Lexus Photo Frame
  • Lexus Drivers
  • myLFS
  • Lexus Enform Remote
  • Lexus Roadside Assistance
  • RES+
Experience Amazing with our top recommended Lexus sites and online resources

The Sites: Learn More About Our Recommendations

This one is pretty obvious as to why it is the #1 website and online resource we recommend for all things Lexus. is the main website of Lexus in America and serves primarily as an “online brochure” for Lexus vehicles so Lexus shoppers can explore the Lexus model line-up on their own.  This main site is also super important since it works quite well as the hub for all-sites Lexus.  Scroll to the bottom of the webpage and you’ll find links to the best Lexus sites (most of which are on this list).

This site is one of the very best and the number one resource for current Lexus owners since it is where they can view and manage all Enform subscriptions, view and claim any Lexus rewards, view tutorials, access the Lexus knowledge center and much more.  If there is one site that you visit from this entire list, make it this one.  You’ll thank us later.

lexus-drivers-secondary-image – Top Lexus site to know

Another obvious choice and one that is definitely needed if you lease or finance your Lexus with LFS.  This is also a great resource for anyone with questions on the lease program, lease guidelines, Lexus Financial Rewards and everything you need to set up auto-payment online.  If apps are more your speed, you can download the LFS app that has also made this list and is available for download on the Apple App Store.


Have a question?  Got to the Lexus FAQ site:

This is a super helpful online resource.  It also serves as one of our secret-or not so secret- ways in finding out new information on models that haven’t yet (but will soon) be released (this is where we found the info on the new Wi-Fi systems, for example).

Anyone wanting to take advantage of the new Lexus Enform suite of connected services needs to first go to this site to register and set-up their new Lexus Drivers account. will send you the needed codes to verify and connect Lexus Enform Remote.  If you just bought a Lexus and aren’t sure how to get started with your new Enform services, go to this site ASAP.

Remote Congrats screen.png – register your Enform Connected Services

This is the best site for anyone looking for new model updates, spy pictures, and other Lexus news before any of it has been officially released by Lexus.  The site is so good that recently Lexus has recommended the site to its Lexus dealer network.

Lexus RX350L – SPY SHOT –

The Lexus International site is one I frequently visit and a site that inspired the look and feel of some of the newer Lexus-stateside-sites you see up now (in my opinion).  This is the site that was my original go-to for detailed information on new models and Lexus Insider stories.  The site remains at the forefront of design and well worth the visit.


Lexus International.PNG
Lexus International Site – Lexus design mecca

Shop for Lexus merchandise and your very own Big Red Bow!  Great present ideas for the Lexus Enthusiast and often a preview of items you can find in our Lexus Boutique at North Park Lexus Dominion.


Lexus Dominion Boutique.png
Shop the Lexus Collection online or at our Lexus Boutique

Calling all creatives!  This Lexus site celebrates artistic vision, comedy, film, and life in general.  Check out super funny short-films, innovative feats in science and technology and more – created by Lexus and inspired by YOU.  Inspiring and entertaining- check it out!


LStudio Humor.PNG “Cop Show”


LStudio screenshot.PNG “It Got Better” 






LStudio quotes
Quote from It Got Better, Episode 2 –

This is one of the newer Lexus sites that has combined several lifestyle sites that would have been on our List – if they weren’t already grouped into one convenient web address.  Visit and explore, share and experience the Lexus global community.


See.Design – part of the new site – Experience Amazing and see the Lexus global community in action right here.

This is the forum for Lexus owners, drivers, fans, and enthusiasts.  You can find specific groups, conversations and lots of talk on new and old Lexus models and news.  We’ve even found several group threads linking to articles on this very blog.  Needlesstosay, it’s now one of our favorite sites to visit and connect with fellow Lexus fans.


ClubLexus.PNG – THE fan forum for all things Lexus




Do you have a favorite Lexus site that didn’t make our list?  Let us know in the comments section below or email  Let’s get connected!


Woman typing text message on smart phone in a cafe. Cropped imag
Download the Apps on the list from the Apple App Store or on Google Play





How to Activate and Connect to Lexus Enform Wi-Fi

Lexus recently launched Lexus Enform Wi-Fi with the updated 2018 Lexus NX and we will see it again in the upcoming release of the 2018 RC and LS.  The 2018 NX, RC, and LS are the first Lexus models coming with the latest version of Lexus Enform and will feature several enhancements in addition to the brand new Wi-Fi service.

With Lexus Enform Wi-Fi, you can connect up to five devices to a wireless connection by using your 2018 Lexus as a Wi-Fi hotspot.  Lexus Enform Wi-Fi is operated by Verizon so after the trial period, you will have to set up a subscription (assuming you want one) with Verizon directly.  You will be notified throughout your complimentary trial when you reach 50%, 25%, 10% and 0% of remaining data and you will then have the opportunity to begin a new Verizon subscription plan or add the Wi-Fi hotspot to an existing Verizon Wireless plan.  It is also important to note that Lexus Enform Wi-Fi requires an active Lexus Enform subscription so you’ll have to pay for both Lexus Enform and a separate Verizon Wi-Fi plan if you choose to continue using your Lexus Wi-Fi hotspot after the complimentary trial period.

Trial Activation and Sign Up: Choose Your Sign Up Method

To activate the complimentary trial or to sign up for a Verizon subscription after the trial has ended, you have a few options:

  1. Connect to Lexus Enform Wi-Fi in your Lexus vehicle (recommended method):
    1. A step-by-step process is outlined in the section below.
  2. Use the Wi-Fi Sign Up App within Lexus Enform App Suite 2.0
    1. With a Bluetooth connection, you can sign up by downloading Enform App Suite 2.0 to your device, enabling the Wi-Fi Sign Up App on the multimedia display and opening the redirected Verizon Wi-Fi Sign Up on your device.
  3. Sign up via the Lexus “Welcome” email that you will get shortly after taking delivery of your 2018 Lexus NX, RC or LS:
    1. New owners will receive a Lexus marketing email with information on Lexus Enform Wi-Fi and, if interested in signing up for the Wi-Fi hotspot, may click the “Sign Up” link provided.  This link will redirect you to the Verizon Wi-Fi Sign Up page, which will provide further instructions.


Wifi HotSpot
Turn on Wi-Fi in your 2018 NX by going to SETUP in Navigation or on multimedia display.

How to Connect to Lexus Enform Wi-Fi In-Vehicle (recommended method):

  1. Select MENU on your Navigation or Multimedia display
  2. Select SETUP
  3. Select the Wi-Fi button to navigate to the Wi-Fi menu, and toggle the Wi-Fi hotspot from “Off” to “On” (see above).
  4. Turn the device’s Wi-Fi on and follow the directions on the multimedia display to select the wireless access point name and enter the password provided:
    1. The default access point name and password may be changed via the Wi-Fi setup menu both before and after activation.
  5. Once connected, you will be redirected to the Verizon Wi-Fi Sign Up page.
  6. You can now enroll in the 4GB (one-year max) trial b providing contact information (name, address, email, phone number) and confirming trial terms.
  7. Success!  You can now use the Lexus Enform Wi-Fi hotspot for the remainder of your trial without having to repeat this process.


Almost Ready:  Go to the next step

Once the Wi-Fi on your 2018 Lexus has been turned on and enabled, you will be prompted to “Go to the next step.”

  1. Select the vehicle’s Wi-Fi access point name from the network list displayed on your smartphone and once selected, you will be prompted to “Go to the next step.”
  2. Enter the vehicle’s Wi-Fi password on your smartphone and you are connected to the Internet through your Lexus Wi-Fi hotspot.

If you leave the Wi-Fi hotspot turned on, connected devices may be set to automatically connect for uninterrupted future use.  You can toggle the Wi-Fi hotspot to be turned on or off, as desired.


Connecting your smartphone or device to your vehicle’s Wi-Fi hotspot


WifFi Connect
Tutorials: How to Connect to Wi-Fi

For more information, 2018 NX owners can visit the SETUP menu in their vehicle’s multimedia system and view helpful tutorials on connecting to Wi-Fi and other vehicle features.  You can also swing by North Park Lexus Dominion for a personal presentation.

2018 NX nav




Updates Coming to Scout GPS Link App

We recently learned that key changes and updates are coming to the Scout GPS Link App and has already launched on the 2018 NX that is now in-stock and available at North Park Lexus Dominion.  The 2018 RC will also feature these enhancements and we hope to see the rest of the models adopt the updates as they are updated with the latest multimedia system from Lexus.

Scout GPS Link first became available on 2017 NX, RX, RC, ES and IS models and features TurnStream (turn by turn directions) through the Lexus Display Audio System (models without factory navigation).  This same, original Scout GPS Link system will carry-over for 2018 ES, IS and RX models since they will not yet feature the newest multimedia system, however, the updated 2018 NX and RC models will both support the new MapStream (moving maps) and current TurnStream (turn-by-turn directions) feature.

It is important to note, that although Scout GPS Link is supported by the Lexus Display Audio system and will appear on the multimedia display while in use, the information and navigation displayed by the app are received from the user’s smartphone data services and the minimum mobile data connection should be 3G or greater for optimal use.  You also need a newer operating system on your smartphone.  Scout GPS Link requires either Android 4.4 or later or iOS 8.0 or later.

What’s New

The updated Scout GPS Link system (again, only available on 2018 NX and 2018 RC at this time) is now incorporated as a part of the Lexus Enform App Suite 2.0 that comes on the basic/starting packages or those with Lexus Display Audio.  The new system is available with a 3-year trial for all 2018 NX and RC models, and will be subscription-free through 2023 for the 2017 NX, RX, RC, ES and IS models.  The new system offers the same first-rate alternative to factory navigation and will feature new routing features with either turn-by-turn directions (TurnStream) or an interactive moving 3D map (MapStream) via the multimedia display.  Additional route updates, including traffic and ETA-based commute information plus YELP app integration, are also available through the updated Scout GPS Link app.

Additional Changes

  • Destination “Likes” are now called “Favorites”
  • Now offers 12 POI categories including:
    • Gas, Coffee, Restaurant, Parking, ATM, Fast Food, Lodging, Airport, Grocery, Shopping, Movies, and Bars

New Feature: MapStream (Moving Maps)

The new feature, MapStream, provides full moving maps on the multimedia display and aims to provide a better user experience when using the system to navigate to a destination.  MapStream also promises to provide drivers a view of their current location at any given time via voice command and turn-by-turn voice guidance.

IMPORTANT:  Since Scout GPS Link uses cell phone data, the user’s phone must have a strong cell connection in order for MapStream to work correctly.

To utilize MapStream on a 2018 NX or RC model, you must first connect your device via both USB and Bluetooth.  You also need to do the following:

  • Have Lexus Enform App Suite 2.0 downloaded
  • Make sure the navigation screen is displayed in half- or full-screen mode.
  • Keep the app open in the foreground (iOS users) or keep the device from entering sleep mode (Android users with OS 4.4 or later).

IF any of these requirements for MapStream or not met, Scout GPS Link will shift back to TurnStream as long as the device is still connected to Bluetooth.

Key MapStream Features:

  • Save time using One Box Search with auto predictions:
    • Users can search for a destination by address, city, phone contacts, and POI name and categories, using conversational search terms.
  • Search nearby businesses:
    • Search nearby POIs using the 12 available POI categories
  • Favorites:
    • Add certain destinations or addresses to the favorites list for easy access to those addresses in the future.
  • Choose the best-personalized route using Trip Options and Settings:
    • Access helpful navigation settings and customize a navigation session to your preference.
  • Vehicle’s current location and street name (sounds like the best feature)
    • When in motion, an icon moves along the map to indicate driving progress and includes the current location and street name.
  • Set up home and work addresses:
    • Add your home and work addresses for quick routing back home or to the office.
  • Zoom in/out:
    • Pan, or zoom in and out on the map to better understand their route options
  • When en route to a destination you can still view:
    • Turn Lists: a list of remaining turns left in route
    • Route Overview – bird’s eye view of the map with the chosen route highlighted and other route options available, next-turn info, an option to end the navigation and more.
    • Destination details – including destination name, address, current ETA and straight-line distance from current location.


Dashboard Cards
Dashboard Cards showing traffic conditions.  Green, yellow and red color-coded for easy reference.


Navigation Commands
Voice Recognition for updated Scout GPS Link – 2018 NX and 2018 RC

To learn more, stop by North Park Lexus at Dominion and visit with our Vehicle Technology Specialist.



How to Order Your 2018 Lexus LS

You can now order your very own 2018 Lexus LS directly from our team at North Park Lexus at Dominion.  The stunning new Lexus LS is available in 10 different colors and several new package options and features.  Before filling out your 2018 LS order form, check out how the 2018 LS is being built (as of right now) and discover the best way to order your 2018 Lexus LS 500.

The 2018 Lexus LS 500 is available for order at North Park Lexus at Dominion

2018 LS 500: Standard Features

  • All-new 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 with 416 horsepower
  • Standard Lexus Safety System+
  • Navigation System
  • 19-inch cast alloy wheels
  • Bi-LED headlamps
  • Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) with Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • Intuitive Parking Assist with Automatic Braking
  • 10-speed Direct-Shift automatic transmission
  • 4.6-second 0 to 60 (RWD)
  • 19/28/22 city/hwy/combined fuel economy estimates

2018 LS 500:  Exterior Color Choices

Pictures of each color (or at least what we think are the colors based on pictures we’ve seen so far) for the 2018 Lexus LS 500 listed below along with their respective names.


2018 LS F SPORT in Ultra White
Ultra White ( FSPORT) exterior color option for 2018 Lexus LS
Liquid Platinum exterior color option for 2018 Lexus LS
Manganese Luster exterior color option for 2018 Lexus LS
Caviar exterior color option for 2018 Lexus LS
Autumn Shimmer exterior color option for 2018 Lexus LS
Eminent White Pearl exterior color option for 2018 Lexus LS
Atomic Silver exterior color option for 2018 Lexus LS
Obsidian exterior color option for 2018 Lexus LS
Matador Red Mica exterior color option for 2018 Lexus LS
Nightfall Mica exterior color option for 2018 Lexus LS

2018 Lexus LS:  Interior Color Choices

Interior Color Choices on 2018 LS

The interior colors and the exterior combination options are a little less clear, but from what we can understand from the handy Lexus color chart, you can choose from either Black, Noble Brown, Parchment, Flaxen (base only), Chateau, White (Executive Package only) or Circuit Red (FSPORT only).  The interior color choices will be based on the package that you choose for your 2018 Lexus LS – so, you might as well take note on which interior you prefer since the different interior colors will be available based on which package you choose.

The picture above shows the 2018 LS with the Noble Brown interior (top picture), the White interior (Executive Package) and Black (FSPORT).  Below you can see a great picture of the new LS with the Parchment interior (this will be a popular choice for South Texans, we’re sure) and a collection of other interior choices.


Parchment interior color option for 2018 Lexus LS
2018 Lexus LS interior options

2018 Lexus LS:  Package Options

#1  Base Package

Includes 19″ Wheels, standard Navigation and everything else listed under standard features.  The Base Package is available in the following color combinations:

  • Eminent White Pearl with either Black, Parchment or Flaxen interior
  • Liquid Platinum with Black interior
  • Atomic Silver with Black, Parchment or Flaxen interior
  • Manganese Luster with either Black, Parchment or Flaxen interior
  • Obsidian with either Black, Parchment or Flaxen
  • Caviar with either Black or Parchment
  • Matador Red with either Black or Parchment
  • Autumn Shimmer with either Parchment or Flaxen
  • Nightfall Mica with Parchment or Flaxen


2018 Lexus LS with Interior Upgrade Package


#2 Interior Upgrade Package (IU)

Includes the Base Package, plus: Quilted-stitch perforated Semi-Aniline leather interior, 28-way power driver’s seat with multifunction massage, Ultrasuede headliner, Power seatbelt buckle, Wood and Semi-Aniline leather-trimmed center console, Semi-Aniline leather-trimmed door armrests.

** Our Favorite Features:  Power full-coverage rear window sunshade (it’s HOT in San Antonio!), Premium Wood Trim (Artwood Organic, Artwood Herringbone or Laser-Cut Special Wood), 28-way power and pneumatic driver’s seat with massage and the 20-way front passenger seat with massage

The LS with the Interior Upgrade Package will be available in the following color combinations:

  • Eminent White with Black, Parchment, Chateau or Noble Brown
  • Liquid Platinum with Black or Chateau
  • Atomic Silver with Black or Parchment
  • Manganese Luster with Black, Parchment, Chateau or Noble Brown
  • Obsidian with Black, Parchment or Noble Brown
  • Caviar with Black, Parchment, Chateau
  • Matador Red Mica with Black, Parchment or Chateau
  • Autumn Shimmer with Parchment or Noble Brown
  • Nightfall Mica with Parchment or Noble Brown

# 3 Luxury Package (LL)

Includes Interior Upgrade Package, plus: 20-inch sputter-finish multi-spoke wheels, 18-way power-reclining outboard rear seats with memory, Remote adjustment for passenger seat, Four-zone climate control, including rear overhead ducts and air purifier, Four-zone Climate Concierge with Climate-comfort front and outboard rear seats and infrared sensors, Power side-window sunshades, 7″ touchscreen rear-center armrest controller, Rear-seat knee airbags.

** Our Favorite Features:  Rear 7-inch high-res touchscreen controller, 360-degree Pano View Monitor, Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) with air springs and rapid height function.

The LS with the Luxury Package will be available in the following color combinations:

  • Eminent White with Black, Parchment or Noble Brown
  • Liquid Platinum with Black or Noble Brown
  • Atomic Silver with Black, Parchment or Noble Brown
  • Manganese Luster with Black, Parchment or Noble Brown
  • Obsidian with Black, Parchment or Noble Brown
  • Caviar with Black, Parchment or Noble Brown
  • Matador Red Mica with Black or Parchment
  • Autumn Shimmer with Parchment or Noble Brown
  • Nightfall Mica with Parchment or Noble Brown


Four-zone Climate Concierge on 2018 LS with Luxury Package

#4 Executive Package with Kiriko Glass (LZ)

Includes Luxury Package, plus: 20-inch forged aluminum 10-spoke wheels with a high-buff finish, Butterfly power-retractable front headrests, 22-way power rear seats with butterfly headrests, memory and multifunction massage, Rear-right power recliner with sliding ottoman, Kiriko cut-glass door trim, Hand-pleated interior door trim.

** Our Favorite Features: EVERYTHING!

The LS with Executive Package will be available in the following color combinations:

  • Eminent White with Black, Chateau or White
  • Liquid Platinum with Black, Chateau or White
  • Atomic Silver with Black or White
  • Manganese Luster with Black, Chateau or White
  • Obsidian with Black or White
  • Caviar with Black, Chateau or White
  • Matador Red Mica with Black, Chateau or White
  • Autumn Shimmer with Black or White
  • Nightfall Mica with Black or White


2018 LS Executive Package with Hand-Pleated interior door trim and Kiriko cut-glass door trim

#5 F SPORT Package (FK)

F SPORT staggered 20-inch 10-spoke cast aluminum wheels, F SPORT exterior styling, Six-piston front brake calipers with 15.7″ ventilated discs, Four-piston rear brake calipers with 14.1″ ventilated discs, F SPORT-tuned suspension, LFA-inspired sliding instrumentation, F SPORT perforated leather-trimmed steering wheel and shift knob, F SPORT 28-way power front seats with enhanced bolsters, perforations, and embossed headrests, F SPORT perforated leather rear-seat trim, Aluminum pedals and interior trim, Ultrasuede headliner

The 2018 LS with F SPORT Package will be available in the following color combinations:

  • Ultra White with Black or Circuit Red
  • Liquid Platinum with Black or Circuit Red
  • Atomic Silver with Black or Circuit Red
  • Manganese Luster with Black or Circuit Red
  • Obsidian with Black or Circuit Red
  • Caviar with Black or Circuit Red
  • Matador Red with Black


2018 Lexus LS F SPORT Package with a perforated leather shift knob

#6 F SPORT Performance Package 

Includes F SPORT Package, plus: Variable Gear Ratio Steering (VGRS), Active Rear Steering and Active Stabilizers

The 2018 LS with F SPORT Performance Package will have the same color options as the LS with F SPORT Package listed above.


2018 LS F SPORT with Circuit Red interior

After you’ve decided on the exterior color, package level, and corresponding interior color choice, you can now move on to any additional options – most of which are package specific so pay attention.

Options for 2018 Lexus LS

  • Lexus Safety System A+ (AP)
    • Pre-Collision System (PCS) – Forward Collision Warning (FCW)
    • Automatic Emergency Braking
    • Pedestrian Detection
    • Pedestrian Alert
    • Active Steering Assist
    • Front Cross-Traffic Alert (FCTA)
    • Lexus CoDrive
    • Lane Keep Assist with Lane Trace Assist and Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist
    • Road Sign Assist
    • Intelligent High-Beam Headlamps

Lexus Safety System A+ is available only on the 2018 LS with at least the Interior Upgrade Package (so no base models).


Lexus Safety System A+ option for 2018 Lexus LS
  • Air Suspension with Rapid Height Function (AS)

AS is available on the LS with at least the Interior Upgrade Package when also grouped with the 360-degree Panoramic View Monitor or if you get the LS with Luxury Package and up.

  • Color Heads Up Display (GF)

This feature may be one of those “standard added options”, but if you order your LS then it looks like you can request to not have this feature (if you get a base package) since it requires Lexus Safety System A+ to be grouped with it.


Color Heads Up Display with Lexus Safety System A+ on 2018 Lexus LS
  • High-grade LED headlamps with automatic high beams and Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) – (IL)

This feature requires Lexus Safety System A+ so will not be available on the basic package.

  • Panoramic Roof (PR)

Fingers crossed this feature is built on the LS’s for our area!  To get PR  you also need at least the Interior Upgrade Package.


Panoramic Roof option for 2018 Lexus LS

Have you decided on how you want to order your 2018 Lexus LS?  If you have, you can easily complete your LS order by contacting our sales team at 210-816-6000 or stopping by our Lexus dealership in San Antonio.  We can’t wait to see this stunning new Lexus on the road!


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Get Your Wish Lists Ready

Lexus has decided it’s never too early to bring out the big red bows… it’s December to Remember time! 

If you haven’t already, go ahead and get your shopping lists ready. That’s right, you don’t have to wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday to get the best deals of the year on a new Lexus.  The Holiday Shopping Season is here and so are the savings on every new Lexus model in-stock and on the way (yes, we even have incentives on a few 2018’s that haven’t even arrived yet!).  Check out the 2017 Lexus December to Remember Sales Event special offers here or stop wasting any more time and get shopping now (by clicking here)!

December to Remember SALE NPLD

Lexus Cash

Lexus Cash is one of our favorite incentives that Lexus offers since it gives the customer the freedom to finance with their own bank or simply write a check.  There are no strings attached with this cash reward other than you can’t combine it with the other specials (like Lease Cash or Special Finance Rates from Lexus).  Lexus Cash is an additional cash discount you get to take off our already reduced Posted Price.  Forget Black Friday, get the lowest price of the year on all of these new Lexus models right now:

  • $4,500 Lexus Cash on 2017 GX 460
  • $3,000 Lexus Cash on 2017 IS 200t, IS 300 & IS 350
  • $3,500 Lexus Cash on 2017 ES 350 & ES 300h
  • $4,000 Lexus Cash on 2017 GS 200t, GS 350 & GS 450h
  • $7,000 Lexus Cash on 2017 GS F & RC F
  • $8,000 Lexus Cash on 2017 LS 460
  • $4,000 Lexus Cash on 2017 RC 200t, RC 300 & RC 350
  • $2,000 Lexus Cash on 2017 NX 200t & NX 300h
  • $2,500 Lexus Cash on 2017 RX350 & RX 450h
  • $1,500 Lexus Cash on 2018 ES 350 & ES 300h
  • $750 Lexus Cash on 2018 NX 300 & NX 300h
  • $2,000 Lexus Cash on 2018 GX 460

nothing in moderation.png

APR Specials

Special financing available with Lexus Financial Services

  • 0.9% to 60 months and 1.9% to 72 months on 2017 IS 200t, IS 300 & IS 350
  • 0.9% to 60 months and 1.9% to 72 months on 2017 ES 350 & ES 300h
  • 1.9% to 72 months on 2017 GS models, LS 460, RC coupes, NX models, RX models & GX 460
  • 1.9% to 72 months on 2018 IS sedans, ES sedans, LC coupes & NX models
  • 2.9% to 72 months on 2018 GX 460, GS 350, GS 300 & GS 450h and RC 200t, RC 300 & RC 350

DTR Red Bow

Lexus LEASE Specials 

The Lexus lease special is THE DEAL of the season.  Not only will you get Lease Cash and an all-time low money factor, but for current Lexus lease customers looking to lease the 2017 RX or IS – you can now get Lease Loyalty Cash Rewards!

  • $3,000 Lease Cash on 2017 GX
  • $2,000 Lease Cash on 2017 RX + $1,000 LEASE Loyalty for qualified Leasees
  • 2,500 Lease Cash on 2017 NX
  • $7,000 Lease Cash on 2017 RC F
  • $5,000 Lease Cash on 2017 RC coupe
  • $5,000 Lease Cash on 2017 LS
  • $5,500 Lease Cash on 2017 GS models (all of them!)
  • $4,500 Lease Cash on 2017 ES
  • $3,750 Lease Cash on 2017 IS sedans + $500 LEASE Loyalty for qualified Leasees
  • $1,700 Lease Cash on 2018 IS sedans
  • $2,000 Lease Cash on 2018 ES sedans
  • $2,500 Lease Cash on 2018 GS 300, GS 350 & GS 450h
  • $2,500 Lease Cash on 2018 RC 200t, RC 300 & RC 350
  • $750 Lease Cash on 2018 NX 300 & NX 300h

For more information on the Lexus December to Remember Sales Event or on any of these special offers, give our sales team a call at 210-816-6000 or visit us online here.

Go ahead and upgrade your wishlist.  The gift of Lexus is what wish lists were made for!


FAQ’s on Latest Lexus Tech

Lexus will be rolling out some new technology with the release of the 2018 models including Dynamic Navigation, Dynamic Voice Recognition, and in-vehicle Wi-Fi.  In anticipation of the release of this new technology, Lexus has already updated their FAQ’s page online so we wanted to share a few of those FAQ’s that provided us with the most insight into how the new tech is going to work.


2018 Lexus NX Navigation System featuring NEW Dynamic Navigation

New Tech: Dynamic Navigation

What is Dynamic Navigation?

Dynamic Navigation provides you with the most up-to-date map data, routes and points of interest (POIs) on your embedded navigation system through real-time updates that are downloaded from the cloud.

What are the features of Dynamic Navigation?

Dynamic Map provides you with the most up-to-date map data through real-time updates via the cloud.

Dynamic Routing uses information from the server when calculating a navigation route to provide the most accurate and up-to-date routes and estimated times of arrival (ETAs).

Dynamic POI allows you to search for points of interest (POIs) with casual search terms as if you are using an Internet search box (assuming they mean Google).  There are approximately 14 million POIs on board and 20 million in the server/cloud.

How do I register for Dynamic Navigation?

You can register by logging in to and logging in with your credentials.  We can also help you register for this Lexus connected service here at Lexus Dominion.

What settings can I control for Dynamic Navigation?

From your vehicle’s main menu, under “SETUP” >> “Navigation Settings” >> “Detailed Navi Settings,” you can switch Dynamic Route ON or OFF.


Dynamic Navigation with Dynamic Routes on select 2018 Lexus models

New Tech: Dynamic Voice

What is Dynamic Voice Recognition?

Dynamic Voice Recognition is an enhancement to standard voice recognition that offers a more casual voice search experience by using natural language processing.  It also improves the accuracy of search results over standard voice recognition.

How will I know if my vehicle has Dynamic Voice Recognition?

Dynamic Voice Recognition is available on 2018 LS vehicles, and select 2018 model year NX and RC vehicle equipped with navigation (Lexus – embedded head unit).  Dynamic Voice Recognition is not available on vehicles with Lexus Display Audio.  That means you have to have the NAVIGATION PACKAGE to get this new feature.

What type of commands does Dynamic Voice Recognition support?

Dynamic Voice Recognition works across multiple components in your Lexus vehicle, encompassing commands for your phone, audio system and climate control.  If you’re interested in learning more about Voice Recognition, your vehicle’s (2018 LS, NX, and RC) Navigation System has a tutorial and Voice Recognition training information, which you can access by selecting “Settings” and then “Voice Recognition.”

How do I know Dynamic Voice Recognition is operating?

A symbol with a cloud and a spinning wheel will appear in the top left corner of your navigation display when Dynamic Voice Recognition is performing any activity.  If you only see a spinning wheel symbol, your vehicle is processing your command (so, be a little patient).

When is Dynamic Voice Recognition active in my Lexus?

Dynamic Voice Recognition works whenever your vehicle has cell coverage and you maintain an active Enform services subscription.


Lexus Enform Services

New Tech:  Wi-Fi Hotspot

How do I begin the complimentary Wi-Fi trial?

You must register through the Verizon Wi-Fi Sign Up Page to activate the Enform Wi-Fi trial.  You can access this page in a variety of ways, including connecting your device to your vehicle’s Wi-Fi network, connecting your device to your vehicle’s head unit via Bluetooth and using the Wi-Fi Sign Up App, or by clicking the Wi-Fi link on My Lexus Enform or in certain Lexus marketing emails you will receive (probably after delivery).


What does the Wi-Fi Sign Up app do?

The Wi-Fi Sign Up app helps you sign up for your vehicle’s Wi-Fi hotspot.  You can click the web option to go to the Verizon Wi-Fi Sign Up Page or select the phone number to reach an operator who can walk you through the sign-up process.  You can also find your unique vehicle identifier (IMEI) that is needed to activate service.

How do I connect a device to my Wi-Fi hotspot in my vehicle?

Make sure your device’s Wi-Fi access is turned on (and make sure your vehicle is ON or at least in accessory mode).  Then, access the following information from your vehicle’s head unit/navigation system:

Use the “How to Connect” section on the head unit:

  1. Press the “Menu” button
  2.  Tap “Setup”
  3. Tap “Wi-Fi”
  4. Tap “How to Connect”
  5. Follow the three-step instruction set on the head unit.
    1. Step 1:  Turn on Wi-Fi on your device
    2. Step 2:  Search and select the Access Point Name from the Wi-Fi networks list on your device.
    3. Step 3:  Enter the displayed password on your device.

To find your Wi-Fi network name:

  1. Press the “Menu” button
  2.   Tap “Setup”
  3. Tap “Access Point Name”
  4. Find the Access Point Name on your device, then tap it.

To find your Wi-Fi network password:

  1. Press the “Menu” button
  2.   Tap “Setup”
  3.   Tap “Wi-Fi”
  4.   Tap “Password”, then toggle “Show Characters” to “ON”
  5.   Enter the password on your device to connect to the Wi-Fi network.


Will devices automatically connect to the hotspot after setup?

Yes, (thank goodness!) your device will connect automatically to the Wi-Fi hotspot after setup as long as the vehicle’s Wi-Fi hotspot and your connected device’s Wi-Fi are both turned on.

How do I turn the Wi-Fi hotspot on/off?

If you’ve already signed up for the Wi-Fi hotspot trial or subscription, navigate to the Wi-Fi menu and simply switch the setting to “ON” or “OFF” as needed.  The Wi-Fi hotspot will remain in an “ON” or “OFF” state until the service is deactivated or manually changed.

What is the download speed?

Verizon 4G LTE is up to ten times faster than 3G with network-to-device speeds of up to 12 Mbps.

How good is the Wi-Fi coverage?

Wi-Fi coverage operates through Verizon.  Wi-Fi hotspot coverage depends on Verizon’s available coverage (i.e.; so you don’t blame Lexus for spotty Wi-Fi).

Can I use my cell phone’s data plan on my vehicle’s Wi-Fi hotspot?

If you’re already a Verizon customer, you can add your vehicle’s Wi-Fi hotspot to your data plan.  If you’re not a Verizon customer, you will need to purchase a data plan with Verizon (after the trial is out).

What information do I need to provide to sign up for the trial?

Your unique Vehicle Identifier (IMEI) is needed to sign up for a subscription with Verizon.  Depending on how you reached the sign-up page, the IMEI may already be filled in.  If it is not automatically filled in, you can find this number in the bottom left-hand corner of the Wi-Fi Sign Up app, or a Lexus response agent (press the SOS button) can help you find it.  You will also need to provide your email address, name, phone number, and address.

What happens if I reach my data limit during the trial?

You will receive an email notification when you have reached your data limit during your Wi-Fi trial period.  When you attempt to use the Wi-Fi hotspot, your Wi-Fi connected devices (you can have up to 5 devices connected) will be re-directed to the Verizon Wi-Fi Sign Up Page to purchase a data plan.


Wi-Fi and more on Navigation Package 2018 NX

To check out the FAQ’s page on the Lexus site you can click here.  For more information or if you have any questions for us, please let us know in the comments section below or by emailing us at