Introducing the Lexus Action for Google Assistant

Lexus Enform Remote is ready for action with Google Assistant.  If you happen to have the Google Assistant in your home or thinking about getting one, you’re in luck because there is a new Lexus action available and ready to help.  Using just your voice, the new Lexus action lets you use your Lexus Enform Remote service with any Google Assistant powered device, such as the Google Home and Google Home Mini, or the Google Assistant app on your smartphone to complete the same helpful vehicle check-in’s that have been available for Amazon Alexa since this summer.  So, if you’re not an Alexa fan or just prefer the new (and super cute) Google Home Assistant then go ahead and complete the following requirements.

  • Active Lexus Enform Remote service (you can sign up by going to
  • Google account, and Google Assistant app installed on your smartphone
  • Lexus action enabled on your Google account
  • Lexus action linked to your Lexus Drivers account with active trial or subscription
Google Home Assistant

If you can check off all the requirements you are ready to get set up.  Here are the 4 easy steps to get started:

  1. Search for “Lexus” in the Google Assistant app under Explore, then click Link.
  2. Log in with your Lexus Drivers account
  3. Choose your vehicle and set a 4 digit PIN
  4. Begin using the Lexus action
Google Home Mini 

Now that you’re ready to go, you can ask:

  • “Hey Google, ask Lexus to start my car.”
  • “Hey Google, ask Lexus are my doors locked?”
  • “Hey Google, ask Lexus to lock my doors.”
  • “Hey Google, ask Lexus for my fuel level.”
  • “Hey Google, ask Lexus is my engine running?”
  • “Hey Google, ask Lexus to fire up my ride!”

The new Lexus Action for Google Assistant will work with any active Lexus Enform service subscription or trial so if you’re driving a 2015 model year IS, ES, GS, LS, RC, NX or any 2016 model year and later (excluding the CT with standard audio, sorry) then you’re ready to use the new Lexus action.  Enjoy!

Heads up:  Right now, the Lexus action is currently supported in the 48 contiguous United States and Alaska.  Lexus Enform Remote service is not yet available in Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

Lexus Action for Google Assistant is available on all new Lexus models with an active Enform Remote service.


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