No Touching: Lexus RX Touch-Free Door

In case you need some more help with the RX hands-free rear power door.

North Park Lexus at Dominion Blog

The 2016 Lexus RX offers many new features with the Touch-Free Rear Power Door being one of the most widely used.  With almost every new Lexus RX built for sale including this new feature, if you are a new Lexus RX owner or in the market for a 2016 RX, this article is for you!

Lexus recently released an Insider article explaining the operation of the Touch-Free Rear Power Door so we wanted to pass along a few tips so all Lexus RX drivers could take advantage of this new, convenient feature.  The Lexus Touch-Free Rear Power Door allows you to open the rear door from the outside of the car without having to touch the vehicle.  Lexus explains, “To operate, you simply place your hand near the top half of the Lexus emblem on the rear door, about 1-inch away, and then remove your hand once you hear a…

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