How to Change Your (Panoramic) Point of View

What is Panoramic View Monitor?  Panoramic View Monitor assists the driver in viewing their surroundings both when driving at low speeds and while stopped by combining the front, side, and rear cameras and displaying a complete vehicle overhead image on the Lexus Navigation screen.  You can see your Panoramic View Monitor in-action when you press the camera switch or shift into Reverse while the engine is on.  The Lexus Panoramic View Monitor displays various views of the vehicle’s position and surroundings and yes, you can change these views to your liking.

Where to Find the Panoramic View Camera Switch:

Camera Switch for Panoramic View.png
Find the camera switch to turn on Panoramic View in the RX and ES
LS GX Camera.png
Panoramic View Camera Switch in the GX and LS
NX LX Camera Switch.png
Panoramic View camera switch in the Lexus NX and LX

There are several different views available and you will get to see almost all of them just by having the system turned on (or preferably in AUTO Mode) and driving around a parking lot or finding a place to park your Lexus.  When you’re in Park and press the camera switch you will automatically be shown the “Moving View” (see below).

Moving View

You can change the display mode between the moving view and see-through view by pressing the icon that looks like a person’s outline and is right next to the pause icon (see picture above).

See-Through View

You can also press the pause switch, to pause the vehicle’s rotation on the screen.  And, if you want to customize your POV, even more, you can select the car icon that displays on the top left-hand side of the navigation screen.  When you select this icon and you will be taken to the body color setting screen and can then change the color of the vehicle that is displayed on the Panoramic View Monitor.

Select the car icon to change the body color of the vehicle displayed..png

Select body color to personalize your POV

If you want to check the front and around the vehicle using the wide front view and panoramic view, you can either leave Panoramic View on AUTO mode (this is what we recommend) or press the camera switch when the shift lever is in either Neutral or Drive position and the vehicle is moving approximately 7 MPH (or less).  This screen will be displayed only if the Intuitive Parking Assist is on since the view is linked to PA.

Intuitive Parking Assist must be turned on to display the See-Through and Moving View
Wide Front and Panoramic View.  Select AUTO for Panoramic View to Automatically display these views when driving less than 7 MPH.

Panoramic View, Moving View, See-Through View, Side Clearance View, and Cornering View are all different “views” available with the Panoramic View Monitor.  The system combines images taken from the front, back, left and right side cameras into a single image.  There are limits to the range and content that can be displayed so try to familiarize yourself with your particular Panoramic View before using it in real-world driving situations.  For a personal tutorial or to see the new Panoramic View Monitor in-action, stop by North Park Lexus at Dominion.  You can schedule a test drive or have our Vehicle Technology Specialist show you all that this feature has to offer in your own Lexus.

Panoramic View Monitor – Moving View in 2019 Lexus NX

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