FAQ: Apple CarPlay

New features often bring up new questions.  With the release of Apple CarPlay in the new Lexus ES and the upcoming release of Apple CarPlay in the 2019 UX, LC, LS and NX (October Production), Lexus has released some helpful tips and answers to many frequently asked questions regarding the new feature.  Find some answers from these informative FAQ on Apple CarPlay.


General CarPlay Questions

  • What is Apple CarPlay?
    • CarPlay is an Apple feature that enables your vehicle’s multimedia system to display and act as a controller for an iPhone.  CarPlay takes the things you want to do with your iPhone while driving and puts them right on your vehicle’s built-in display.  You can get directions, make calls, send messages, listen to music and more.
  • Which iPhones have Apple CarPlay?
    • Apple CarPlay is available on all iPhone 5 and later with at least iOS 7.1.  You can visit Apple.com here for the latest list of compatible iPhones.
  • How do I use Apple CarPlay?
    • To start using Apple CarPlay, connect your iPhone to your vehicle using a USB cable and select “Enable Once” or “Always Enable” when prompted.  You can change this setting later by going to MENU then SETUP then GENERAL, and changing the Apple CarPlay option to ON or OFF.
  • How do I use voice recognition with Apple CarPlay in my Lexus?
    • Your Lexus will use Siri for Apple CarPlay voice commands.  When CarPlay is active, you can:
      • Press and hold the voice command button on the steering wheel and Siri will activate
      • Another way is to say, “Hey Siri” to wake up Siri and give her your voice command.
    • It is important to note that you will need to confirm that Siri Dictation and CarPlay are not disabled on your iPhone.  You can check this by going to SETTINGS then GENERAL then RESTRICTIONS then SIRI DICTATION (ON) & CarPlay (ON).  Also, check your Siri & Search settings at SETTINGS then SIRI & SEARCH then LISTEN FOR “HEY SIRI” (ON) & Allow Siri when locked (ON).
  • Will the built-in Voice Commands work while Apple CarPlay is active?
    • Yes, while your iPhone is plugged in with a USB cable and CarPlay is active, a short press of the Talk Button on the steering wheel will activate your vehicle’s built-in Voice Command capabilities, where you can change radio stations (AM, FM, SXM), set climate controls and control many other vehicle functions.
  • What apps are available on Apple CarPlay?
    • You can visit the same Apple.com page here for the list of the apps available for Apple CarPlay.  You can also search for “CarPlay” using the App Store on your iPhone for a list of compatible apps.
  • Does Apple CarPlay use my cell phone data?
    • Yes.  Apple CarPlay is powered by your iPhone and will use your phone’s data plan.
  • Do I need to download each app that I want to use with Apple CarPlay?
    • Yes, each app must be downloaded from the App Store on your iPhone for it to show up on your multimedia screen with Apple CarPlay.
  • How do I rearrange my apps for Apple CarPlay?
    • You can do this on your iPhone by going to SETTINGS then GENERAL then CarPlay then choosing the applicable Lexus Vehicle.  Rearrange the apps by dragging and dropping them across the screen.
  • How do I enable and disable specific apps for Apple CarPlay?
    • First go to SETTINGS then GENERAL then CarPlay on your iPhone.  Next, choose the applicable vehicle.  To disable an app, click the (-) icon in the upper left corner of the app icon.  To re-enable the app, click the (+) icon.
  • What is the difference between the “Now Playing” and “Music” apps that come pre-loaded with Apple CarPlay?
    • “Now Playing” is a shortcut to the app active and playing via CarPlay.  “Music” plays songs and playlists from your iTunes music library.
Apple CarPlay coming on 2019 LC



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