What does it do? FAQ on Lexus Features

FAQ’s and more from Lexus at Dominion


There are some features that are pretty self-explanatory, others that prove their worth every time you get behind the wheel, and there some that have Lexus owners asking “what does it do?“.


One feature in particular that comes up quite often is the ECO indicator light.  The ECO Driving Indicator is designed to inform and encourage drivers to operate their vehicle in an Eco-friendly manner.  The “ECO” light and zone display let the driver know when the vehicle is driven in a fuel efficient way, based on driver acceleration.  The green ECO light is illuminated when the vehicle is being operated in an eco-friendly manner and will automatically turn off when the zone of Eco-Driving is exceeded.  The ECO Driving Indicator Zone Display (shown as a bar graph) can be displayed in the TFT multi-information display to inform the driver when they are in the ECO zone.  You do have the option to activate or deactivate this green ECO light by using the “customize” screen on the multi-information display, accessed via the “DISP” button on some Lexus steering wheels.


Another hybrid specific feature is EV Mode.  EV Mode allows the vehicle to travel short distances at low speeds on battery power alone.  This mode can only be accessed if the hybrid battery has a sufficiently high level of charge and allows you to maneuver within a parking lot or garage in a quiet, emission and gasoline-free drive mode.


CRAWL Control is available on the Lexus GX460 and LX570 and is a valuable off-road technology for those wanting to take their Lexus on the road less traveled (or never traveled for that matter).

CRAWL Control.png

CRAWL Control allows the vehicle to maintain slow, steady speeds in very difficult terrain and automatically engages Downhill Assist Control (DAC).  CRAWL only operates in low range, with the center differential either unlocked for greater maneuverability or locked for increased stability.  CRAWL provides an extremely steady application to the throttle to maintain very low speeds.  This enables the driver to concentrate exclusively on steering the difficult terrain, without worrying about operating brake or accelerator pedals, making it easier to safely maneuver the vehicle.

The everyday driver may never use this feature so if you see CRAWL (pictured above) and do not plan on taking your Lexus LX up a steep mountain range or down slippery mud road then you can just skip over this dial.


Headlamp Washers are standard on the Lexus LS and available on the 2017 CT200h, GX460, RX, 2016 GS, IS, LS, RC, and RC F.  Headlamp washers help to clear dirt and grime from the headlamp covers, improving effectiveness, visibility, and appearance.

They are especially helpful after a butterfly migration like the one that just came through San Antonio!


Headlamp Washers are designed to keep the driver’s hands and clothing clean and can be initiated from the warmth and security of the vehicle cabin.  When the headlamp washer is turned on (with the headlamps on as well), the headlamp washer nozzles spray high-pressure washer fluid on the headlamp covers to remove dirt.


Lexus Display Audio is now standard on most new Lexus and offers easy-to-use integration for the Lexus driver not wanting to pay extra for the navigation system.  The high-resolution display is the key feature for Display Audio and makes it easier to find and select specific audio sources and the Lexus center-console controller provides intuitive access to audio, phone, climate control, vehicle set up and customer preference settings.  The Lexus Display Audio System offers a wide range of technologies including HD Radio, iTunes Tagging, full Bluetooth technology, Subscription free Traffic and Weather updates and, new for 2017, an app-based navigation system offered by Scout GPS.

Lexus Display Audio in the 2017 Lexus RX350

Still curious as to what your Lexus with “Display Audio” can really do?  Check out all that this standard Lexus feature gives you…

  • Single CD/MP3/WMA player
  • USB and Auxiliary inputs
  • Sirius XM Radio with an included 90-day trial
  • Bluetooth technology for hands-free phone use and audio-streaming
  • HD Radio
  • Subscription-free traffic and weather
  • iTunes tagging
  • Siri Eyes Free Mode
  • High-performance amplifier with digital technology
  • Easy to view high-resolution screen with Back up Camera
  • Built-in Voice Recognition
  • Lexus Enform capability
  • Integration with Steering Wheel Mounted Controls
  • NEW for select 2017 models: Scout GPS Link app-based navigation with turn-by-turn directions
  • Vehicle customization settings


Have questions on any features not listed here?  Stop by Lexus at Dominion and visit with our Vehicle Technology Specialist or email any questions to jbrennan@nplexusdominion.com.

Blind Spot monitor.png


How to use Lexus Enform

Lexus Enform is complimentary for the first year (and on some 2018 models, for the first 10 years) of ownership on every new Lexus leased or purchased from North Park Lexus at Dominion or any other Lexus dealership in the country.  The suite of connected services available through Lexus Enform elevates the Lexus experience and provides concierge-level convenience via technology that connects car and driver.  From emergency assistance to GPS-enabled vehicle locator to a live destination specialist, drivers can use Lexus Enform for just about any event that may exist while on the road today.  But, how do you really use Lexus Enform?   Let’s explore each service available with Lexus Enform and how you can take advantage of your Enform subscription.


More than just a button- SOS (Lexus Safety Connect)

You may have seen this button in your Lexus and wondered when would I use this?  Lexus Safety Connect is a valuable service that can send assistance directly to your vehicle’s GPS location whether you’re involved in an accident, your vehicle is stolen or the unexpected occurs (like running out of gas).  When the green light is on then you know you have an active Safety Connect subscription.  Simply press that SOS button and get connected to a live agent ready to help you.

Below are some instances when you would use Lexus Safety Connect:

Stolen Vehicle Location 

If your Lexus is stolen, you first need to file a police report.  Once that police report is filed, the Safety Connect Response Center can work directly with police to track and recover your stolen vehicle using the embedded cellular and GPS technology.

Emergency Assistance Button (SOS)

Whether it’s a health emergency, a traffic accident or some other urgent situation where help is required, a single press of the Emergency Assistance Button (SOS) can connect you to a 24-hour Safety Connect* response center agent. Using your vehicle’s GPS technology, the agent can send emergency services to your vehicle’s location while offering to stay on the line with you until help arrives.

Roadside Assistance

With embedded cellular and GPS technology, Lexus Roadside Assistance is even more convenient to use.  Whether your vehicle has run out of gas, has a flat tire, needs to be towed or requires a jump-start, assistance can be sent to your vehicle’s location-all at the press of the Emergency Assistance Button (SOS).

Automatic Collision

In the event that your vehicle’s airbags deploy or you’re involved in a severe rear-end collision, you’ll be automatically connected to a Lexus Safety Connect* response center agent. After attempting to speak to the occupants, the agent will notify local emergency services of the situation and direct them to your vehicle’s location.


Lexus Enform Service Connect

Take the guesswork out of vehicle maintenance with Enform Service Connect.  Once connected, Lexus drivers can receive updates on everything from fuel level to maintenance alerts and more via email or mobile app.

Vehicle Health Report

Your vehicle health report provides important information including fuel level, vehicle mileage, smart key battery status, engine oil quantity, recent changes to Lexus Personalized Settings*, and more. You can view the reports on your desktop, tablet, or phone by visiting LexusDrivers.com or using the Lexus Drivers mobile app. For the ultimate in service convenience, you can choose to have a dealer automatically call you to help schedule a service or check the status of your vehicle.

Vehicle & Maintenance Alerts

The best care is preventive. Enform Service Connect* provides vehicle alerts to you and maintenance alerts to both you and your preferred Lexus dealer. Should you opt-in for this convenient service, Enform Service Connect allows your dealer to contact you when maintenance is required, helping to keep your vehicle running at its best.


Lexus Enform Remote

Also complimentary for the first year of ownership, Lexus Enform Remote mobile app lets Lexus Owners keep an eye on their vehicle from anywhere in the world.  Lexus drivers can use the Remote App to lock and unlock doors, turn on the engine and climate controls, find your vehicle in a crowded parking garage and monitor guest drivers.


Simply download the free Enform Remote app and with the touch of a button, you can remotely check the status of your vehicle’s doors, moonroof, trunk, fuel level, odometer reading and more.  You can also set up customizable alerts so you’re notified via text or email anytime your car is being driven while you’re out of town, for example.



Lexus Enform Destination Assist gives you 24-hour access to a live response center agent that can help you locate that new sushi restaurant or suggest nearby Points of Interest if driving in a new city.  Just use your voice command to connect to Destination Assist and let the live agent help you to find whatever you need while driving.  Below is the Lexus description of how Destination Assist goes to works for you.

Destination Assist

Destination Assist* gives you 24-hour access to a live response center agent to help you locate a specific business, address or point of interest. If you’re searching for a restaurant, the agent can help you narrow your choices by distance or type of cuisine, and remotely send the destination to your vehicle’s Navigation System.

 Lexus Enform App Suite

Lexus Enform App Suite is complimentary so you have even more time to take advantage of this great service if you have a Lexus with Navigation!  Lexus Enform App Suite has lots to offer and can be accessed using voice command or your remote touch device.  Below are our two favorite ways to use the Enform App Suite…

Music!  The Enform App Suite gives you Pandora, Slacker & iHeartRadio.

Going Out: Search Yelp Reviews, view movie times on MovieTickets.com or make a reservation using OpenTable.

How do you use Lexus Enform?  let us know by posting comments below.  For additional information on the suite of connected services available with Lexus Enform, go to the new LexusDrivers.com website or click here.


What’s That Button: Part IV

The latest Lexus models offer a wide array of advanced technology and safety features that often have new and repeat Lexus owners asking themselves “what’s that button” or “how do I just get _____ to work?”.  Our in-house Vehicle Technology and Delivery Specialists will personally go over every new feature on your Lexus and are always available to answer any question you may have, but if you just want a quick overview on some of the most asked about buttons in the new Lexus models, then keep reading…

What’s that button: (Brake) Hold


The Brake Hold button is located near the push button Start/Stop that you use to turn your Lexus on (see above) and is a standard feature on the most new Lexus including the GS, LS, RX, LX and NX.  The brake hold button is great to use when you are stopped in traffic or anytime you want to give your foot a rest while waiting at a light.

Once the vehicle is stopped, the skid control ECU applies hydraulic pressure to the wheel cylinders that is appropriate for the gradient condition of the road surface. If the vehicle moves while Brake Hold is operating, hydraulic pressure is increased to keep the vehicle stopped. Thus, Brake Hold maintains the hydraulic pressure at all four wheels, keeping the vehicle stopped, which reduces the burden on the driver to keep the brake pedal depressed. While this function is operating, the skid control ECU also automatically illuminates the brake lights. Brake Hold automatically releases the wheel cylinder pressure when the driver presses the accelerator pedal. The system is designed to operate on mild grades only and will not operate on steep grades. The Brake Hold function is activated by the driver and can be turned off, if so desired.

What’s that light:  “BRAKE”

There can be a few reasons why you see a red “BRAKE” indicator light on your multi-information display.  One could be that the parking brake is not yet fully released.  And, if you are driving a Lexus that does not have the Auto Parking Brake feature, like the Lexus GX 460, CT200h or IS sedan or convertible, then you may need to find then press down on the parking brake so to ensure the brake is fully released.

How do you know if you have AUTO Parking Brake?

If you see a button labeled AUTO (pictures below) then you know you have Auto Parking Brake feature.  So, if you have Auto Parking Brake and the above mentioned “BRAKE” indicator light displays then this light is on for another reason entirely.  Your best bet is to have our Service Team check it out- just in case fluid levels are down – which is one possible cause for the BRAKE light to display.

Auto Parking Brake

A different BRAKE Light…

If you see red flashing lights that say “BRAKE, BRAKE” while driving, then this BRAKE light is more than likely your Pre-Collision System at work.   When or if your Lexus with Pre-Collision detects a possible front collision – which happens from time to time if you’re driving at a faster rate than the object or vehicle in front of you is moving, then you will see this “BRAKE, BRAKE” light flash across the driver’s display accompanied by a beeping noise.  The light and the beep is how your Pre-Collision System alerts and allows you to either slow down or make any needed adjustment to avoid the collision.  If you do not brake or a collision is imminent then the system will apply the brakes so to stop the vehicle and hopefully avoid any collision altogether.  Read more about the Pre-Collision System here.


 What’s that Button: LDA


Have you seen the above button on your Lexus GX460?  If you have the button labeled “LDA” like the GX above, then you know you have Lane Departure Alert and the Driver Assistance Package that is available on the Luxury model GX460.  Lane Departure Alert is pretty self explanatory based on its name but if you’re curious as to how this works…

 A camera behind the rearview mirror monitors the vehicle’s position relative to the lane markers on the road. It alerts the driver if the vehicle approaches a line without the turn signal being engaged. The alert consists of an audible tone and indicator in the multi-information display that shows which lane marker (to the left or the right) the Lexus is approaching. The alerts prompt the driver to correct the vehicle’s lane position.  

Want to know which 2017 Lexus models will come with Lane Departure and Lane Keep Assist?  Check out the chart below.


What’s that Button: TRAC (OFF)/VSC cut-off switch


The 2016 Lexus GS, IS, LS, NX and RC will have a TRAC off button (pictured above) and looks like car with skid marks with the text “OFF” right below the icon.  You may wonder why Lexus would have this button so easily accessible and when you would ever want to turn off such a helpful feature like Traction Control?  South Texas and San Antonio Lexus drivers may never need to use this feature, but it does come in handy if you drive in the snow.  One press of the switch turns off the Traction Control (TRAC). Pressing and holding the switch turns off the Vehicle Stability Control (VSC). Turning off one or both systems can help a driver free a vehicle that is stuck in snow or mud. The systems automatically reset the next time the car is started or if the driver presses the switch again.

Another button that is easily recognizable is the SNOW Mode switch (pictured above).  Many Lexus vehicles feature a SNOW mode switch on the center console that provides graduated throttle action for driving on slippery roads. SNOW mode improves start-off and acceleration performance on slippery road surfaces, such as on snow when the wheels may spin and when engaged, SNOW mode will be shown on the multi-information display when activated.

Why would I use that: Paddle Shifters


Paddle shifters are located right behind the steering wheel of most sport models and is a standard feature found on the 2016 Lexus GS, IS, LS and RC coupe.  You will also see them on the RX F SPORT and NX FSPORT models.  These shift levers behind the steering wheel allow the driver to select a certain gear by tapping a paddle. With the console in manual (M) mode the driver can manually select and hold a gear.

Why would you use this feature?  Paddle shifters provide the enthusiast driver with more control over the drivetrain. They allow the driver to manually shift the transmission without taking his or her hands from the steering wheel. In “M” mode, the transmission responds to the paddle shifters with faster gear changes.

Shift to “M” mode and put those paddle shifters to work.  Lexus RC F pictured.

Have a question on any other button or feature in your Lexus?  Let us know since we would love to help!  Email jbrennan@nplexusdominion.com or swing by North Park Lexus at Dominion for a one-on-one tutorial with our vehicle technology specialist.




New for 2017: Scout GPS Link

Lexus will introduce a new standard feature on select 2017 Lexus models equipped with Display Audio: Scout GPS Link.  Although Scout GPS Link is not new, and has actually been on a few Toyota models for at least a year already, it is new to Lexus and will officially launch with the arrival of the 2017 Lexus RX.  Scout GPS Link will also come on the 2017 NX, RC and IS that will arrive at Lexus Dominion this Fall.

Scout GPS Link turn-by-turn directions seamlessly integrates its Smartphone App with the Lexus Display Audio system and is a great alternative for Lexus drivers who do not choose to equip their vehicle with the available Lexus on-board navigation system.  The new Scout GPS Link should also be easier to use than a smartphone-only navigation app, since drivers will get a large, clear, full-color map with instructions right at eye level.  Once paired, the Scout GPS Link can perform destination searches with either the Display Audio controller or via Voice Command and the steering wheel mounted controls.  The new Scout GPS Link system also features traffic-based routing and the ability to resume your trip on the paired Smartphone if the vehicle is turned off before the routing ends.

You can check out additional details and how-to videos online at www.scoutgpslink.com or click here to watch an overview from the Lexus Dominion YouTube page.

Using Scout GPS Link

The Scout GPS Link app is available for download on both the Apple App Store and on Google Play.  The process of downloading and using the Android app is slightly different from the iOS that we are going to go over so all Android users should check out www.scoutgpslink.com for details.

SGL-AUG-007 (4).PNG

First you will need to download and install the Scout GPS Link app on your Smartphone.  Once installed, you will have to allow the app to access your location as well as allow access to your microphone in order to enable voice recognition.  The app will ask you to register an account either via email or by linking Facebook or Google+ but Lexus says this is not required.  You can skip the registration process altogether which would only mean you couldn’t access your destinations or account via another device and all destinations will clear when you turn off the car.  If you’re like me and don’t want another password to remember, this option sounds perfect.

Once you have the app downloaded, you need to pair your Smartphone to the Bluetooth system in your Lexus and install Scout GPS Link.  To do this, you will first press the “Menu” button on your Display Audio controller then select “Set Up.”

SGL-AUG-010 (3).PNG

Scroll down to “Bluetooth” and pair your Smartphone to the system.

SGL-AUG-011 (4).PNG


SGL-AUG-012 (5).PNG

Once paired, you need to download and install Scout GPS Link in your vehicle (our sales team, Delivery Specialists and Technology Specialists can do this for you at Lexus Dominion).  To download you just need to select “Now” after the system displays “A mandatory update is required.  Would you like to start updating now?” then keep the vehicle on until the download is complete.

SGL-AUG-013 (7).PNG

This app does use your phone’s data plan and the system will inform you of this once downloading is complete.  If you’re ok with that and have unlimited data then just select “Ok”.

SGL-AUG-033 (11).PNG

Scout GPS Link in your Lexus

Begin using Scout GPS Link using the Display Audio controller.  Choose “Menu” then click “Connected Navi” to begin.

SGL-AUG-015 (10)

Scout GPS Link and the Lexus Display Audio System can search for addresses and points of interests (POI) using the Display Audio controller or voice commands.  If you choose to use the rotary dial then you will click “Search” and continue to use the Display Audio controller to spell out the desired location.  The easier way to use the new system would be via Voice Command.

SGL-AUG-017 (2)

SGL-AUG-004 (3).png

If you decided to register an account with the Scout GPS Link app then you can also save/set up your Home and Work.  Once the address is set for both Home and Work, the Scout GPS Link home page will display your proximity and estimated travel time from your current location based on current traffic conditions.

SGL-AUG-009 (6).PNG

For additional information on how to use the new Scout GPS Link app, visit them online or stop by North Park Lexus at Dominion for a personal presentation on one of the 2017 models (as soon as they arrive next month).  Call us at 210-816-6000 if you would like an update/reminder from our sales team as soon as the first 2017 Lexus arrives.

SGL-AUG-016 (1).PNG
Scout GPS Link with Lexus Display Audio

2017 Lexus ES Updates

It looks like the 2017 Lexus ES will begin production in September with the first few models to arrive at North Park Lexus at Dominion early October.  The 2017 Lexus ES will see some updates and offer even more standard features!

The Updates:

  • Lexus Safety System+ including Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection, High Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist and Intelligent High Beams now standard.
  • Rain-Sensing Wipers now standard.
  • Scout GPS Link app based turn-by-turn directions standard on models with display audio (non-navigation models).
  • Lexus Enform Remote, Enform Service Connect with included first trial year subscription now standard.

The Lexus ES continues to raise the bar when it comes to overall value and we are excited to see all of the new standard features for the 2017 model!

Looking for a deal on a 2016 Lexus model?  Check out our new inventory here or call us at 210-816-6000.  The Golden Opportunity Sales Event is still going on making it the perfect time to get into a new Lexus for less!

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Stay in Your Lane: Lexus Safety System Updates for 2017

With the 2017 models right around the corner, we wanted to explore some of the updates to the available Safety Technology that will come on the upcoming models. Lexus offers several driver assistance technologies with Lane Departure Alert and Lane Keep Assist being the two most asked about features.  Both Lane Departure Alert and Lane Keep Assist with Steering Assist are designed to help prevent inadvertent lane departure by using a camera to detect white and yellow lane markings ahead of the vehicle.  So which of the 2017 Lexus models will offer Lane Departure Alert and Lane Keep Assist?  According to a recent Lexus Insider article, we found out that the only 2017 Lexus models that will not have either the comprehensive Safety System+ package or a comparable safety package to be the 2017 CT200h, RC and RC F.

2017 Safety Updates

The 2017 Lexus IS sedans, ES and ES hybrid, GS, GS F, RX models and LX will either come standard with Lexus Safety System+ (like the 2017 RX) or have it as an available package option.  The 2017 Lexus LS will offer both Lane Departure Alert and Lane Keep Assist with the available Advanced Pre-Collision System Package (on the long wheel base model only) and the Lexus GX460 Luxury Model with the available Driver Support Package will also offer both features.  The Lexus NX200t and NX300h will give you Lane Departure Alert and Lane Keep Assist when you get the available Premium Triple-Beam LED Headlamps with Intelligent High Beam and Lane Departure Alert System Package.

Available with Other Packages 2017 Lexus Safety
2017 Lexus LS460l, GX luxury and NX to offer Lane Departure Safety Systems on other packages.

Another update for 2017 is an enhancement to Lane Keep Assist itself.  New for 2017, the Lane Keep Assist feature will have a lane centering function that will help keep the vehicle centered in the lane when All-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control is operating.  This is designed to reduce driver workload and essentially make driving easier.  Lane Keep Assist uses the same camera sensor on the upper portion of the front windshield that Lane Departure Alert uses to recognize visible white and yellow road markings.  It is important to note that when All-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control is not operating, Lane Keep Assist’s lane centering function will not operate either.  The LDA’s features will remain active only if the other system is enabled.

Lane Keep Assist and Lane Departure Warning included in standard LSS+ for 2017

For more information on the new Lexus Safety System+ package, click here or stop by North Park Lexus at Dominion for a personal presentation.  Safe Driving!





2017 Lexus RX Updates

Lexus continues to raise the bar with it’s best-selling SUV.  Now in production, the 2017 Lexus RX will include new standard technology and safety features in addition to an updated model line up.

The Lexus RX, which was completely redesigned for the 2016 model year, offers a striking, chiseled exterior and enhanced driving performance that has impressed new and returning Lexus RX drivers over the past year.  We are certain that the updated 2017 model will continue, if not improve upon the success that the RX has seen for 2016 and continue the model’s reputation as being the number-one selling luxury SUV in America.


The Updates:

  • The Lexus RX350 F SPORT will now be available in front-wheel drive whereas the 2017 Lexus RX450h will no longer be available in a front-wheel drive making every 2017 RX hybrid AWD.
  • Both the RX and RX hybrid will come in the popular new color, Atomic Silver (we are very excited for this update).
  • All available wood-trimmed steering wheels as well as the F SPORT package leather-wrapped steering wheel will be heated for 2017.
  • Scout GPS Link app-based turn-by-turn directions will be standard on RX models equipped with Display Audio (all non-nav models).
  • Lexus Safety System+ is now standard.
  • Rear-seat seat-belt indicator added
  • Intuitive Parking Assist with new Auto Braking will now be available with Blind Spot Monitor or Panoramic View Monitor with Blind Spot Monitor.

The 2017 updates are all pretty self-explanatory but let’s look at the new Auto Braking feature added to Park Assist and Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross Traffic Alert…

Lexus explains that the Intuitive Parking Assist with Auto Braking applies the brakes when an obstacle is detected during low-speed maneuvering.  Rear Cross-Traffic Braking applies the brakes when oncoming cross-traffic is detected. The brakes will release after holding for approximately 2 seconds for both instances.

What do you think about the updates for the 2017 Lexus RX?  Let us know with comments below or call 210-816-6000 for additional information on the 2017 RX release date.  To view our in stock RX inventory online, you can click here.


How To Link Lexus App Suite to Navigation

Did you know that you can link up the Lexus App Suite to your Lexus Navigation System and search for destinations via the App Suite itself?  This is a great feature, especially if searching for a newer business or residential area that may or may not be a saved point of interest in the navigation system.  By conducting a web search thru the Lexus App Suite you can find a new location then send it to your navigation system to give you turn by turn directions to the latest hot spot in your local city.  Here is how you can link up the Lexus App Suite and Navigation System for local searches.

Linking Lexus Apps

You can link both the 8-inch display and new 12.3-inch navigation display to the Lexus Enform App Suite by following these simple instructions:

With the 8-inch Display, you will press the “MENU” button on the Remote Touch Device then select “NAV” on the menu screen.

With the 12.3-inch navigation screen, you will press the “MAP” button on your Remote Touch then select “Dest”.

Press Map Button
First select MAP on Remote Touch Device.
Select Destination on NAV
then select “Dest” on the map screen.

Next, you will select “Web Search” and check that the “Web Search” screen is displayed.

Navigation Destination Select

Setting a Destination Using the Lexus App Suite

  1. Display the Web Search screen.
  2. Select the desired application screen button to perform search.
  3. Enter a search term, and select “Go”.
  4. Select “Map”.
  5. Select “Go to <red dot icon>”
  6. Select “OK” to begin guidance to selected destination.

Linking Lexus Apps(1)

Want to make a phone call using the Lexus Enform App Suite?  You can do this by going to the same Web Search screen and selecting the desired application screen button to perform the search and enter the search term.  When search term is entered, select “Go” then “Call”.  If you see the call screen then you’re in luck and should be connected via your Bluetooth phone.

There are several additional operations that can be performed via the Lexus Enform App Suite including entering a keyword and using Lexus Enform Destinations to make a call.  You can view instructions on these operations in your Navigation Owner’s Manual or by going to the new Lexus Drivers site for helpful How-To Videos from Lexus.

The 2016 Lexus GX460

The Lexus GX460 is one of our most popular vehicles here at North Park Lexus at Dominion and with the 2017 model to begin production next month, we wanted to explore the 2016 model and all that this capable SUV has to offer.


The Lexus GX460 is a flexible and dynamic luxury SUV that does one thing exceptionally well: everything.  The Lexus GX460 offers a 4.7L V8 engine with 301 HP and towing capacity up to 6,500 lbs.  The Lexus GX460 is made for towing and the design- especially the rear door which enables the driver to leave whatever they have attached to the tow hitch in place while still being able to access the rear cargo area with the swing open accessibility that the rear door on the GX provides.

The Lexus GX460 starts around $50K and will come standard with Back up Camera, Lexus Enform Remote, Service Connect, Safety Connect, Color Multi-Media Display with Voice Command, Bluetooth, HD Radio and choice of either Black or Sepia NuLuxe interior trim.

Sepia interior on the base level Lexus GX460

The Lexus GX460 is most commonly built with the Premium Package which also gives you Navigation, Wood Grain, Heated/Cooled front seats, Heated middle row seats, 3 Zone Climate Control, Real Leather in either Sepia, Black or Ecru, Blind Spot Monitor, Park Assist and Headlamp Washers.  The Premium Package GX460 lists for around the $57-58K range.

Premium GX460 with Ecru leather interior.

The Luxury GX460 is actually considered a different model and has a a different model code than the premium and base model GX.  The Luxury GX460 will feature everything that the Premium GX has on it in addition to Adaptive Rear Suspension, Height Control, Semi-Aniline Leather, Power Fold-Flat 3rd Row and Tonneau Cover being the main differences.  The Luxury model will also come with Mark Levinson Sound, unless you opt for the Driver Assist Package which would then delete the Levinson sound option.

Luxury GX460 with Active Height Control, Rear Air Suspension and Mark Levinson.

The Luxury GX460 with Driver Assist Package lists for around $68K and will come with Dynamic Cruise Control with Pre-Collision System as well as front, side and rearview cameras and Lane Departure Alert.

Luxury GX with Driver Assist Package. Driver Assist steering wheel controls.

GX Driver Assist Package camera

Front camera on luxury GX with Driver Assist Package.
Wide View Cameras in action in Luxury GX460 with Driver Assist.

The Lexus GX460 is available in a variety of great colors including Starfire Pearl, Obsidian, Silver Lining Metallic, Satin Cashmere Metallic, Claret Mica, Nebula Gray Pearl and Fire Agate Pearl.  The interiors include either Black and Sepia NuLuxe for the base model or Ecru, Black or Sepia leather for the premium and luxury models.

Fire Agate Pearl Lexus GX460.
Claret Mica Lexus GX460.
Nebula Gray Pearl Lexus GX460.
Obsidian Lexus GX460.
Satin Cashmere Lexus GX460.
Silver Lining Metallic Lexus GX460.
Starfire Pearl Lexus GX460.

To view all of our in stock Lexus GX inventory click here.  We have a great selection in stock and on site so please stop by our San Antonio Lexus dealership to see and drive the GX460.  We look forward to showing you all that this mid-size luxury SUV has to offer here at Lexus Dominion!

Why Drive a Hybrid?

The Lexus CT200h was recently named best small premium car for the 2016 J.D. Power Initial Quality Study (IQS).  This is impressive, especially since the CT200h was up against all “small premium cars” and not just hybrids.  The versatile hybrid ranked highest for all small premium cars as having the fewest number of problems experienced by vehicle owners within the first 90 days of ownership.  Since Hybrid Technology is still considered relatively “new”, we wanted to explore all the reasons to drive a hybrid, especially since this 2016 J.D. Power Initial Quality Study shows that a hybrid can compete and dominate the premium car market that is primarily made up of gasoline or diesel cars.


In the race for greater fuel efficiency, European Luxury brands have favored the use of diesel fuel whereas Lexus and Toyota has found hybrid technology to be the best in reducing emissions while offering cost, smoothness and driving experience benefits.  There are pros and cons to both systems, but we have compiled a list of reasons why you should drive a hybrid- or at least consider one...the CT200h… when shopping for your next premium small car.

The Power of h


  • Lexus hybrid owners benefit from Lexus and Toyota’s worldwide leadership and experience in hybrid development.  Gasoline/electric hybrids are another approach to enhance fuel economy ratings.  Lexus and Toyota are the leaders in hybrid technology, with more than five million sales worldwide.  No other car manufacturer has more experience, or more miles on the road, than Lexus and Toyota.
  • A hybrid driver can refuel just about anywhere.  Hybrids have no special fueling requirements, so any gas station that can fuel a conventional vehicle can also fuel a hybrid.  And because the batteries are charged on board, a Lexus hybrid owner doesn’t have to plug the vehicle into an electrical outlet to recharge.
  • A hybrid’s electric motors add a significant amount of torque at low speeds.  When it comes to torque, electric motors and gas engine complement each other nicely.  The electric motors create high torque at low speeds, while the gas engine generates high torque at higher speeds, creating a seamless blend.
  • Hybrid NVH characteristics are bout the same or better than a comparable gasoline-only vehicle.  The root of the hybrid system is the gasoline engine, which mean gas-engine smoothness and quietness are part of the package.  As a bonus, the electric motor makes for near silent running when in electric mode only (like when stopped in traffic).
  • Lexus hybrids are designed for greater fuel efficiency benefits than comparable gas-only models, especially in city driving.  Overall the hybrid system could enhance the overall fuel efficiency by a significant amount- especially in city driving were diesel engines and gas-only powertrains are not as efficient.
  • The hybrid driving experience is very similar to that of a gasoline-only vehicle.  Driving a hybrid is very much like driving a gas-only vehicle which is an added benefit for drivers that want the most efficient vehicle without having to think about the process of driving efficiently- let the car do the work for you.
  • Every new Lexus hybrid includes an exceptional warranty package, but Lexus Hybrid Drive vehicles include added coverage for hybrid components.  The Lexus Hybrid System Warranty coverage is for 8 years or 100K miles, whichever occurs first, and covers the following components: Hybrid control module, hybrid battery control module, hybrid battery and inverter with converter.  Extra peace of mind!

All in all, if you are looking for a more refined ride, the hybrid is the best choice.  While Diesel has it’s own advantages, it does not compare to the hybrid in terms of refinement.  Diesel fuel contains sulfur compounds, giving a “rotten egg smell” quality to the exhaust.  This smell of sulfur has reduced compared to the smell from 10 or 20 years ago, but some people may still find it unpleasant.  Hybrids have no odor.  Diesel engines also have a distinctive sound that results from shock waves in the cylinders during combustion.  The sound inside the cabin can be reduced through technology and sound insulation, but a diesel is inherently not as refined as a hybrid powertrain- and it’s especially apparent to anyone outside of the vehicle.

Driving a Hybrid

The Lexus CT200h is not only the most fuel efficient, problem- free premium car on the road today, as reported by J.D. Power, but the Lexus CT200h is driving change with an innovative crop of sustainable materials.  The CT200h proves that luxury and the environment and are no longer mutually exclusive in the auto industry.

The Lexus CT uses many plant-based plastics that contain 30% sustainable materials, including significant use of sugarcane- how sweet!  The CT also features the industry’s first speakers constructed with sustainable bamboo charcoal resin- harnessing the beauty of one of the fasted growing plants on Earth.  The innovative CT200h was also the first Lexus to introduce NuLuxe trimmed interiors.  Weighing half as much as traditional leather, NuLuxe generates 65% fewer CO2 emissions during the manufacturing process than other leather substitutions- and produces zero volatile organic compounds during the production process.  The lightness of the NuLuxe interior also contributes to a more efficient vehicle.

So, why drive a hybrid?  Today’s question is, why not?

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