With a Flick of the Wrist: Connect Lexus Enform Remote to your Smartwatch

Lexus recently released a Lexus Insider article going over a new way to connect and use the Lexus Enform Remote app via the interface on your Apple Watch or Android Wear device.  We are loving this and if you already have an Apple Watch, an iPhone and a Lexus Enform Remote subscription then prepare yourself to get smart – we are going to give you the simple steps to connect.


Enform Remote Watch
Lexus Enform Remote for smartwatch

First, let’s go over the requirements.

  • Lexus Enform Remote Subscription:  You must be logged into an active account via the Lexus Enform Remote app on your mobile phone.
  • Bluetooth Connection: Your smartwatch must be paired with your mobile phone via Bluetooth and both devices must be within the range of one another.
  • System Requirements:
    • Apple users must have:
      • iPhone with iOS version 10.0 or higher
      • Apple Watch running version 3.0 or higher
    • Android users must have:
      • Android phone with Android version 7.0 or higher
      • Android Wear smartwatch running version 1.5 or higher
  • No Cross-Platform Support:
    • If you own an iPhone, Lexus Enform Remote can only run on the Apple Watch and vice versa

The first step is making sure the Lexus Enform Remote app is installed on your mobile device and you have signed into your Lexus Enform account on the app.  Once that is done you can follow these directions:

  1. Tap “My Watch” on the Watch iPhone app to open settings.



Connecting Lexus Enform to Apple Watch Step one
Tap “My Watch”

2.  Scroll down to find the list of the Apple Watch-compatible apps that are installed on your iPhone and select “Lexus Enform.”


My watch STEP2
Select Lexus Enform from the app list

3.  Toggle the “Show App on Apple Watch” option to the “ON” position.


My Watch STEP3
Toggle to “ON” (green dot)

4.  If this is the first time launching Lexus Enform Remote on your Apple Watch then you will need to enter your Lexus Enform PIN.


To launch, enter your PIN

5.  You will then need to answer a few questions:  Enable or disable the PIN requirement at app launch (yes, please!), Enable or disable voice commands and to accept the Lexus Enform Remote terms and conditions.


Enable or disable PIN requirement


Enable voice commands


Accept the terms

Congratulations!  You have installed the Lexus Enform Remote app onto your smartwatch and can now adjust and check out the settings page in the mobile app for your smartwatch.  These settings allow you to enable or disable voice commands and Android users will also be able to activate or deactivate Invisible Mode, an option that allows commands sent from the smartwatch to be completed in the background and notifies the user once that task is complete.  The Mobile App Settings Page will also allow you to add a “Manage PIN & Fingerprint” option so to require your fingerprint to act as your PIN when using the app.

With Lexus Enform Remote for the smartwatch, you can access the following Enform Remote features:

  • Engine Start and Stop
  • Door Lock and Unlock
  • Vehicle Status
  • Vehicle Finder

Time to dust off the old Apple Watch, charge it up and get connected with Lexus Enform Remote!  For additional info or for your own personal tutorial on how to get this working, stop by North Park Lexus at Dominion and visit with Dalton Ellis, our Vehicle Technology Specialist.


Settings in the Mobile app for your Apple Watch integration












3 thoughts on “With a Flick of the Wrist: Connect Lexus Enform Remote to your Smartwatch

  1. Angela

    Hi I’m by trying to set up my Apple Watch with the Lexus Enform. I keep getting a message saying unable to connect with phone. Launch remote on phone


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