The Lexus LC in Color

The Lexus LC has gone from “Impossible” to breathless.  While never intended to be built, Akio Toyoda set his eyes on the LF-LC concept and realized that a production version of this concept car would signal the beginning of the next generation for the Lexus brand.  It is said that “Toyoda-san wanted the LC to deliver ‘breathless moments'”.   With the arrival of the Lexus LC at North Park Lexus Dominion, we can confirm that the LC delivers – we are sufficiently breathless each and every time we get to see the new LC live and in color.  Check out the Lexus LC in color right here.  Browse our guide to the exceptional colors available on the 2018 Lexus LC 500.

The first time we saw the LC color line-up – LC color chart from Lexus Enthusiast

Caviar Mica

Caviar Mica was the first Lexus LC 500 that our dealership delivered and you may see it driving around San Antonio since it is currently the only Caviar Mica LC residing in the area as of today.  The mica flake in the dynamic black paint is pure perfection.

Jaime Quintanilla Said Cantu Lexus LC 500.png
2018 Lexus LC 500 in Caviar Mica
Caviar Mica LC 500 Sport

Ultra White

Ultra White is the ultimate white and is reserved for the F SPORT and F Performance model-line up.  While this color is nothing new to Lexus, it definitely takes on a new persona on the Lexus LC.  We love how the lights highlight this high performing color.

Ultra White Lexus LC 500
Ultra-Compact Triple-Projector LED Headlamps on Ultra White Lexus LC
LC in Ultra White


This color is hard to resist and makes it almost impossible to look away.  When you see the Lexus LC in Infrared you experience that “breathless” moment that Akio Toyoda was going for when he began LC production.  Infrared does not disappoint.  It was turning heads at a recent Cars & Coffee meet in San Antonio – all without making a sound (we took the LC 500h).

LC 500h in Infrared at Cars & Coffee San Antonio meet
Infrared Lexus LC
Awesome shot of the LC in Infrared at Cars & Coffee San Antonio meet
Lexus LC in Infrared

Atomic Silver

This is one of our favorite Lexus colors and seeing it on the all-new Lexus LC only makes us love it more.  Fall in love with the Lexus LC in Atomic Silver…

LC in Atomic Silver
Atomic Silver Lexus LC 500
LC Touring in Atomic Silver

Smokey Granite

Another favorite Lexus color and one that we want back!  Currently available only on the 2017 GS and now the 2018 LC, this classic Lexus gray is one of the best.

LC at Lexus Dominion by Michael Hardy Holley.PNG
Smokey Granite Mica Lexus LC at Lexus Dominion
Smokey Granite Mica on the Lexus LC
Processed with VSCO with nc preset
Great shot from ACE | photography.  Smokey Granite LC at Lexus Dominion

Liquid Platinum

Another high performing Lexus color that’s reserved for a select group within the Lexus model line-up.  Liquid Platinum takes “silver” to another level.  We have yet to see the new LC in Liquid Platinum, but if these pictures are any indication as to what to expect in person, we are sure it will be a winner.

Liquid Platinum LC 500h
LC in Liquid Platinum

Autumn Shimmer

This color choice was unexpected.  The wild card in the deck, Autumn Shimmer will make its debut on the 2018 LC.  When and if we get one here at Lexus Dominion remains to be seen…

Autumn Shimmer LC
LC in Autumn Shimmer 
#03 Lexus LC 500 V8 Kona James Groth 2017
Autumn Shimmer Lexus LC 500

Nightfall Mica

Last but not least is Nightfall Mica.  Another new color for Lexus, this one is already a popular choice for those looking for a deep blue.  This color is dynamic, deep and mesmerizing on the LS Special Edition so we are confident that the LC in Nightfall Mica will not disappoint.

LC in Nightfall Mica
Looking good: LC in Nightfall Mica

What is your favorite color for the all-new Lexus LC?  Let us know in the comments section below or email

Blk LC side
Lexus LC – available now at Lexus Dominion

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