Setting Up Lexus Enform Remote

Lexus Enform RemoteAvailable on 2015 Lexus GS, IS, LS, RC, RC F and Navigation-equipped ES and NX models…

Using Lexus Enform Remote you can Start/Stop your Engine, Lock/Unlock Doors, Find Your Vehicle, Receive Status Alerts and Monitor Guests Drivers- all from the Enform Remote APP that is free for download!

Step 1)  Download the Lexus Enform Remote App from the Apple App Store, Google Play or other applicable store.

Step 2)  Follow the prompts within the app. Registration in the app requires: Enter current Lexus Drivers credentials* or you will need to create a new account with username if you do not already have a Lexus Drivers Log In. 

Step 3) Add your Vehicle.  You can do this by manually typing in the VIN or by scanning the VIN Barcode from your vehicle or vehicle’s window sticker.  Once entered, click validate.

Step 4)  Add or Obtain Authorization Code.  Do you already have an Authorization Code (this would have been sent to you in an email)?  If “Yes,” enter the Authorization Code and press “Enter”.  IF “No” then you need to push the SOS button in your vehicle (located by your moon roof controls).  An agent will come on the line to confirm your Safety Connect enrollment and link vehicle to Lexus Enform Remote username.

Step 5)  Refresh the App (logging in or out) or by clicking “back” twice.

Step 6)  ENJOY!!  You should see the Home screen on your phone and you can begin using the Lexus Enform Remote App!


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