How to Replace the Battery in Your Lexus Smart Key

How do you replace the battery in your Lexus key fob? This is a common question but one that can seem quite daunting when first presented with the possibility of having to perform the task. The easiest way to get the battery in your Lexus key fob replaced is to pull onto our Service Drive here at North Park Lexus at Dominion and have our specialists assist you, but for anyone wanting to replace the battery themselves, here are some helpful tips and steps to complete the task.

Lexus Smart Key Battery Replacement

DIY: Replacing the Battery

Just a quick note before we begin: the exact procedure may vary from model to model and for your specific Lexus model and model year, the replacement instructions can be found in your Owner’s Manual under the Do-it-Yourself Maintenance section.

Step 1: Take out the mechanical key by sliding your finger across the release button and pulling out the metal key.

Step 2: Remove the cover of the key fob. Once you remove the metal/mechanical key from the fob you will see a small indentation inside the fob. Take the metal key and press the flat part of the key in the indentation and twist to pop the cover open. You can also use a flathead screwdriver to push and twist the cover off if you have a small screwdriver on-hand.

Step 3: Remove the depleted battery. You can do this using the screwdriver or even a paperclip. Once the old battery is removed, you can then insert a new battery with the + terminal facing up.

Step 4: Pop the cover back onto the key fob and put the metal key back into the key fob by simply sliding it into place.

Replacing the battery in your Lexus key.
How to replace the battery found in your Lexus Owner’s Manual under the Do-It-Yourself Maintenance section.

Sounds easy enough, but what size battery do you use and where can you find one? The Lexus key uses a CR2032 lithium battery and batteries can be purchased at any Lexus Service Center or from your local Walgreens, camera store or appliance shop. It is a pretty common battery so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a replacement.

Lexus smart key
The opposite side of the metal portion seen on the key fob is where you can slide out the mechanical key. Remove the mechanical key first to replace the battery inside the fob.
NX key fob with mechanical key removed.
NX key fob with the mechanical key removed

If your key looks like the one below then you’ll have an even easier time removing the mechanical key and finding the indentation to press and twist which is required to pop open the casing of the key.

2010 model year Lexus key fob with mechanical key removed.
Lexus key fob with easy-to-remove mechanical key

Have questions or need additional assistance in replacing the battery in your Lexus key? Contact our team online or stop by our Lexus dealership in San Antonio.

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