2017 Lexus Updates

The 2017 Lexus LX, GX and RX are now in production and should start arriving at our Lexus dealership sometime in September…soon!  Although we are still waiting for specifications, pictures and general details from Lexus, we wanted to share the info we do have for the 2017 Lexus models.

Yesterday, we gave you a sneak peak of the 2017 Lexus LX570 and today, we are going to offer up some details on the 2017 Lexus GX460 and RX that are both in production this month.

Standard safety RX

The 2016 Lexus RX was completely redesigned and offers a number of new and greatly enhanced design, technology and safety features that we are still learning all that the new RX can do.  The new Lexus RX offers a larger, more aggressively styled design; a sumptuous, tech-filled interior; enhanced driving performance with advanced V6 engines and the most comprehensive safety system ever offered.  So, how could you make the recently redesigned RX even better for 2017?  We are happy to report that Lexus figured out a way and will offer the 2017 Lexus RX in Atomic Silver (one of our personal favorite colors) and make the new Safety System+ System a standard feature!  Starting with the 2017 model year, the Lexus RX will include the advanced Safety System+ Package on every single vehicle built for sale.  Talk about Brains and Beauty!  We cannot wait to see the 2017 RX when it arrives at Lexus Dominion next month in the new Atomic Silver and seeing the Safety System+ buttons, that we have all come to love, gracing the interior of every new 2017 RX 350 & RX 450h.

2017 GX Imagined
Our own special rendering of how Captain’s Chairs may look in the 2017 GX*

The 2017 Lexus GX460 has also been updated and will now offer the Premium GX460 with Captain’s Chairs with another option for Captain’s Chairs with the new Sport Design Package!  It appears you can still get the GX460 with the bench seats as they are now, but the new Captain Chairs will make up at least 57% of the initial build so get ready to see a whole-new level of comfortable seating with the release of the 2017 Lexus GX 460!

Every day we learn something new so, be sure to check back with us often as we will post details and pictures on the new Lexus models and all of the model year changes as soon as we have them…

lexus dominion




Unsung Heroes: Lexus Features You May Not Notice but Should

There is so much attention to detail, thought and intuitive technology put into every Lexus that some features may go unnoticed by Lexus drivers.  These unsung heroes may not get the same attention that the new 12.3-inch Navigation & Multimedia Display Screen does, but these features are important nonetheless and equally impressive in their specific purpose.  Let’s take a look at some of the Lexus features that you may not notice, but definitely should…

LED Cornering Lamps

Provides additional illumination in the direction of travel, at the sides, and above when turning at an intersection, ensuring excellent pedestrian visibility even in low light situations.  These wide angle LED cornering lamps provide additional illumination when the turn signal is engaged.  The extra white light is directed towards pedestrians that may otherwise be difficult to see when turning at an intersection using only the low beam headlamps.  You can find the LED Cornering Lamps on the NX (pictured above) and other popular Lexus models.

Ambient Lighting in the Lexus RC F

Ambient lighting gives your Lexus interior a warm, luxurious look when driving in the evening.  Subtle thin strips of LED lighting run along the lower edge of the interior trim on the dash and doors.  Adding intrigue to the design of the interior, the available ambient lighting brightens or dims based on whether the vehicle is moving or parked.  Ambient lighting can be found on the new Lexus RC coupe, GS, ES, RX and more!

ES Ultra Luxury Flaxen Interior Ambient Lighting
Ambient Lighting in the Ultra Luxury Package Lexus ES350

Easy Vehicle Exit.  Providing added comfort and ergonomics, the easy vehicle exit feature on Lexus vehicles makes it easier to enter and exit.  When turned on, the driver’s seat slides all the way back while the steering wheel tilts up and away as soon as you push the power off button.  What’s even better is that the seat and wheel will return to the previous position when power is turned on again.  Seat and steering wheel can be adjusted to three settings (Full, Partial and Off) via Lexus Personalized Settings (LPS).

Easy Vehicle Exit- Standard on the new Lexus LX, GX, RX and more.

Electronic Parking Brake.  Gone are the days of guessing whether or not the parking brake is engaged.  Now handled by the electronics in your Lexus (shift-lever position linked), no manual effort is needed to set or release the parking brake.  What makes this feature even better is that it actually saves up to 16 pounds versus a conventional system and takes up less cabin space, allowing for more room inside your Lexus.  The electronic parking brake also includes Brake Hold.  Give your foot a rest at those red lights and let Brake Hold keep you in place.   This handy feature keeps a virtual “foot on the brake pedal” when the vehicle is stopped with the motor running and in gear; the system releases the brake when the accelerator pedal is depressed and allows smooth start off.

Electronic/Auto Parking Brake and Brake Hold Feature in the Lexus NX200t.

Hill Start Assist (HAC) is a kind of “brake hold” function that helps keep a vehicle from rolling backward when the driver pulls away when on an incline or hill.  Hill Start Assist is great and allows Lexus drivers to execute a smooth start on a steep hill.  Here is how Lexus explains the function behind Hill Start Assist:

Hill-start Assist Control (HAC) can help hold a vehicle in place while the driver moves his or her foot from the brake to the accelerator. On steep hills, this feature can help keep the vehicle from rolling backward before the driver steps on the accelerator. In effect, HAC provides the same benefit as holding the parking brake while starting on a steep hill. With the vehicle at a standstill, HAC is set automatically when the driver presses down forcefully on the brake pedal for approximately 3 seconds. A chime sounds and the brake lights illuminate when HAC is activated. About 3–5 seconds after the driver steps on the accelerator, HAC releases the brakes. A chime sounds twice when HAC releases brake pressure.

Hill Start Assist is a standard feature on the Lexus RX, IS, GX and more Lexus favorites.

Whiplash Injury Lessening (WIL) Front Seats.  These smartly designed front seats allow for the driver and passenger to shift rearward into the seatback in the event of a rear-end collision, effectively reducing the space between the head and the headrest which lessens whiplash.

Whiplash Injury Lessening (WIL) seats feature forward placement of front headrests, an optimized seatback shape and reinforced seat side frames. In the event of a rear-end collision, the front seats have been designed to push backward, allowing the occupants to sink into their seats. This can help limit excessive head movement by reducing the space between the head and the headrest, helping decrease the severity of whiplash injury in certain types of rear-end collisions.

Whiplash Injury Lessening Seats in the Lexus IS

Illuminated Entry System.  The illuminated entry system provides a warm welcome to Lexus drivers when approaching their vehicle and enhances visibility, convenience, and peace of mind.  This automatic illumination can be customized based on every Lexus owners preference and is activated when the SmartAccess fob or key card is within the exterior vehicle detection area, or when any door is unlocked through key or remote operation, then opened. The system includes illumination of the power button ring, seatbelt buckles, interior footwells, switches, courtesy lights, inside door handles, front/rear personal and interior lights, plus the puddle lamps mounted on the underside of the outside mirrors.

Illuminated center console on the Lexus LX570
Illuminated controls inside the Lexus LS460

Siri Eyes Free makes it even more convenient to use your iPhone and keep you connected while in your Lexus.  With Siri Eyes Free Mode, you interact with Siri using the vehicle’s microphone and speakers, not those on the actual phone (which can be stored safely in your purse or pocket) allowing you to text, reply to email and more.

Screen Shot 1
Siri Eyes Free Mode

Here are just some of the functions available with Siri Eyes Free Mode:

  • Place phone calls and dictate text messages and e-mails
  • Hear incoming text messages read over the vehicle’s speakers
  • Set reminders, appointments, alarms and timers
  • Hear weather reports, stock prices, and sport scores
  • Control the phone’s iTunes® library (music will play over the vehicle’s speakers)
  • Find points of interest, such as nearby coffeehouses or restaurants
  • Navigate using the phone’s navigation capabilities:
    – Navigation uses Apple Maps
    – Use Siri’s spoken directions instead of looking at the phone’s map display

Siri Eyes Free

Last, but not least, we think the genuine wood accents used in Lexus vehicles definitely deserve to be on the best of Lexus features list.  The wood trim symbolizes the pride, craftsmanship, and attention to detail in every Lexus vehicle.  The story behind the making of the Shimamoku wood found in the Lexus LS and LX is awe-inspiring and we just recently wrote about the impressive Sapele Wood Trim that can be found in the Lexus RX and GS.  Read more about the craftsmanship behind the wood trim in your Lexus here.

Shimamoku Wood in the Lexus LS460
All of your wood trim options on the 2016 Lexus RX
Lexus GX460 wood trim on Premium model.
Sapele Wood trim in the 2016 Lexus GS350

Now we want to know what’s your favorite feature?  Let us know with comments below or email us at jbrennan@lexusdominion.com.


Lexus Tire Center: FAQ’s

North Park Lexus at Dominion is happy to offer an in-house Lexus Tire Center.  Our Lexus Certified technicians are expertly trained on your Lexus and the advanced engineering behind it.  Our in-house Lexus Technicians can provide you with informed recommendations based on all of the evaluations completed by Lexus when first determining tires for your specific Lexus.  Our Lexus Tire Center provides competitively priced tire options on our driver’s most preferred brands including Michelin, Goodyear, Dunlop and Bridgestone.  When it comes time to replace your Lexus tires, it’s incredibly important to select those that are worthy, and approved, to meet your Lexus model’s specific engineering requirements.  Other considerations are also important including selection of tires based on their handling for wet and dry traction, stability, tread life, acoustics, smoothness and comfort.  Rolling resistance, which impacts fuel economy and load and speed ratings are also important considerations.  To provide our Lexus drivers the best service, our in-house Lexus Tire Experts are here to help you select the perfect tire for your Lexus- tires that enhance so you can continue to enjoy the smoothness and comfort you expect from a Lexus.

Below are a few FAQ’s from our Lexus at Dominion Tire Center.  If you have a question for our tire experts here at North Park Lexus at Dominion, please contact our service team directly at 210-816-5000 or click here to view our Tire Center online.


When does Lexus recommend I have my tires balanced?

Tires should be balanced anytime they are replaced, and as needed after that. An indication that tires may be out of balance is a vibration felt in the steering, especially at higher speeds.  Our Lexus dealership can determine if balancing is needed.

LEX_TreadModule_Alignment (2)


Why do I have to check the tire pressure when my vehicle is equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitor System?

While the Tire Pressure Monitoring System will detect tire under-inflation once it reaches a certain threshold, the tires may be prematurely wearing in the meantime. Low tire pressure can result in decreased fuel economy and is the most common cause of tire wear. Lexus recommends checking the tire pressure at least once per month.


How do I know when my tires should be replaced?

Tires have built in tread wear indicators or wear bars that run perpendicular to tire tread.  The wear bars are thin strips of rubber spread out every few inches.  The tread level becomes even with the wear bar at approximately 2/32″.  When the tread level becomes even with the wear bar, it is most likely time to replace the tires (or past time).  Tires may also need to be replaced if they are physically damaged, showing abnormal wear or are unsuitable for driving conditions.

LEX_TreadModule_Alignment (2)

What is the proper way to check my vehicle’s tire pressure?

It is best to refer to the driver’s side door post or your Owner’s Manual to determine the recommend pressure but you can also call our service team.  Be sure to use a quality tire pressure gauge and try to check the tire pressure when the tires are cold.  Also remember to check the spare tire which may require a different pressure, especially if it is a temporary spare.

What are run-flat tires?

Run-flat tires enable the vehicle to be driven even if the tire pressure drops due to a puncture.  The vehicle can be driven, with care, under most conditions, up to approximately 100 miles at speeds under 55 miles per hour when the tire is completely flat.  The Lexus SC430 is the only Lexus that commonly came with Run-flat tires.

Are there benefits to using nitrogen in my tires?

Nitrogen permeates (seeps) less than regular air so tires may stay inflated longer. Nitrogen also contains less moisture than regular air which helps reduce corrosion on the wheels and interior damage to the tires.  North Park Lexus at Dominion does have a Nitrogen filling station.

Nitrofill Service
Nitro-Fill Station at Lexus at Dominion


For more information, visit our Tire Center online or stop by the Lexus Service Center at North Park Lexus Dominion today!


The Elevated RX

If you haven’t yet read the latest edition of Beyond by Lexus, we’ve included a taste of one of the articles that grabbed our attention.  The article is titled, “High Note” and it is about the unique process and idea behind the Sapele Wood trim that is found on the Luxury model RX’s.  Click here to read the article online now.

The entire 14-step process takes roughly eight weeks and involves dozens of supremely qualified craftspeople.  Sheets of high-quality sapele wood are imported from Africa, bonded to a thin layer of aluminum, and later stained, to remove the wood’s natural reddish hue.

Then the magic happens…”

We are always fascinated and awe-inspired when hearing about the design process and the amount of craftsmanship that is put into every Lexus.  The piece of craftsmanship that elevates the Lexus RX cabin and is featured in this article has inspired us to explore additional elements found in the new Lexus RX that we feel have truly elevated the Lexus classic.

Color HUD
Color Heads-Up Display

Color Heads Up Display is project dynamic information like speed, turn-by-turn navigation and alerts directly onto the windshield.  Not only is the design and overall technology impressive, but the new Color Heads Up Display is also customizable and can be adjusted for every driver depending on their height and brightness preference.

12.3-inch Multimedia Display and Navigation System

The new Lexus RX lets drivers see the bigger picture with the impressive 12.3-inch high resolution multimedia display with navigation.  Lots of options come with this massive screen and drivers can choose to go with the full map screen or split the screen, providing immediate, simultaneous access to audio, climate, app suite or navigation controls.

Ambient LED Lighting

The Lexus RX really lights up at night with the stunning ambient LED lighting.  Simple elegance that evokes pure expression and emotion.  Who knew a car could be this deep?

Lexus Enform Connected Services

Every Lexus RX will come with the complete suite of Lexus Enform Connected Services.  Lexus RX drivers enjoy access to to five unique ways to keep you connected and enhance the driving experience.  Lexus Enform Safety Connect, Service Connect and Remote apps are complimentary for the first year of ownership so everyone can experience the elevated services provided by Lexus Enform.

RX Rear Seat Entertainment
New 11.6-inch Dual High-Resolution Rear-Seat Monitors

Experience the all-new Lexus RX at our Lexus dealership in San Antonio, Texas or view all of the RX options that we have in stock now by clicking here.




Summer Savings on Lexus

The Summer is starting a little early this year and the month of May has never been this hot.  While the actual temperature remains relatively cool by San Antonio standards, the incentives and special offers are heating up our Lexus showroom with many new and returning Lexus owners already taking advantage of these limited time offers.  This month Lexus has something for everyone- check out our May Incentives below or call our sales team at 210-816-6000 for additional information on the Summer Savings at North Park Lexus at Dominion.


Performance Cash Reward

Lexus is excited to offer “Performance Cash” as a new incentive and limited time offer for customers looking to purchase a new Lexus.  This incentive is for the cash buyer or those with outside financing already secured.  Simply great!

$3,000 Performance Cash on 2016 CT 200h

$2,000 Performance Cash on 2016 IS 200t, IS 300 & IS 350

$3,000 Performance Cash on 2016 ES 350 & ES 300h

$1,700 Performance Cash on GS 200t

$7,500 Performance Cash on LS 460 & LS 460L

New Specials

APR Specials

0% financing up to 60 months plus $1,000 APR Cash on 2016 CT200h

0.9% up to 60 months plus $500 APR Cash on 2016 IS 200t, IS 350, ES 350 & ES 300h

0.9% up to 60 months plus $750 APR Cash on 2016 GS 350

0.9% up to 60 months plus $2,450 APR Cash on 2016 GS 200t

0.9% up to 60 months on 2016 RC 200t, RC 350 coupe

1.9% up to 60 months plus $500 APR Cash on 2016 NX 200t & NX 300h

1.9% up to 60 months on 2016 RX 350 & RX 450h

Tax Credits

Lease Specials

For a limited time, we are excited to offer Tax Credits on Lexus IS and GS leases this month!  This is one of the best incentives and definitely not to be missed if you are looking for the lowest monthly payment without the commitment required for extended financing or putting down a large cash payment.  On top of the Tax Credits available when you lease the IS or GS for 36 months, Lexus is also offering special lease rates and Lease Cash!

$2,000 Lease Cash on 2016 CT 200h

$1,300 Lease Cash on 2016 IS 200t

$1,350 Lease Cash on 2016 IS 350

$2,300 Lease Cash on 2016 ES 350

$2,450 Lease Cash on 2016 ES 300h

$500 Lease Cash on 2016 GS 350

$4,650 Lease Cash on 2016 GS 200t

$3,000 Lease Cash on 2016 LS 460 – 24 month lease only

The incentives are impressive and so are the summer savings on your favorite Lexus!  Stop by Lexus at Dominion to pick out your perfect new vehicle or check out our in stock inventory online by visiting our website at nplexusdominion.com.

Summer Sale


Lexus Technology: Simplify your Life

Simplify your life with the suite of connected services from Lexus.  From the five available services from Lexus Enform to the advanced in-dash technology- Lexus has made it easier than ever to take your life on the road while keeping you connected.  Lexus provides a complimentary subscription on every new Lexus leased or purchased for the first year of ownership which means you have 12 months to test out the Enform Services and decide if you want to then subscribe to the premium suite of connected technology.

Lexus Enform elevates connected technology and provides concierge-level convenience.  From emergency assistance to a GPS-enabled vehicle locator to a live destination specialist and more, our premium suite of connected technology offers peace of mind with every drive.


Lexus Enform Safety Connect provides Lexus drivers greater peace of mind with 24/7 emergency assistance, stolen vehicle location and automatic collision notification.  Lexus Enform Safety Connect will immediately send any needed assistance to you directly using your vehicle’s GPS location.  That means you will be found and receive the assistance you need regardless of your having your cell phone or being able to make a call yourself.

Stolen Vehicle Location

Do you remember the Safety Connect registration form you filled out when taking delivery of your new Lexus?  The passcode that you provided when activating your trial subscription is the one you will give the Safety Connect Response Center, after first filing the needed police report, so that they can work with police to help track and recover your stolen vehicle.  The Stolen Vehicle Location system works across the continental United States with a valid Lexus Enform Safety Connect subscription.

Emergency Assistance Button (SOS)

The Emergency Assistance Button (SOS) is located near your Moon Roof and overhead light controls and is easily accessible by the driver and passenger.  Press the SOS button in your Lexus if there is a health emergency, traffic accident or other urgent situation where help is needed.

Roadside Assistance

Since the Enform Safety Connect System has embedded GPS-technology, Lexus Roadside Assistance is even more convenient than other roadside assistant services as you can call for help without having to make a call.  Whether you run out of gas, get a flat-tire or need a jump-start, assistance can be sent to your vehicle’s location by simply pressing the SOS button.

Automatic Collision Notification

In the event of an accident where your vehicle’s airbags deploy, you are immediately connected to a Lexus Safety Connect response center agent.  After attempting to speak to any occupants, they will notify local emergency services of the situation and direct them to your GPS location.  For added peace of mind, they will also contact anyone listed under your Emergency Contacts to inform them of the situation.


Vehicle information and service alerts delivered on demand.  Keeping up with your vehicle’s service needs has never been easier with the new Enform Service Connect service.  When activated, you can receive vehicle health reports, fuel levels and mileage via email or the mobile app (free to download).  What’s better is that your vehicle’s health will also be shared with your servicing dealer so that they can contact you to schedule appointments or check ups.

Enform Remote

Enform Remote app keeps you close to your Lexus, even when you’re miles away.  Lexus Enform Remote allows you to lock and unlock your Lexus, start the engine and climate controls, find your vehicle in a parking garage or even monitor any guest (or teenage) drivers.  Enform Remote is included in the first year complimentary subscription on every new Lexus and our sales consultants, delivery or technology specialists can help set this feature up for you.

Already past the first year complimentary service?  You can renew online by going to EnformRenew.com or clicking here.

Siri Eyes Free

Get to know your in-dash technology including Siri Eyes Free.  Your command is our command with Siri Eyes Free.

Siri Eyes Free  Siri Eyes Free works with any compatible iPhone and the voice command and Bluetooth technology in almost every 2015-16 Lexus model.  With Siri Eyes Free you can access and control email, text messages and more- while keeping you focused on the road.

Learn more about Lexus connected services and simplify your life by contacting our Vehicle Technology Specialist here at North Park Lexus Dominion.

Lexus Enform Remote


Treat Yourself: IS Eye Candy

View the latest pictures of the New Lexus IS and treat yourself to a little eye candy…





Photo credit goes to Lexus Enthusiast.


These pictures are the first that I’ve seen to truly highlight the new front grille, restyled hood, large air intakes and overall look for the new Lexus IS.   We can’t wait to see more…


New Lexus IS Revealed

The new Lexus IS was revealed today from the Beijing Auto Show and while Lexus kept much of the IS’s exterior appearance the same; the new IS will have a new front fascia with new headlamps, large air intakes in the front bumper and an “evolution of the Lexus’ spindle grille”.  The new Lexus IS reflects thoughtful improvements that primarily enhance the current, popular model on the market today.  The most exciting update, in our opinion, is the large mutimedia display screen that has grown from 7-inches to 10.3-inches.  The new high-resolution screen delivers larger and clearer images.  The new IS will also have the same Remote Touch Device as on the GS and will inherit an “ENTER” button to make navigating the multimedia system easier than the previous model.  Other changes include new cup holders, a new larger-wrapped palm rest with stitching for the new Remote Touch Interface and new markings  on the in-dash analog clock.  The new IS will also deliver the comprehensive Safety System+ Package that has been added to most/all of the new Lexus models since the 2016 ES.  The new IS will be upgraded to include Pre-Collision System, Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist, Automatic High Beam and Radar Cruise Control.  To read the official IS press release from Lexus, click here.


Below is a summary of the changes that we can expect for the new Lexus IS:

  • New Headlamps
  • Large Air Intakes in the front bumper
  • New spindle grille that folds back at a higher point, changing its top and bottom proportions that enhances the more aggressive front end with a visually lower center of gravity.
  • F SPORT Grille will feature a 3-dimentional F-mesh pattern with jet-black metallic coating that incorporates functional brake ducts.
  • New style wheels with bright new finishes.  17″-10 spoke wheels being standard.
  • 10.3-inch Multimedia Display Screen with High-Resolution monitor
  • ENTER buttons added to Remote Touch Interface on the center console
  • New stitching and updates to the speedometer and tachometer
  • New cupholders
  • Larger leather-wrapped palm rest with stitching for the RTI and new marking on analog clock
  • Lexus Safety System+
  • More pronounced L-shaped LED light guides that are now triple layered with the taillight housing and new rectangular chrome exhaust tips.
  • Two New Colors: Deep Blue Mica and Graphite Black Glass Flake

Check back for more information and details on the IS reveal as it becomes available!

New Lexus IS Reveal from Beijing, April 2016




Omontenashi is the Japanese spirit of hospitality that not only fulfills people’s needs, but anticipates them.  Omontenashi is a key element that makes up Lexus Dealership culture, customer service and the L-finesse design philosophy for many Lexus models. North Park Lexus at Dominion, and every Lexus dealership for that matter, is determined to treat our guests better than any other car company. This dedication to Lexus guests is reflected in the Lexus Covenant; Lexus dealers will always treat customers as they would a guest in their own home.  True to the concept of Omontenashi, our dealership strives to do more than simply meet the needs of our Lexus owners. The entire Lexus at Dominion team is in constant pursuit of perfection and will go to any length possible to solve our customers problems, whether they be mechanical or not.  From beginning to end, Lexus Dominion is 100% invested in making the Lexus Experience unlike any other.

Have you experienced the Lexus Difference?  Stop by North Park Lexus at Dominion and allow us to introduce you to the Japanese spirit of hospitality- omontenashi.


Lexus Safey System+ Settings

The new Lexus Safety System+ package is available now and is being added to additional models and package levels with the ultimate goal of making this comprehensive safety package standard on all Lexus.  Currently there are several models that include the Safety System+ Package such as the Lexus ES, new RX and Lexus LX with more models anticipated for later this year.  You can learn more about the new Safety System+ package here.

Safety System+ includes Pre-Collision with Pedestrian Detection, Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist, Lane Keep Assist (on specific models), Dynamic Radar Cruise Control and Intelligent High Beams.  Just like most of most Lexus technology features, you can elect to change,turn on or off most of the features included in this dynamic safety package and if you continue reading below, you can learn how the Lexus Safety System+ settings work…

Safety System+ Steering Wheel Controls
Steering wheel controls for Lane Departure Alert, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Pre-Collision System and more.

Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection Setting Options

The Lexus Pre-Collision System (PCS) with Pedestrian Detection is designed to help the driver avoid certain potentially severe frontal collisions or decrease the severity of a frontal impact.  The Lexus PCS uses a grill-mounted radar technology along with a monocular camera mounted above the rearview mirror to help detect vehicles and pedestrians under certain conditions.  If the PCS detects objects, the system activates an audible and visual alert (BRAKE! BRAKE!) plus brake assist if the driver applies the brakes, followed by automatic braking if the driver does not brake in time to avoid a collision themselves.  The Lexus Pre-Collision System that is on new Lexus models will automatically be turned on and engaged but you can adjust some of the settings.

One setting available for adjustment with PCS is the Alert Timing.  Alert timing can be changed from the default setting of “Middle” to “Far” or “Near”, and will remain at this setting even after the engine is turned off.  Below is a table showing the different distance settings including the default and customized setting options.


There is a way and specific instance when you may turn-off or disengage the PCS, however we recommend calling your service advisor for assistance or any questions that you may have before turning the system off.  Some of the instances where you may need to turn off PCS include:

  • When the vehicle is being towed or when towing another vehicle.
  • If the tires are not properly inflated or are very worn.
  • When a compact spare tire or an emergency tire puncture repair kit is used.
  • If the suspension is modified.
  • If the front of the vehicle is raised or lowered, such as when loaded with heavy luggage.

To customize or disengage PCS you will need to access the steering-wheel mounted switch on the multi-information display screen that looks like a cog (gear) and select Pre-Collision System (“PCS”).  From here, you can change the alert timing or turn-off the system.  When the system is turned-off, the PCS warning light will illuminate and a message will display on the MID.  The system will automatically re-engage or turn back on each time the engine is turned on.

Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist Setting Options


Lane Departure Alert is pretty self-explanatory, but in case you didn’t know, the LDA system is designed to alert the driver if it detects an unintentional lane departure (if a turn signal is on in the direction of the departure then this would not activate) on roads with clear visible markings.

To engage the system, press the LDA switch on the steering wheel (as shown above).  The LDA indicator light will illuminate and a message with be displayed.  Press the LDA button again to turn the system off.  The LDA feature will remain on or off the next time you turn off-and on the engine.

LDA Customization Features:

  • Turn Steering Assist on or off
  • Change the alert from steering wheel vibration to a buzzer sound
  • Modify alert sensitivity
  • Turn the vehicle sway warning on or off
  • Modify vehicle sway sensitivity

To access the settings you will select the same cog (gear icon) on your multi-information display screen and select “LDA”.


If your Lexus includes the Lane Keep Assist feature- which uses Dynamic Radar Cruise Control and Lane Centering to monitor the position of the vehicle relative to its lane and applies small amounts of steering input, as needed, using the Electronic Power Steering system to help keep the vehicle centered within its lane- then you can also customize a few settings.  LKA is accessed the same way as the settings described above.


Dynamic Radar Cruise Control Settings

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control is used on highways and is designed to detect a vehicle traveling directly ahead and determine its speed.  The system then automatically adjusts your vehicles speed (within a set range) to help maintain your desired distance.


Activate the DRCC by pressing the cruise control “On/Off” button.  The radar cruise control indicator will come on and “RADAR READY” will display on your Multi-Information Display screen.  To adjust the DRCC must be engaged before changing the follow distance setting of “Long” (Long being the default setting) to “Medium” or “Short”.


Using the steering wheel mounted controls, you can change the following distance settings.

Medium gives you a distance of approximately 130 feet.

Short makes the distance around 100 feet.

The default “Long” setting will return the next time you turn-off and back on the engine.


There are instances when you should turn-off the DRCC feature.  These instances include:

  • Roads where there are pedestrians, cyclists or heavy snow
  • On winding roads
  • When driving on rain, ice or slippery roads
  • At entrances to freeways or highways
  • When towing
  • In traffic that requires immediate and frequent acceleration or deceleration.


Intelligent High-Beam Settings


With vehicles equipped with Intelligent High-Beams, our sales and delivery specialists at Lexus Dominion will engage the system at time of delivery- but you can engage or disengage this feature yourself at any time by pushing the lever away from you with the headlamp switch in the AUTO position.  You can also press the AUTO switch to engage the system if the headlight lever is already pushed forward.  The green AUTO light on your MID will illuminate when turned on as pictured above.

The setting available for adjustment is the sensor sensitivity.  To temporary adjust the sensor sensitivity make sure the system is on then the engine OFF and then switch to IGNITION ON mode.  You then have 30 seconds to do the following:

  1. Pull headlamp lever to original position and then push it back to high-beam position quickly 10 times.
  2. Leave the lever in high-beam position
  3. The Intelligent High-Beam indicator will flash three times to indicate the sensitivity is lowered.


For more information on the new Lexus Safety System+ Package or to upgrade your vehicle so to get this advanced new safety package, contact our sales team at North Park Lexus at Dominion here or call us at 210-816-6000.

GS Safety