2019 Lexus Racing Schedule

If you haven’t already been following the Lexus Racing team, you’re in for a treat (you can thank us later.) Not only do we have the official 2019 IMSA Schedule available for you here but we also have key info for anyone wanting to follow the action online. Stay up to date with all the race details and behind the scenes action by following @LexusRacingUSA on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

2019 IMSA Schedule

  1. January 24-27 at Daytona International Speedway
  2. March 14 – 16 at Sebring International Raceway
  3. April 12 – 13 at Long Beach Street Circuit
  4. May 3 – 5 at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course
  5. May 31 – June 1 at The Raceway at Belle Isle Park
  6. June 27 – 30 at Watkins Glen International
  7. July 4 – 7 at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park
  8. July 19 – 20 at Lime Rock Park
  9. August 2 – 4 at Road America
  10. August 23 – 25 at Virginia International Raceway
  11. September 13 – 15 at Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca
  12. October 10 – 12 at Road Atlanta

You can also catch the action on all the major networks including NBC, NBCSN, CNBC, Sirius XM Radio, IMSA.com, IMSA Radio, and the IMSA app.

2019 Lexus Racing IMSA Schedule
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Amazon Prime Day Event

We are super excited to announce that Lexus will be participating in Amazon Prime Day 2018 where Prime Members can win an all-new Amazon Alexa-enabled 2019 ES among the prizes in the Amazon Prime Day Smart Home Sweepstakes!  That’s right, Prime Members can win a 2019 Lexus ES before it even goes on sale officially in September.  Here are the details.

Amazon Prime Day 2018

  • Amazon will be celebrating the ever-popular, Prime Day 2018 with the first Amazon Prime Day Alexa Home-Smart-Home Sweepstakes that starts on July 3rd.
  • Amazon customers will be entered to win a 2019 Lexus ES, plus $50,000 cash prize, a fully decked out Alexa Smart Home, and a trip to Seattle – every time they engage with onsite, educational Alexa content (e.g. downloading the Amazon Shopping app, engaging in an Alexa utterance/skill, or streaming an informational video about smart home) during the event time frame.
  • 1-Grand Prize Winner
  • Prime Day officially starts July 5th and participants can enter to win by logging into their Amazon.com account then watching a Lexus video from start to finish at http://www.amazon.com/HomeSmartHome.
  • Entries will be accepted until July 15th, 2018 before midnight.

For more information on the new Lexus+Alexa, visit https://lexus2.custhelp.com and search by keyword “Alexa” or check out our post on the new tech here.

Happy Prime Day 2018!

Celebrate Prime Day 2018 by entering to win a 2019 Lexus ES!

The new Lexus LS 500 available now at Lexus Dominion

Power in Detail

Across the Lexus model range, you’ll find thoughtfully crafted details working harmoniously to create an effortless yet refined experience for Lexus drivers and passengers alike.  From hand-stitched embossed leather seating to innovative paint techniques and meticulous human-led quality checks, every detail on a Lexus reflects a tireless dedication to excellence and a greater human experience.

Visionary design.  Visceral performance.  Imaginative technology.  Because connecting the driver and the drive like never before means nothing if it doesn’t lead to the experience of something greater.


2018 Lexus LS

There is a true power in detail and across the Lexus range, you’ll find even the smallest details yielding powerful influence.  Over the years Lexus has earned an almost cult-like following – it is few and far between where you will find a one-time Lexus owner or a Lexus owner straying (at least not for long) with any other brand, and we believe this brand loyalty is due to the tireless dedication to craftsmanship and the details that have us hooked on Lexus.

The redesigned Lexus LS is literally dripping in detail and, since it is the standard for Lexus craftsmanship and superior quality across the Lexus range, we thought we would complete our ode to Lexus craftsmanship with a list showing off just a few of our favorite new details found on the 2018 LS and LC.

2018 LS rear seat luxe – reclining, massaging and climate controlled.

Back-Seat Luxe

Like the perfect host, the rear seats in the new LS invites you in and encourages you to relax and unwind.  With options for heating, cooling, and even massage the rear seats in the 2018 LS spoils passengers with excessive legroom – more than in any LS model to date and even a reclining seat.  Rear passengers can tilt the reclining rear seat up to 48 degrees backward for immediate calm, or raise it up to 24 degrees for assistance exiting the LS.  These luxe details will leave even your rear-seat passengers wanting more – don’t be surprised if you’re asked to be the new designated driver from here on out.

The “floating” armrests in the 2018 Lexus LS – San Antonio Auto Show 2017

Floating Armrests


Inspired by Japanese lanterns, the ambient lighting in the 2018 LS is enough to take your breath away, but it is the “floating” armrests that makes you look a little longer and a little closer when first stepping into the cabin.  This detail exudes a tranquil and utterly chic vibe.  We love it.


Floating armrests as seen in the 2018 LS at the San Antonio Auto Show


Takumi woodwork in the 2018 Lexus LS


The story behind the impressive “artwood” in the new LS is enough for its very own blog post but one detail we could not leave off this list.  The new “artwood” is an incredible detail that truly exemplifies the Lexus commitment to not only producing gorgeous vehicles but creating an emotional experience for Lexus owners.  With three unique finishes to choose from, all are original designs created by Takumi using sophisticated sliced wood and laser cutting technologies.  The end result is nothing short of amazing.


Artwood in the new Lexus LS


Luxury details in the 2018 LS


Structural Blue on Lexus LC 500

Color Reimagined


The new Structural Blue for the LC 500 Special Edition (arriving this Spring) is another example that demonstrates the power in detail.  The eye-catching new color is the result of nearly 15 years of research and development work between scientists, engineers, designers and paint experts.  Said to have been inspired by the iridescent wings of the blue morpho butterfly, layered nanostructures in Structural Blue were created to allow enhanced reflection of nearly 100% of visible light (most paint reflects 50%), producing the incredibly vibrant blue.

The exterior of every Lexus vehicle is finished to perfection thanks to an intense process of painting, sanding, and inspecting.  After each coat of foundation paintwork, the car’s exterior is wet sanded by hand then checked by Takumi craftsman and digital scanners.  Every single Lexus is polished and checked by hand, again so the ensure nothing is missed.  Only a flawless smoothness is acceptable and every surface is ‘read’ by the fingers of the Takumi craftsman.  The painstaking paint process results in breathtakingly smooth surfaces with rich, luminescent color that is full of character and complexity.


LC 500 in Structural Blue


Takumi craftsman at work

Hand-stitched leather seating in the 2018 Lexus LS

Hand-Sewn Precision Built for Destruction

Lexus leatherwork is impeccable and only created by the finest, highly trained artisans that have completed and mastered a strict ten-step instruction program at a special Lexus facility that is dedicated to fine-tuning talent.  The stitching must be sewn to perfection and precisely – every single time and this is evident when you step inside a Lexus and take a look at the seemingly simple stitching.  The beautifully stitched seams are worthy of far more than our back-end but it is this commitment to the Lexus customer and the Lexus customer experience that drives the brand to invest the time and effort needed to create such works of functional art.  What makes the leather ‘detail’ even more impressive is that every inch of it is tested to the point of destruction.  Only the strongest leather is deemed worthy to trim the interior of a Lexus and all potential material must endure more than 30 extreme treatment tests before it is approved for use.  Lexus recently released a video that plays on the process used in creating the leather used in Lexus vehicles and it is definitely worth checking out here.

Hand-sewn perfection.  2018 Lexus LS

Across the Lexus model line-up, you’ll find that every single detail is crafted to meet the highest standards.  Every detail blends effortlessly with another and together they create a refined and simply comfortable experience for drivers and passengers alike.  Experience amazing and test drive one of the new, 2018 Lexus models we have available now at North Park Lexus Dominion.  Click here to view our in-stock inventory and schedule a personal presentation.














10 Best Lexus Colors

The Lexus model line-up today offers some of the best colors every made by Lexus hands-down.  The Lexus passion for design along with their industry-leading knowledge has culminated in the creation of these colors and every Lexus color features stories and processes as unique as their hues.  Lexus explains the process and the art of creating one of our top 10 best colors, Eminent White Pearl…

…it was inspired by and created specifically to mimic the color and appearance of snow on the hills of Hokkaido,  Japan.  It’s an effect not left to chance, which is why Lexus sources pigment from a company in Osaka- one that’s been perfecting its craft for 98 years and counting.  It’s also why every Lexus painting facility features indoor waterfalls to trap and wash airborne dust particles away so they don’t inconspicuously mar the vehicle’s finish.  Even science plays a role.  Lexus created a technique that more uniformly aligns the angles of the reflective particles in paint to better accentuate the vehicle lines.  Then mapped the motions of arguably the most gifted automotive painter in the world in order to have robots duplicate his craft on every Lexus vehicle.  Because the only thing more important than creating a stunning work of art is making sure each is as stunning as the last.”

Eminent White Pearl RX

Playing Favorites: Top 10 Lexus Colors

#1  Eminent White Pearl

The new Eminent White Pearl, inspired by the snow covered hills in Hokkaido, is one of our picks for top 10 best Lexus colors.  Eminent White Pearl is on some of the most popular Lexus models and if you haven’t yet seen a Lexus NX in Eminent White driving on a dark night then go ahead and add that to your next “to-do” list.

Eminent White Pearl.png

#2  UltraSonic Blue Mica 2.0

When Lexus announced one of the new colors for 2015 was going to be “UltraSonic Blue 2.0” we couldn’t help but laugh.  Since when did a color get a next generation and was the  “2.0” really necessary to include in the color name?  It wasn’t until we got to see the new UltraSonic Blue 2.0 that we understood.  This is an evolution.  Lexus perfected their UltraSonic Blue and ended up producing a whole new animal.  UltraSonic Blue 2.0 is definitely worthy of it’s name and is one of the exclusive new F SPORT colors available from Lexus.  The evolved UltraSonic Blue 2.0 will be available for the first time on the 2017 Lexus CT200h that is arriving soon at North Park Lexus at Dominion!

UltraSonic Blue 2.0

#3  Liquid Platinum

The next pick for Top 10 Lexus Colors is Liquid Platinum.  Liquid Platinum is an exclusive silver that is found on the Lexus LS460, GS, GS F and RC F.  Liquid Platinum was one of the first colors that had a story so incredible we just had to repeat it to every guest wanting to see the LS in “silver”.  Trust us, this is no ordinary silver…

Liquid Platinum

#4  Matador Red Mica

Matador Red Mica is “that red” most Lexus owners request and since Lexus keeps bringing it back after taking it away for a model year or two, we think it’s one of Lexus’ favorite colors too.

Matador Red Mica

#5  Ultra White

Yes, another white, but this white is the “ultra” version which means it is exclusive to the head turning F SPORT models.  We don’t know if it is the amazing contrast provided by the black F SPORT badging or our drinking of the Lexus kool-aid that has everyone captivated by Ultra White, but we like it- a lot.

Ultra White

#6  Nebula Gray Pearl

If you haven’t heard, gray is the new black.  Nebula Gray Pearl is one of those colors that looks good on everyone and every model.  You can’t go wrong with Nebula Gray.

Nebula Gray Pearl

#7  Nightfall Mica

Nightfall Mica is one of the new colors for 2016 and it quickly became a fan favorite.  Classic dark blue that hits all the right notes when the sun hits the lines of the lucky Lexus wearing this new “it-color” of the season.

Nightfall Mica

#8  Caviar Mica

In search of the perfect black, we think Lexus finally has a winner.  Caviar Mica is the perfect blend of Obsidian’s deep black hue and the mica flake from Stargazer Pearl.  Classic, sexy and forgiving.  This is the perfect black.

Caviar Mica

#9  Atomic Silver

Atomic Silver is one of those colors you just can’t get out of your head after seeing it.  This is the color for anyone wanting to show off the lines of their Lexus without having to worry about constant upkeep.  Atomic Silver is our “go-to” color for anyone wanting something different and memorable- in a good way.  This new color is without a doubt one of our best selling and most popular picks by our Lexus guests.  We can’t wait to see the new 2017 Lexus RX in Atomic Silver as soon as it arrives!

Atomic Silver

#10  Infrared

Infrared is our pick for best Lexus color.  Infrared is dynamic and always camera ready.  Worth every extra penny…

Infrared RC

What’s your favorite Lexus color?  Did your pick make our list?  Upload and share your favorite Lexus colors or email us at jbrennan@nplexusdominion.com.  To check out all of the colors available from Lexus, head over to our website at www.nplexusdominion.com or stop by to see them in person at our Lexus dealership in San Antonio, Texas!



Golden Opportunity Sales Event

The Golden Opportunity Sales Event kicks off today at North Park Lexus at Dominion!  Now thru September 6th you can take advantage of some of the best incentives and special offers from Lexus.  Check out the special offers here and please contact our sales team at Lexus at Dominion for any questions on these incredible offers.


Cash Specials

  • $3,500 on CT200h
  • $2,500 on IS sedans
  • $3,500 on ES350 & ES300h
  • $3,000 on GS350
  • $5,000 on GS200t
  • $5,000 on GS F & RC F
  • $5,000 on LS460
  • $2,500 on RC200t & RC350


APR Specials

  • 0% up to 60 months or 0.9% up to 72 months on CT200h PLUS $1,000 APR Cash!
  • 0.9% up to 72 months on IS sedans, ES, GS, LS and RC!
  • 1.9% up to 60 months & 2.9% up to 72 months on NX and RX!
  • $1,000 APR Cash on IS sedans!
  • $1,500 APR Cash on ES350 & ES300h!
  • $1,500 APR Cash on GS350!
  • $2,500 APR Cash on GS200t!
  • $1,500 APR Cash on GS F & RC F
  • $2,500 APR Cash on LS460
  • $500 APR Cash on NX200t & NX300h


Lease Specials

  • Complimentary 1st Payment on CT200h, IS sedans, ES, GS, LS, RC, NX & RX!
  • $2,650 Lease Cash on CT200h
  • $2,600 Lease Cash on IS sedans
  • $2,700 Lease Cash on ES
  • $2,800 Lease Cash on ESh
  • $2,500 Lease Cash on GS350
  • $4,650 Lease Cash on GS200t
  • $7,000 Lease Cash on GS F
  • $6,500 Lease Cash on RC F
  • $4,500 Lease Cash on LS
  • $500 Lease Cash on NX

Visit us online or call 210-816-6000 for additional information on the Lexus Golden Opportunity Sales Event going on now at North Park Lexus at Dominion!

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Why Drive a Hybrid?

The Lexus CT200h was recently named best small premium car for the 2016 J.D. Power Initial Quality Study (IQS).  This is impressive, especially since the CT200h was up against all “small premium cars” and not just hybrids.  The versatile hybrid ranked highest for all small premium cars as having the fewest number of problems experienced by vehicle owners within the first 90 days of ownership.  Since Hybrid Technology is still considered relatively “new”, we wanted to explore all the reasons to drive a hybrid, especially since this 2016 J.D. Power Initial Quality Study shows that a hybrid can compete and dominate the premium car market that is primarily made up of gasoline or diesel cars.


In the race for greater fuel efficiency, European Luxury brands have favored the use of diesel fuel whereas Lexus and Toyota has found hybrid technology to be the best in reducing emissions while offering cost, smoothness and driving experience benefits.  There are pros and cons to both systems, but we have compiled a list of reasons why you should drive a hybrid- or at least consider one...the CT200h… when shopping for your next premium small car.

The Power of h


  • Lexus hybrid owners benefit from Lexus and Toyota’s worldwide leadership and experience in hybrid development.  Gasoline/electric hybrids are another approach to enhance fuel economy ratings.  Lexus and Toyota are the leaders in hybrid technology, with more than five million sales worldwide.  No other car manufacturer has more experience, or more miles on the road, than Lexus and Toyota.
  • A hybrid driver can refuel just about anywhere.  Hybrids have no special fueling requirements, so any gas station that can fuel a conventional vehicle can also fuel a hybrid.  And because the batteries are charged on board, a Lexus hybrid owner doesn’t have to plug the vehicle into an electrical outlet to recharge.
  • A hybrid’s electric motors add a significant amount of torque at low speeds.  When it comes to torque, electric motors and gas engine complement each other nicely.  The electric motors create high torque at low speeds, while the gas engine generates high torque at higher speeds, creating a seamless blend.
  • Hybrid NVH characteristics are bout the same or better than a comparable gasoline-only vehicle.  The root of the hybrid system is the gasoline engine, which mean gas-engine smoothness and quietness are part of the package.  As a bonus, the electric motor makes for near silent running when in electric mode only (like when stopped in traffic).
  • Lexus hybrids are designed for greater fuel efficiency benefits than comparable gas-only models, especially in city driving.  Overall the hybrid system could enhance the overall fuel efficiency by a significant amount- especially in city driving were diesel engines and gas-only powertrains are not as efficient.
  • The hybrid driving experience is very similar to that of a gasoline-only vehicle.  Driving a hybrid is very much like driving a gas-only vehicle which is an added benefit for drivers that want the most efficient vehicle without having to think about the process of driving efficiently- let the car do the work for you.
  • Every new Lexus hybrid includes an exceptional warranty package, but Lexus Hybrid Drive vehicles include added coverage for hybrid components.  The Lexus Hybrid System Warranty coverage is for 8 years or 100K miles, whichever occurs first, and covers the following components: Hybrid control module, hybrid battery control module, hybrid battery and inverter with converter.  Extra peace of mind!

All in all, if you are looking for a more refined ride, the hybrid is the best choice.  While Diesel has it’s own advantages, it does not compare to the hybrid in terms of refinement.  Diesel fuel contains sulfur compounds, giving a “rotten egg smell” quality to the exhaust.  This smell of sulfur has reduced compared to the smell from 10 or 20 years ago, but some people may still find it unpleasant.  Hybrids have no odor.  Diesel engines also have a distinctive sound that results from shock waves in the cylinders during combustion.  The sound inside the cabin can be reduced through technology and sound insulation, but a diesel is inherently not as refined as a hybrid powertrain- and it’s especially apparent to anyone outside of the vehicle.

Driving a Hybrid

The Lexus CT200h is not only the most fuel efficient, problem- free premium car on the road today, as reported by J.D. Power, but the Lexus CT200h is driving change with an innovative crop of sustainable materials.  The CT200h proves that luxury and the environment and are no longer mutually exclusive in the auto industry.

The Lexus CT uses many plant-based plastics that contain 30% sustainable materials, including significant use of sugarcane- how sweet!  The CT also features the industry’s first speakers constructed with sustainable bamboo charcoal resin- harnessing the beauty of one of the fasted growing plants on Earth.  The innovative CT200h was also the first Lexus to introduce NuLuxe trimmed interiors.  Weighing half as much as traditional leather, NuLuxe generates 65% fewer CO2 emissions during the manufacturing process than other leather substitutions- and produces zero volatile organic compounds during the production process.  The lightness of the NuLuxe interior also contributes to a more efficient vehicle.

So, why drive a hybrid?  Today’s question is, why not?

Learn more about the Lexus Hybrid model line up here or stop by our Lexus showroom in San Antonio, Texas located just a few minutes up IH 10 West from the Shops at La Cantera and the Rim.







Omontenashi is the Japanese spirit of hospitality that not only fulfills people’s needs, but anticipates them.  Omontenashi is a key element that makes up Lexus Dealership culture, customer service and the L-finesse design philosophy for many Lexus models. North Park Lexus at Dominion, and every Lexus dealership for that matter, is determined to treat our guests better than any other car company. This dedication to Lexus guests is reflected in the Lexus Covenant; Lexus dealers will always treat customers as they would a guest in their own home.  True to the concept of Omontenashi, our dealership strives to do more than simply meet the needs of our Lexus owners. The entire Lexus at Dominion team is in constant pursuit of perfection and will go to any length possible to solve our customers problems, whether they be mechanical or not.  From beginning to end, Lexus Dominion is 100% invested in making the Lexus Experience unlike any other.

Have you experienced the Lexus Difference?  Stop by North Park Lexus at Dominion and allow us to introduce you to the Japanese spirit of hospitality- omontenashi.


North Park Lexus at Dominion Awarded Elite of Lexus

North Park Lexus at Dominion has received the Elite of Lexus Award for 2015- our first year serving San Antonio and surrounding Texas Hill Country communities!  This special award is given to Dealers who excel at sales, service and overall owner support.  Elite of Lexus dealers are chosen based on customer feedback from surveys rating owner satisfaction, sales and service as being extremely exceptional.  Superior customer experience is just one factor though, Lexus dealerships chosen as the Elite of Lexus must also exceed rigorous Lexus operational and certification standards.

The entire team at North Park Lexus at Dominion is extremely proud to have received the Elite of Lexus Award after our first year of business!  We are blessed to have such great neighbors (we’re looking at you, Dominion!) and the best Lexus Owners, Friends & Family!

Come find out why we were awarded Elite of Lexus by visiting our amazing resort-style Lexus dealership located off IH-10 West at Dominion Drive and just a few minutes up IH-10 from the Shops at La Cantera and the Rim in San Antonio, Texas.

Lexus Elite

The Next Generation: Lexus LC500h

There is quite a bit of buzz surrounding the new Lexus LC hybrid and for good reason.  The all-new Lexus LC500h will introduce the next generation of hybrid driving: the world’s first Multi Stage Hybrid System.  Specifically designed for performance vehicles, the Multi Stage Hybrid System is an amazing feat of engineering and as Lexus put it, “was developed with opposing goals in mind: to create a hybrid with a more sporting and engaging driving experience by closely aligning engine speed with throttle inputs, and to achieve the best possible balance of power and fuel consumption.” The new Lexus Multi Stage Hybrid System weighs the same as the current hybrid powertrain due to the new compact electric motor and lithium-ion battery that offsets the weight of the added automatic transmission which will feature “M” Mode- the first driver initiated gear shifts offered on a Lexus full hybrid powertrain.  The new system delivers a direct connection between the accelerator pedal and vehicle accelerations, and 0-100 km/h times well into the sub-5 second range.

The new Lexus LC500h will also be the first Lexus to take advantage of the all-new, premium rear-wheel drive platform and is poised to become “the blueprint” for future front-engine/rear-wheel drive Lexus models.

The Lexus LC will bring the next generation of hybrid high-performance driving, but it also looks pretty spectacular.  Check it out below and contact North Park Lexus at Dominion to start placing your order for the all-new Lexus LC500 and LC500h…





Like numbers?  Check out how the Lexus LC500h stacks up…

Overall Length: 187.4 inches

Overall Width: 75.6 inches

Wheelbase: 112.9 inches

Engine Type: 3.45L Hybrid Engine

6 Cylinders

354 Total System Output (horsepower)

Lexus LC

The Lexus LC will also feature a long-list of Lexus and industry-firsts, new design elements, classic Lexus Takumi craftsmanship including a hand-stitched leather center console, dash pad and drape forming Alcantara door trim.  To read the full press release from Lexus click here.

The Lexus LC is stunning and has us all looking forward to the next generation…


Seeing is Believing: Cilajet Before and After

North Park Lexus at Dominion is now an authorized Cilajet Lexus Dealer and Kelli Parker, our in-house Cilajet expert, has already helped several Lexus owners protect their vehicle with the aviation-grade sealant.

Since Cilajet is a new product/service at North Park Lexus Dominion, we decided to put it to the test and the results are impressive…

Believe it or not, the above picture is from an actual reflection of Kelli Parker from the hood of a Cilajet protected black Lexus IS350!

When professionally applied, Cilajet bonds with the exterior of your car giving it a deep mirror-like finish, while reducing surface imperfections such as fine scratches.  What makes this even better is that  Cilajet protects your new vehicle’s finish for 10 full years and is backed by a warranty! The included Cilajet Warranty is fully transferable to a second owner and qualified pre-owned vehicles are also covered under warranty for 5 years.
Exterior Protection prevents sun oxidation and paint fading, protects against bird droppings and repels dirt, grease, tree sap, hard water spots and more!

For more information on Cilajet or to set an appointment to have Cilajet applied at Lexus Dominion, please contact Kelli Parker at 210-816-6000 or via email at kparker@nplexusdominion.com.