What to Say and When

The 2019 Lexus ES 350 and ES 300h has arrived and with it, loads of new technology.  With so much to cover, we wanted to start with a list of useful voice commands that will help you overcome the learning curve when operating your new Lexus.

Audio To Do List

Voice Commands To Use When You’re Not Quite Sure What To Say

Not quite sure where to start?  Well, anytime you’re on the Top Menu or before you dive into the different menus and submenus available on your Lexus multimedia system, push the Voice Command button on your steering wheel and try out any of the following:

  • “Show command examples for <menu>” – This will display the command list of the selected menu. (For example, say you’re wanting a list of commands when you’re in the Info menu.  Just say, “show command examples for info.”)
  • “More Commands” – Displays more commonly used commands.
  • “Voice Settings” – Displays Voice Setting screen
  • “Train my voice” – Displays Train Voice Recognition screen (vehicle must be parked).

Voice Commands To Use for Navigation

  • “Get directions to <house #, street, city, state>” – Pretty simple way to set a destination and get directions to any specific address.
  • “Find a <POI category/POI name>” – Displays a list of Point of Interest categories (in English or French only, s’il vous plaît) or Point of Interest names (major national brands are always supported and you’ll have access to local brands with your Lexus Enform subscription service).  The POI will be displayed near the current position of your car.
  • “Find a <POI> near my destination” – Displays a list of <POI> near the destination.  Very helpful if you’re trying to plan ahead.
  • “Find a <POI category> in a city” – Displays a list of <POI> in a specified city and state.  For anyone practicing their French, the supported area is only Quebec Province in Canada for this type of navigation search.
  • “Go Home” – one of our favorites.  This simple command will show you the road home.
  • “Go to Favorite <1-10>” – this is great for anyone that preset their favorite destinations or any address they can’t remember but frequent often. You can preset up to 10 places and simply saying this command will take you to the corresponding favorite number as the destination in your navigation.
  • “Show Recent Destinations” – Display recent destinations entered into the navigation system.
  • “Cancel Route” – Cancels the route guidance.
  • “Delete destinations” – Displays a list of destination to delete when multiple destinations have been entered.
  • “Show <POI category> icons” – Displays the specified point of interest category icons on the map.  This is perfect to use when you’re looking for nearby gas stations but do not necessarily need directions to any particular one at the time.
  • “Destination Assist” – Definitely the most direct approach – this command will connect the system to the Lexus response center so they can assist in entering a destination into your navigation for you.
Voice Commands you can use with the 12.3-inch navigation system in 2019 ES

Voice Commands to Use For Your Phone

It is important to note that if you have your iPhone connected to the new ES Apple CarPlay, these voice commands will be unavailable.

  • “Call <contact>” – Places a call to the specified contact from the phone book (from your BT connected cell phone).
  • “Call <contact> <phonetype>” – If you have multiple numbers for someone, this command will help you call the correct number.
  • “Dial <phone number>” – Pretty simple.  Dials that number for you.
  • “Redial” – Places a call to the phone number of the latest outgoing call.
  • “Call Back” – Places a call to the phone number of the latest incoming call.
  • “Show Recent Calls” – Displays the call history screen
  • “Send a message to <contacts>” – Sents a text message to the specified contact from the phone book.  Hint, Siri Eyes Free can also do this for you.

Voice Commands to Use While On a Phone Call

  • “Send <digits>” – Sends DTMF tones as specified
  • “Mute” – Mutes the microphone (the other side of the call cannot hear any in-car conversations)
  • “Unmute” – Unmutes the microphone.

Voice Commands to Use When You See* or Get an Incoming Message

*For full-screen message notifications, you need to turn this on within the phone settings.

  • “Read Message” – Reads the incoming message over the vehicle’s speakers.
  • “Ignore” – Ignores the incoming message notification.
  • “Reply” – Initiates sending a reply to the incoming message.
  • “Call” – Places a call to the phone number of incoming message – definitely the way to go if you’re driving and don’t want to send an odd auto-correct “ducking” text message.
No excuse.  Don’t text and drive. 

Voice Commands to Use When You Want Some Music

  • “Tune to <frequency> FM” – Changes the radio to the specified FM radio station.
  • “Tune to preset <1-36>” – Changes the radio to the specified preset radio station.
  • “Tune to a <genre> satellite station” – First, you need an active Sirius XM subscription, unless you’re doing this during the 3-month trial.
  • “Tune to channel <number> on XM” – Active XM subscription needed, but you already knew that.

Voice Commands to Use When You Want Something from Your USB Connected Device (iPod)

  • “Play Playlist <name>” – Turn up the volume and jam out to the tracks on the selected playlist.
  • “Play Artist <name>” – Plays tracks from the selected artist.
  • “Play Song <name>” – When you want something really specific.
  • “Play Audiobook <name>” – Plays tracks from the selected audiobook.
  • “Audio On” – Turns the audio system on.  Hint, you can use this same command to turn the audio off – “Audio OFF”.
  • “Change the audio source to <source name>” – Sets the audio source to the specified mode.  Use this when you’re done listening to your Summer Playlist and need the morning news, for example.
LX center controls
Turn the music up Voice Commands for Audio

Voice Commands to Use When You Need Some Info

  • “Get the Forecast” – Displays weather information
  • “Get the Forecast for <city>” – Check the weather for any specified city (in the U.S.).
  • “Show Traffic” – Displays traffic information.
  • “Show Predictive Traffic” – Displays the predictive traffic map.
  • “Get traffic along my route” – Displays traffic information along your current route.
Voice Commands for Traffic and Weather

Voice Commands to Use for Climate Control

  • “Turn the AC on/Turn the AC off” – Turns your AC on or off, obviously.
  • “Set temperature to <#> degrees” – Changes the set temp of the AC system.
  • “Concierge Mode On” – Turns Concierge mode on – this is a must and the only climate command you really need.
Voice Command: “Concierge Mode On”.  Take the guesswork out of climate control.

Again, it is important to remember that when your iPhone is connected to Apple CarPlay, most of these commands will not work or will be slightly different.  When Apple CarPlay is connected you can use Siri Eyes Free and/or the CarPlay system to operate Apple Maps, Music, etc. via your iPhone that is displayed on the multimedia screen – just think Apple or Siri-ish commands.

But wait, there’s more…

You can also conveniently play music, get news updates, go shopping and more using the integrated Lexus+ Alexa system in the 2019 ES.  More on this awesome new feature later.

Take it on the go.  Voice Commands, Apple CarPlay, Amazon Alexa and more in the 2019 ES



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