Apple CarPlay in 2019 ES

The 2019 Lexus ES 350 will be arriving soon and with it, Lexus drivers will finally have the option to use and enjoy Apple CarPlay.  Since Apple CarPlay is first coming out on the new Lexus ES, we thought we would get more information on using and establishing an Apple CarPlay connection in the 2019 Lexus ES 350 & ES 300h.  Here’s how to use and connect Apple CarPlay in your new Lexus.

  1. Establish an Apple CarPlay Connection
    1. Enable Siri on the device to be connected.
    2. Connect the device to the USB port found in the center console
    3. Select “Always Enable” or “Enable Once”.
    4. If “Do Not Enable” is selected, an Apple CarPlay connection will not be established.  In this case, the device can be operated as a normal Apple device, such as an iPod.
      1. Apple CarPlay will remain off until the “Apple CarPlay” setting in the general settings menu is turned on.
      2. Depending on the device connected, it may take approximately 3 to 6 seconds before an Apple CarPlay Connection is established.
    5. Select the “Apple CarPlay”.
    6. Check that home screen of Apple CarPlay is displayed on the ES multimedia/navigation screen.
Apple CarPlay home screen displayed on the 2019 Lexus ES

Tips and Things to Remember

It is important to know that when an Apple CarPlay connection is established, the function of some system buttons will change and will be replaced by similar Apple CarPlay functions or may become unavailable.  Also, if the vehicle’s navigation system is being used for directions or route guidance and a route is set using Apple CarPlay Maps app then the route guidance will be performed through Apple CarPlay.  On the other hand, if the Apple CarPlay Maps app is being used for route guidance and a route is entered using the vehicle’s navigation system, route guidance will be performed by the vehicle’s navigation system.

Functions that will be replaced by similar Apple CarPlay functions:

  • iPod (Audio Playback)
  • Hands-free Phone
  • USB audio/USB video
  • Bluetooth audio
  • Bluetooth phone
  • Lexus Enform App Suite 2.0
Apple CarPlay menu 

Lexus has also released a few Troubleshooting Tips (always so helpful!).  If you experience any difficulty with Apple CarPlay, then you can either swing by Lexus at Dominion to visit with our Vehicle Technology Specialist or you can check the following tips provided by Lexus.

Apple CarPlay Troubleshooting Tips from Lexus


An Apple CarPlay connection cannot be established


  • Check if the device supports Apple CarPlay and if it is enabled on the connected device.
  • Check if “Apple CarPlay” on the general settings screen is set to on.
  • Check if the Lightning cable being used is certified by Apple Inc. and if it is securely connected to the device and USB port.
  • When the iPhone connected using a USB hub, etc., an Apple CarPlay connection may not be established.  Connect the lightning cable to the USB port directly.
  • After checking all of the above, try connecting again.  Don’t give up!


When an Apple CarPlay connection is established and a video is being played, the video is not displayed, but the audio is output through the system.


  • No malfunction here!  The system is not designed to play video through Apple CarPlay, sorry.


Apple CarPlay is connected but the audio is not output through the system.


  • The system may be muted or the volume may be low.  Turn up the volume.


The Apple CarPlay screen looks funky and/or audio from Apple CarPlay has noise.


  • Check the Lightning cable that is being used for possible damage.  You can check if the cable is damaged internally by connecting the device via the same cable to another system, such as a laptop.  You will know if the cable is ok (not damaged) if you see the connected device begin charging once connected.


The map is only displayed in the center of the 12.3-inch display and does not take up the entire screen.


  • The 12.3-inch display in the 2019 ES is supported by iOS Ver.10 and later.  Update to the latest iOS version and try again.


The touchpad does not vibrate on the Apple CarPlay screen.


  • Vibration feedback is supported by iOS Ver.11 and later – update your iPhone software.

For additional information and details, you can refer to

2019 ES next gen
The 2019 Lexus ES will be arriving at Lexus Dominion this September 2018

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