How to Use Dynamic Voice Recognition

Lexus first introduced the new Dynamic Voice Recognition in the 2018 NX and again with the 2018 RC coupe and LS 500 that are available now.  Dynamic Voice Recognition (VR) is said to improve the overall voice recognition experience with an expanded language library, increased phrase recognition, and enhanced point of interest (POI) and address searches.  Utilizing the latest Lexus Multimedia System which includes a more comprehensive and intuitive voice command system, this new feature uses the vehicle’s Data Communication Module (DCM) and a cell phone connection to communicate to the “cloud” and your car in real-time.


Dynamic Voice Recognition Chart
How Dynamic VR Elevates the Experience – Comparison Chart

So how do you use the new Dynamic Voice Recognition?  Lexus explains that Lexus drivers and passengers of the select 2018 models can use natural, conversational language when speaking commands and can search for any POI in the United States, including local brands (we’re looking at you Whataburger!).  The new system can also search addresses with a single phrase.

Check out a few sample commands here.

One-Shot Address Entry:

  • “Navigate me to 14900 Garfield Avenue, Allen Park, Michigan.”

Local Business Search:

  • “Take me to North Park Lexus Dominion.”
  • “Take me to the Shops at La Cantera.”

One-Shot POI Category Search in Specific Location:

  • “Find me Whataburger in San Antonio.”

Conversational Speech:

  • “I want to contact John.”

Dynamic NAV image

Here’s how you can start using your Dynamic Voice Recognition in your Lexus.

  1. Press the TALK button on your steering wheel:
    1. There may be a short delay before you hear the listening beep.
    2. The beep will sound and icons will change accordingly.
    3. Remember to only start speaking after the beep.
  2. Go ahead and speak.  Tell the system your desired command.
    1. When the system is done listening, it will beep a second time.
    2. A Cloud processing icon will appear in the upper left-hand corner, indicating that the system is active and processing your voice command request.
    3. Once the search is complete, the system will show the recognized result at the top of the screen and will begin to complete the task.


Using DVR Cloud 1
You know the system is working if you see the Cloud.  If you do not see a cloud then this may indicate that there is no Internet connection and that DVR is not available.  This will limit the voice command library.

Have you had a chance to use the new Dynamic Voice Command system?  Let us know how it went in the comments section below or shoot us an email at






2 thoughts on “How to Use Dynamic Voice Recognition

  1. Jesse

    Had a guest with an ’18 LC, during our NAV portion of the delivery, say, “Directions to Scranton’s Restaurant in Pascagoula, Mississippi.” It thought about it and came back with a Yelp review and directions.

    Liked by 1 person

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