Lexus Warning Light Identifier

Warning lights are never fun to see, and can often cause confusion when they do appear.  Since Lexus vehicles stand up to their reputation of having rock-solid reliability and few service issues and it is this lack of service problems that often leaves Lexus drivers unfamiliar with a few common warning lights when and if they appear.  Most of the Lexus warning lights will vary between models and model years, so we recommend consulting your owner’s manual, calling our service team or checking if a light does appear and you are unfamiliar with it.  With that said, here’s a quick overview and guide to identifying Lexus warning lights.


What to do if Lexus LX warning lights
Warning Lights for Lexus LX



Tire Pressure Warning Light

This light may come on from time to time and is pretty common to see when there is a drastic change in weather.  So what do you do?

IF this light comes on and is solid right away, it means there is a tire with low air pressure.  To correct the air pressure, simply adjust the inflation pressure to the vehicle’s recommended level (you can find the recommended level on the inside driver’s door panel).  Once corrected, the light should turn off in a few minutes.

IF the light stays on after you’ve added air, this could indicate a leak, in which case we recommend giving us a call or swinging by our Lexus Service Center here at North Park Lexus Dominion.  Lexus also says it is important to note that if the light blinks for a minute before remaining solid, it means there’s a malfunction with the tire monitoring system so you will need to bring your vehicle by our Service Center to have us inspect the system.  ** The Tire Pressure Warning Light is the last light in the picture above.

Malfunction Indicator Lamp  Malfunction Indicator Lamp

Often called the Check Engine Light, it is important to note whether or not this light is solid or flashing if you happen to see it on your Lexus.  If the light is flashing, the engine may be misfiring, which can cause damage over time so well worth the time to bring your Lexus into our Service Center at Lexus Dominion.  If this light is solid then the light is more of a caution light and it can mean anything from a loose cap to a malfunction in one of the many electronic systems within the engine.  Lexus recommends first checking your gas cap and if the light doesn’t go off after a few driving trips then have a Lexus Service Center run a diagnostic check.

BRAKE  Brake System Warning Light

If you see this red light then you might have an issue with the brake system which is potentially pretty serious.  Such issues could include low brake fluid or a brake system malfunction.  If the light suddenly appears (and you hear a buzzer), stop in a safe place as soon as possible and contact your roadside assistance.  You can call our service center at 210-816-5000 or call 1-800-25-LEXUS or simply press the SOS button if you have an active Lexus Enform Safety Connect subscription.

Oil Pressure Warning Light  Oil Pressure Warning Light

This light will vary on different Lexus models and model year.  This light may be red like you see here or it may be a white icon displayed on the multi-information display (MID), along with a message and buzzer to alert you.  This light indicates low or abnormal oil pressure in the engine.  It is important to follow the message’s instruction, which may require you to stop in a safe place as soon as possible.  If this is the case then call our Service Center right away at 210-816-5000 or press the SOS button for Roadside Assistance.

Slip Indicator Light  Slip Indicator Light

Most Lexus models on the road today will be equipped with Lexus traction systems including Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Traction Control (TRAC) and Hill Start Assist.  If you see this light flashing on your dash, there is no need to worry.  The flashing light, in this case, is simply telling you the systems are operating and keeping you from skidding out on the road.  IF however, this light is solid (not flashing), it means there is a malfunction with one of the traction systems which will require a visit to your local Lexus Service Center.

SRS Warning Light  SRS Warning Light

If you see this light and it stays on, you need to take your Lexus to a Lexus dealer to inspect the vehicle immediately.  This light indicates a malfunction with the vehicle’s airbag systems and associated safety technologies.

Electric Power Steering System Warning Light  Electric Power Steering System Warning Light

This warning light is color coded.  If you see the light in an amber color then you need to bring your Lexus to the dealership to be inspected.  If the light is red (like you see here), the vehicle battery’s charge may be insufficient to help power the system and the steering wheel may be difficult to turn.  If the light is red, pull over to a safe place and give our service team a call at 210-816-5000 or press the SOS button in your Lexus Safety Connect-equipped vehicle.

Electric Charging System Warning Light  Electric Charging System Warning Light

This is one light you should not ignore as it means there’s a malfunction somewhere in the charging system that is possibly inhibiting an important vehicle function.  If this light appears, immediately stop the vehicle in a safe place and contact roadside assistance.  Driving the vehicle farther when this light is on could be dangerous.

ABS Warning Light  ABS Warning Light

The ABS System helps the vehicle stop in hard-braking situations.  If you see this light illuminated in an amber color then your Lexus is warning you that the Brake Assist system has been deactivated due to a malfunction.  If you see this ABS light and the brake system light (discussed earlier in this post) come on at the same time, stop the vehicle and give our service team or your Lexus Roadside Assistance a call since the vehicle could be unstable during braking.

Brake Hold Light  Brake Hold Operated Indicator

Lexus models equipped with a brake hold system allow the driver to step off the brake after coming to a complete stop so they can give their foot a rest (this is useful in stop and go traffic).  You may often see this light illuminated in green on your dash.  When you see HOLD in green, the light is telling you that the system is ready and in standby mode.  When the yellow indicator light illuminates solidly (seen above), the system is holding the brake.  No need to worry since this is simply telling you the feature is operating (no malfunction).  If however, you see this light flashing, it does mean there is a system malfunction, which requires immediate inspection by a Lexus dealer.


Brake Hold button on the Lexus NX Turbo

AFS Off Light  AFS Warning Light

AFS stands for Adaptive Front-lighting System and it helps improve visibility on curves by swiveling the headlights in the direction the vehicle is turning.  If this warning light appears on your dash, there may be a malfunction with the AFS system.  Our Lexus Service Team can inspect your vehicle at your convenience.

Have questions on any other indicator or warning lights in your Lexus?  Give our Service Team or Vehicle Technology Specialist a call at 210-816-5000.  You can also visit the site for helpful information or email us at

Lexus Safety Guide







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