How to Use Voice Commands for 2014 Lexus RX

We were recently asked about the voice commands for a 2014 Lexus RX 350 since our “Ultimate Voice Command Cheat Sheet” was, for the most part, not working for one 2014 RX owner.  Not getting your Voice Command System to operate as you need it to operate can be frustrating so we wanted to write a post specifically for owners of the 2014 Lexus RX (but this can also work for other models and another model year RX – up to 2015) to hopefully make things easier.

The 2014 Lexus RX has a very specific voice command setting that needs to first be turned on in order for most of the commands listed on our Voice Command Cheat Sheet to work.  This setting is called “Expanded Voice Commands” and you can turn it ON in the Voice Settings screen. Once the “Expanded Voice Commands” is turned ON, you can then press the Voice Command button on your steering wheel, and after the beep, say things like “Audio ON” to turn on your audio system.  It is also important to note that any command relating to the operation of audio/video and AC systems can only be performed when the audio and AC systems are turned on and in some cases, you will still need to say a preliminary command to prep the system for what you want it to do next.

Some of the Expanded Voice Commands can be recognized when the “Shortcut Menu” screen is displayed after first pressing your voice command button on the steering wheel.  For other, more specific commands, you will need to first say, “Main Menu” and then “Play Music” (for example) while the “Shortcut menu” screen is being displayed.  After these preliminary commands, you could then drill down into specific audio commands.  For example, say “Play Playlist <name>” for the system to then play your desired playlist.  Long story short, you have a few more steps that you need to complete first in order to use the commands on our Ultimate Voice Command Cheat Sheet.  Owners of the 2014 Lexus RX can check out the specifics in the Navigation Owners manual on page 337, but here is a quick overview for anyone not wanting to pull out their manual or read the instructions online.

Commands Recognized in the Shortcut Menu Display – no extra step needed once Expanded Voice Commands are turned ON in voice settings:


  • “Find Nearby <POI Category>” – POI Categories include Gas stations, Restaurants, etc.
  • “Enter an Address”
  • “Go Home”


  • “Call <name><type>” – calls made by saying a name from the phonebook and the type of phone, example: “Call John Smith, mobile”
  • “Dial <number>”


  • “Play Artist <name>”
  • “Play Album <name>”


  • “Traffic”
  • “Weather”
  • “Sports Scores”
  • “Stock Quotes”
  • “Fuel Prices”

When destinations are set you can say the following Navigation commands (when the expanded voice commands are turned ON.):

  • “Delete next destination”
  • “Pause guidance”
  • “Resume guidance”

AUDIO MODE Commands:

  • “Radio”
  • “AM”
  • “FM”
  • “Satellite Radio”
  • “Disc”
  • “Auxiliary”
  • “Bluetooth audio”
  • “iPod”
  • “USB audio”
  • “Audio ON”
  • “Audio OFF”

Climate Control Commands:

  • “Automatic Climate Control”
  • “Warmer”
  • “Cooler”

Commands That Work ONLY When Already in Desired Function Screen 

If you want to play a specific playlist or song:

  1. “Main Menu”
  2. “Play Music”
  3. “Play Playlist <name>”  OR “Play Song <name>”

If you want to connect to Destination Assist or find a destination by phone number:

  1. “Main Menu”
  2. “Set a destination”
  3. “Call Destination Assist”


  1. “Main Menu”
  2. “Set a destination”
  3. “Destination by Phone Number”

If you want to make an International Call Using Voice Command:

  1. “Main Menu”
  2. “Use the Phone”
  3. “International Call”

The technology in cars advance with every new model year and so is the case with the voice recognition and other navigation systems.  You can learn more about any specific model and model year on the Lexus Drivers site here or send me an email at and I’ll do my best to answer your question.  Thank you for reading!


2015 Lexus RX with Navigation






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