2018 Lexus GX: the Updates

The 2018 Lexus GX 460 includes just a handful of model year changes.  The changes are so minimal in fact that from a consumer standpoint, or anyone wanting to upgrade their vehicle to a new Lexus GX for that matter, may not want to wait for 2018 to arrive late next month and rather take advantage of the new, aggressive incentives available right now on the 2017 GX.

2018 GX Changes:

  • Back up Camera guidelines redesigned
  • Premium Package (PM) now with Black or Sepia NuLuxe seating material
  • New for 2018, Premium Package with Ecru (PP) comes with Ecru Leather seating material

Basically, the Premium Package GX will only be available with Leather seating, if you get the Ecru interior (PP Package) and the backup camera will have different guiding grid lines.  Right now, on the 2017 model year, you can get the Premium Package with either Sepia, Black or Ecru leather interior seating material since Leather interior seating is part of the 2017 Premium Package.  This change for the 2018 model year can be viewed as a positive for those wanting a versatile, more light-weight seating material which will aid in better fuel economy, but it can also be viewed as a “step-back” for anyone that prefers true leather seats and darker interiors without having to move up to the luxury model.

As a personal fan of the NuLuxe interiors (yes, I truly prefer NuLuxe), this wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me but, for longtime Lexus GX owners, it may be a difficult change to accept – at first.


gx (2)
Lexus GX with Ecru interior





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