4 Tools to Help You Master Your New LC

The all-new Lexus LC offers the most advanced engineering and technology systems seen in any Lexus to-date.  If you’re one of the lucky ones that get to take the 2018 LC home every night and have now had a sufficient amount of time of just basking in the glory of driving such a show-stopping coupe in your neighborhood – not to mention parking it in your driveway, – you might now have started to ask yourself how everything works.  After spending some time with the advanced Lexus LC, we started asking ourselves more than just a couple of questions on some basic operations.  To help you out, we are sharing 4 tools that will help you master your new Lexus LC.


Tool # 1

Let’s start with a seemingly simple operation: how do you set the automatic parking brake?  You may be asking yourself, why would this make our list for just 4 tools that will help you master your new LC?  The answer is this, you can’t enjoy your new toy if you’re worried you might break it.  For anyone that has to park on a hill or on a road that has even the slightest slope, you may surprise yourself, and the neighbors by pulling a Jekyll and Hyde.  Drastically morphing from the cool kid with the cool car to a frazzled crazy person looking for the damn parking brake.  We’ve been there.  Keep your cool with our first helpful tool: find and turn on the Automatic Parking Brake mode.  You can find the Parking Brake located above your right knee when in the driver’s seat of the LC.  When you are stopped, press and hold the brake switch until you see a message displayed on your MID in front of you stating “EPB Shift Interlock Function Activated.”  Once you see that message and have the parking brake in auto-mode, you’ll never have to worry about parking on that hill again.

Turning on Automatic Parking Brake Mode
Automatic Parking Brake How-To on Lexus LC

Tool # 2

Now that you know your LC is safe and sound when you put it in park, you may be asking yourself how you will literally be able to keep your cool in this 100 degree San Antonio heat.  Our second tool will make even the newest LC owner seem like they’ve been driving high-performing, advanced luxury sports cars like the LC for years.  Climate Concierge is the new go-to tool for anyone that wants their Lexus set at the perfect temperature and providing the utmost comfort year round.  No longer will you have to fumble around poking and prodding your new remote touch device to turn on those cooling seats.  Climate Concierge will do everything for you, automatically.  Lexus Climate Concierge integrates climate controls with the heated and ventilated seating and is easily controlled by a single switch on the new Lexus Climate Concierge monitor.  This new system also pairs with the leather-trimmed heated steering wheel to offer a warm surface for the entire diameter of the steering wheel, regardless of the placement of the driver’s hands.  Once you’re in the Climate settings (see the picture below), select Options and turn Concierge on AUTO MODE.

LC Climate Controls.JPG
Climate Controls in the Lexus LC

Tool # 3 

Now, you may be thinking that all of these tools sound great, but how do I find out the rest or how do you even get to the Climate Concierge monitor?  Meet your new best friend: the Lexus-first e-Owners Manual.  That’s right, the new Lexus LC has all of the info you could ever need conveniently stored in your navigation system.  Locate the LC e-Owners Manual and you’ll have the answer to your question(s) on everything from using your turning signal to turning on or off Valet Mode.

LC Owners Manual
Lexus LC eOwner’s Manual

Tool # 4

This one is an extension of Tool # 3 and you get a hint of what it may be from checking out the picture above.  Our last tool that will make you the master of the Lexus LC is the visual search function in your new e-Owners Manual.   Let’s face it, sometimes you need some help but you don’t even know what you’re needing help with.  In times like this, you can click on Visual Search in your virtual manual and locate the feature or part of the car that you’re needing help with.  Problem solved!

LC Owners Manual Visual Search.JPG

What’s your favorite feature on the new Lexus LC?  Share in the comments section below or send us an email: jbrennan@nplexusdominion.com.

LC interior
e-Owners Manual Videos in Lexus LC

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