Ultimate Voice Command Cheat Sheet

Get the most out of your Lexus by utilizing the built-in voice command system.  Yes, it can seem overwhelming at first but our Voice Command Cheat Sheet will make you an expert in no time.


Command List

Frequently used commands and their actions.


  • “Help”  –  Prompts system to offer examples of commands or operation methods
  • “Go Back”  –  Returns to the previous screen
  • “Go to <tab>”  –  Displays the command list of the selected tab
  • “More Hints”  –  Displays commonly used commands
  • “Cancel”  –  Cancels the voice command system


  • “Launch <apps>”  –  Activates the Lexus App Suite application  **say your preferred app, like Pandora where we have <apps> above and for every situation listed in this guide.


  • “Find <POI Category>”  –  Displays a list of whichever POI Category specified (example: gas stations, hotels, dining) that are near the current position
  • “Enter an Address”  –  Enables setting a destination by saying an address
  • “Go Home”  –  Displays the route home
  • “Pause Guidance”  –  Stops the route guidance
  • “Resume Guidance”  –  Resumes route guidance
  • “Show <POI> icons”  –  Displays the specified POI icons on the map
  • “Delete Destination”  –  Deletes the destination
  • “Previous Destination”  –  Displays previous destinations


  • “Redial”  –  Places a call to the phone number of the latest outgoing call
  • “Call Back”  –  Places a call to the phone number of latest incoming call
  • “Show Recent Calls”  –  Displays your call history screen
  • “Dial <Phone Number>”  –  Calls said phone number
  • “Call <Contacts><Phone Types>”  –  Place a call to the said phone type of the contact in your phone book
  • “Mobile Assistant”  –  Activates Siri Eyes Free mode (iPhone 4S or newer)

MUSIC – Radio

  • “Tune to <frequency> AM”  –  Changes the radio to the specified AM station
  • “Tune to <frequency> FM”  –  Changes radio to that FM station
  • “Play <genre> Station”  –  Changes the radio to the specified genre
  • “Tune to preset <number>”  –  Changes the radio to the specified preset station
  • “Tune to <name>”  –  Changes radio to the SAT radio channel with that name
  • “Tune to channel <number>”  –  Changes the radio to the specified SAT Radio Channel number
  • “Play <genre> satellite station”  –  Changes the radio to SAT channel of specified genre
  • “AM Radio”  –  Selects AM radio mode
  • “FM Radio”  –  Selects FM radio mode
  • “Sirius XM”  –  Selects SAT Radio mode

MUSIC – other audio

  • “Play Playlist <name>”  –  Plays tracks from the selected playlist
  • “Play Artist <name>”  –  Plays tracks from the selected artist
  • “Play Song <name>”  –  Plays that song
  • “Turn Music On” –  Turns the audio system on
  • “Turn Music Off”  –  Turns audio system off
  • “Disc”  –  Selects Disc Mode
  • “USB”  –  Selects USB audio mode
  • “iPod”  –  Selects iPod audio mode
  • “Bluetooth Audio”  –  Selects Bluetooth audio mode
  • “External”  –  Selects VTR mode
  • “Auxiliary”  –  Selects AUX audio mode


  • “Destination Assist”  –  Connects you to the Lexus response center
  • “Show Forecast”  –  Displays weather information
  • “Show Traffic”  –  Displays traffic information
  • “Lexus Insider”  –  Displays the Lexus insider list


Keeping it Casual:  Casual Speech Does Work!

The voice command system has evolved and it really can understand most casual speech expressions.  The system cannot recognize every variation of each command and in some instances, it is possible to omit the command for the procedure and directly state the desired operation.  The best thing to do, when in doubt, is just give it a try.

Here are a few examples for each function with the actual Command listed first followed by an example expression that would get you the same desired function.

  • “Go Home”  OR  “Take me home”  OR  “Navigate to my house.”
  • “Enter an Address”  OR  “Give me a street”  OR  “I need a route to a street address”
  • “Find <POI Category>”  OR  “Search for <Restaurants> around here”  OR  “I need a route to a nearby <Gas Station>”
  • “Call <name> <type>”  OR  “Get me <Robert Brown>”  OR  “Contact the <Robert Brown> phone of <work>”
  • “Dial <number>”  OR  “Can you get me <2108166000>”  OR  “Ring <2108166000>”
  • “Play Artist <name>”  OR  “Play the artist <name>”  OR  “I want to hear the band <name>”
  • “Play Album <name>”  OR  “Switch to the album <name>”

Screen Shot 2.png

Other Tips and Tricks for Lexus Voice Command Systems

  1. IF a voice command cannot be recognized 5 times consecutively, voice recognition will be canceled.
  2. IF the system does not respond or the confirmation screen does not disappear, press the talk switch and try again.
  3. You can turn on or off “Display Voice Confirmations” by going to Voice Settings.
  4. When “Display Voice Confirmations” is set to on, voice prompts will be displayed for some voice commands when recognized.  If the recognized command is correct, say “YES” (or select YES).  Saying “NO” will take you back to the previous screen.
  5. When “Display Voice Confirmations” is turned off, voice prompts will only be displayed for important voice commands.
  6. IF “Display Voice Confirmations” is on and the commands you give the system are generally recognized correctly, a confirmation screen may be displayed asking if you would wish to set “Display Voice Confirmations” to off.  Just reply “YES” and you’re good to go – move even faster using your voice without the confirmations!
  7. You can turn off “Voice Guidance” by setting voice prompts to off.  Let’s you operate using voice even quicker!

What are your favorite Voice Commands?  Let us know in the comments section below.  For additional tips or instruction on using Lexus Voice Command, stop by our Lexus dealership in San Antonio for a personal tutorial with our Vehicle Technology Specialist.


19 thoughts on “Ultimate Voice Command Cheat Sheet

    1. You can select road preference in your destination settings after inputting a destination. Just deselect highways and be sure you select unidentified or private roads since most country roads will fall under that category (at least in Texas).


  1. Anonymous

    I’ve never tried it but let me know if that works! You may have to say route preference before “country roads”. Not sure if that’s even an option though.


    1. Anonymous

      I apologize. That list is for the newer models. I will look up voice commands for a 2014 RX and put those up in my next post. You can also find them online by going to http://www.lexusdrivers.com and clicking on Resources, selecting your model and model year then selecting the Quick Guide.


  2. Richard Bitting

    If I have an Iphone connected, it seems Siri responds when I push the voice command button, but how do I use the built in car functions if I wanted to do that? Even if I don’t say “Hey Siri” it seems Siri is the one responding to requests like voice navigation, etc. I’m sure there is a way to distinguish the two?


  3. You actually do not have to say “Hey Siri” to activiate Siri. You just press the phone off hook button for a few seconds to activate. The voice you here when pressing the voice command button is your Lexus-in vehicle navigation assisting you. Hope that answers your question? Thank you!


  4. Alan

    Hi, new owner of a 2018 RX 350 and find this page very helpful. Can I use voice command to select directions to one of my address book entries? I can’t seem to find a voice command that works. Many thanks …

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, you can say “Destination” then “Previous Destinations” then select one of the previous entries or you can say “Address Book” or even save your favorites so you can then easily say “Go to Favorite 1” or even press/select the Favorite stored address. Hope this makes sense! Let me know if you need further clarification and congrats on your new 2018 RX 350!


    1. You can use SIRI Eyes Free if you have an iPhone. If you have a different phone then you first need to make sure the phone is capable of sending text messages that way (has to have a specific mapping capability).


  5. Kathy

    How can I use Voice Commands to “Clear my Call History”? I always have to click through the menu’s and I can’t seem to find this type of command in the video’s or lists. Do you have a full list in Email?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can look this up for you but I believe you would have to clear it on your phone first as it transfers your phone’s history via Bluetooth and nothing is actually stored on the vehicle’s system.


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