5 Jaw-dropping features on the LS Select Midnight Edition

Lexus has released the 2nd Lexus LS Special Edition planned for this year and it is stunning.  Dubbed the LS Select Midnight Edition, this 2017 LS 460 definitely lives up to its seductive name.  Below is a list of just 5 jaw-dropping features on the LS Select Midnight Edition that have us obsessed (and tempted to take advantage of Lexus’ new 12 month lease option).

LS Select Midnight Edition
2017 Lexus LS Select Midnight Edition in Limited Caviar Mica exterior

# 1:  F SPORT Exterior Styling combined with Limited Caviar Mica

You had us at hello… the exterior of this 2017 LS Special Edition hooked us the first moment we saw it unwrapped and off the truck.  Exhilarating F SPORT design elements combined with one of our favorite exterior colors is enough to leave us wanting more…

F SPORT design elements compliment the Limited Caviar Mica exterior color on the new Lexus LS Special Edition

#2:  Jet Black Grille and Foglamp Surround Accents

The bold F SPORT front grille is enough to get our hearts racing, but Lexus took this one F SPORT exclusive design feature to another level by making it Jet Black and accentuated by F SPORT Foglamp Surrounds.  This is one darkly handsome machine.

Exclusive F SPORT Jet Black Grille on the LS Select Midnight Edition

# 3:  Japan’s Exclusive L-SELECT Bespoke Black Striped Headliner

Reminiscent of a classic pinstripe suit, the L-SELECT Bespoke Black Striped Headliner reminds us that the Lexus LS is not just for bankers anymore.  Everyone from the Wall Street powerhouse to the graphic design genius can revel in the visionary innovation and captivating styling found on the Lexus LS.

L-SELECT Bespoke Black Striped Headliner 

# 4: Sporty Black and Saddle Tan Leather Seats

Sporty Black and Saddle tan leather seats paired with Shimamoku Wood trim and the aforementioned Bespoke Black Striped Headliner creates a sublime blend of luxury and performance styling.  This exclusive LS F SPORT delivers an intense driving experience thanks to the bold F-Sport styling found throughout the interior cabin.

Black and Saddle Leather Interior and Shimamoku Wood Trim

# 5:  High-Performance LS F SPORT Engineering

The attractive look of this LS F SPORT Special Edition may have drawn us in, but it is the high-performance F SPORT features that have us obsessed.  Featuring a limited-slip rear differential, high-performance Brembo brakes, sport-tuned and lowered Adaptive Variable Air Suspension and a paddle-shift-transmission with downshift rev-matching.  This LS commands roads and demands attention.

Adaptive Variable Air Suspension with Height Control

What’s your favorite feature on the 2017 LS Select Midnight Edition?  Let us know in the comments section below.

LS Select interior.png
LS Select Midnight Edition: Available Now at Lexus Dominion!

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