Lexus Enform Remote FAQ’s

In case you haven’t heard, Lexus has rolled out a new, streamlined registration process for Lexus Enform and all of the connected services.  Guests can now enroll themselves anytime by going to a new site :  But, what’s even better than this new registration option is that Lexus owners can conveniently view and control all of their subscriptions, trials and connected services on the same one site that also gives you access to the VIP amenities and perks you get just for being a Lexus owner.   What site is this?  LexusDrivers.comdefinitely worth the visit and account set up if you haven’t already done so when initially registering Enform Remote.  Below are a few FAQ’s on Enform Remote and the new site…

Enform Remote Screen_use
Add Remote User via

Q) What if I’m not a registered user for Enform Remote?

You either need to register a new account via the new site or add yourself as a “Remote User” after logging into your existing account.

Once you’re logged into your Lexus Drivers account (you would use the same credentials you first created during Lexus Enform Remote registration or the credentials already created for your Lexus Drivers account).  You will need to “Add Remote User” then enter your name and email address for the authorization code to be sent to you (see above).  If you haven’t already, go ahead and download the free Enform Remote app via the Apple Store or Google Play.  After the app is downloaded and you have your authorization code, just follow the prompts on the app to complete registration.

Q)  Can I add multiple vehicles to one account?

YES!  You can actually add up to 100 vehicles to one account.  Of course you can only send a command to one vehicle at a time.

Q) Can I login to multiple smartphones concurrently?

Yep.  The Enform Remote app supports up to 10 concurrent sessions for a given username at any point in time.

Enform Remote

Q) Can I download the app onto more than one smartphone?

Yes, you can use the app across multiple devices.  However, there can only be one account per vehicle.

Q) Can I use the same PIN across multiple smartphone devices?

Yes, but you still need to set a PIN for each smartphone used.  The PIN itself can be the same or different across all devices.

Q)  How many Guest Driver profiles can I create?

You can create up to 5 Guest Driver profiles, with a personalized name for each one.

Q) Since the Enform Remote app can function concurrently on multiple smartphone devices, can another app Guest switch off the Guest Driver Monitor settings?

*Good for parents to know…

YES, the Guest Driver Monitor can be turned off IF the other guest has logged in to that same master account using the correct credentials.  There’s a lesson here: if you’re monitoring a new teenage driver, add that driver as a Guest Driver profile and do not let them log in to use Enform Remote app with your Lexus Drivers master account – otherwise you could be monitoring nada.

Q)  Will deleting the Lexus Enform Remote account also delete the Lexus account?

No, even if you use the same login credentials for both accounts, deleting one account will not delete the other.

Q)  How many times can I enter my PIN incorrectly before the app logs me out of the account?

You have 5 attempts to enter your PIN before the app logs you out.

Lexus Enform Remote is part of Lexus Enform connected services

For more information, visit or press the SOS button in your Lexus to speak with a Customer Care representative.  You can also swing by Lexus at Dominion and meet with our Vehicle Technology Specialist.


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