2018 Lexus LS F SPORT Revealed

The new Lexus LS F SPORT model was recently revealed at the New York International Auto Show April 11th, 2017.  With many Lexus enthusiasts still salivating from the reinvented flagship debut that took place earlier this year,  -this LS F SPORT reveal is the proverbial cherry on top.

The all-new LS F SPORT promises to deliver the most engaging LS driving experience ever with handling enhancements and the latest generation of Lexus’ advanced chassis control technology, Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM).  The LS 500 F SPORT will come with standard 20-inch wheels along with larger front and rear brakes which is said to “unlock more the platform’s intrinsic performance capability.”  The LS F SPORT will also come with an optional Handling Package (RWD gas models only) which gives you Lexus Dynamic Handling (Variable Gear Ratio Steering and Active Rear Steering), Active Stabilizer and sport-tuned air suspension with rapid height function.  These handling enhancements capitalizes on the new Lexus GA-L platform  – the stiffest platform ever developed by Lexus – and will no doubt respond more like a sports coupe when taking curves – like any F SPORT model really should.

What else is different from the standard LS?  While the F SPORT models are nearly identical to the standard models – with an exception to a slightly noticeable driving difference that comes from carefully applied chassis tuning.  What really makes the Lexus F SPORT models, and the LS F SPORT we are talking about today, different from their standard counterparts is the unique design.

The current Lexus F SPORT model line-up

The all-new LS 500 is already a head-turner with dramatic design language however the LS F SPORT shows an even greater commitment to it’s high-performance driving persona.   The F SPORT’s dramatic rendition of the signature spindle grille shows even greater intricacy in design and according to a recent Lexus Enthusiast article, the development of the new F SPORT grille took computer-aided design (CAD) operators five months to achieve the desired texture and interaction with light.  The F SPORT designers adjusted over 7,100 individual surfaces to achieve the right design texture for the new F SPORT grille (compared to 5,000 for the standard model’s grille).  The intricate design combined with the enlarged side grille of the new LS makes the F SPORT grille a perfect combination of form and function since it is also a key component required to maintain the LS’s cooling performance.

The special F SPORT front grille on the 2018 Lexus LS

The LS F SPORT has the iconic F SPORT badging seen on the fenders but also sports exclusive 20-inch alloy wheels that highlight the new sedan’s accentuated profile.

F SPORT badging on the new LS

The LS F SPORT interior is just as spectacular with exclusive F SPORT design elements seen throughout the cabin.  You first notice the F SPORT-exclusive front seat, which provides enhanced support for dynamic driving.  A perforated-grill pattern is seen on the seating surfaces and a unique scored aluminum trim adds to the sporty feel of the F SPORT model.

LS F SPORT seating surface

Once in the driver’s seat, you’ll see a special F SPORT steering wheel as well as a new speedometer and tachometer in a movable meter with a ring that slides to display information – a design we’ve seen before and adapted from the LFA.  The LS F SPORT continues to hold true to the F SPORT design with aluminum accelerator, brake and footrest pedals and F SPORT perforated shift handle and footrest.  Of course this is the LS, so you’ll also get Ultrasuede in the seats and headliner – a nice touch.

Check out a few more pictures of the new Lexus F SPORT below or visit the Lexus at Dominion site for additional details on the all-new 2018 Lexus LS 500 here.

LS F SPORT perforated shift handle
LS F SPORT aluminum sport pedals
Interior view of 2018 LS F SPORT


LS F SPORT Speedometer – check out the speed limit icon (that’s new!)


LS F SPORT standard 20-inch alloy wheels
2018 LS F SPORT – coming soon!

For those who prefer the numbers.  Here are the specs for the soon-to-be-released 2018 LS F SPORT.




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