Get Ready to Experience Amazing

If you weren’t already excited for tomorrow’s Super Bowl, Lexus drivers and enthusiasts should be excited to hear that Lexus will be debuting an all-new commercial during the game!  The 30-second spot will air during the second quarter of the Super Bowl and will feature an all-new LS 500 alongside the impressive Lil Buck.  This 30 second version of the recently released “Man & Machine” – available to see now on, signals the start of a new chapter for Lexus and will be the first official use of a new tagline, “Experience Amazing.”  Minnie Driver, acclaimed actor, lends her voice and was specifically chosen to help bring “Experience Amazing” to life.  Minnie Driver will be the new “voice of Lexus”  – starting tomorrow and will help personify the global brand’s newfound emphasis on being an influential force for the world’s best luxury lifestyle brands.  Get ready to “Move Your Body” with Sia, Lil Buck and new Lexus LS tomorrow night!

The Lexus LC will take center stage in  a new Lexus Super Bowl spot tomorrow night.

Check out the commercial before the big game right here and follow the social conversation with #Lexus.


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