Get on the List: How to order your Lexus LC

Lexus announced the pricing for the much-anticipated Lexus LC earlier this month and we were all excited to hear that the 2018 flagship coupe will be available for under $100,000.  The 2018 LC 500 will have a starting MSRP of $92,000 and the LC 500h will be $96,510.  If a price tag sitting under $100K sounds like a deal to you, then you need to get on the list now.  Here’s how you can order the ultimate must-have vehicle of the year: the 2018 Lexus LC.


Pick Your Engine

The 2018 LC offers two engine and powertrain options.  For those looking for pure performance, drivers can opt for the high-revving, normally aspirated 5.0-liter V8 gasoline engine that delivers 471 horsepower and 398-lb-ft of torque that is matched to the first direct shift 10-speed automatic transmission.  For eco-minded drivers looking for new era technology, then the obvious choice would be the LC 500h that debuts the world’s first Multi Stage Hybrid System.  Generating powerful yet efficient driving performance, the LC 500h marks the start of a new era in full hybrid technology.


Select Your Features

The new Lexus LC will no doubt come fully equipped with a wide array of standard features such as the new ultra-compact triple projector LED headlamps, arrowhead daytime running lights (DRL) combined with the triple-projector headlamps to create the next-generation Lexus lamp signature, three-dimensional rear lamp, Drive Mode Select, paddle shifters, next-gen Remote Touch Interface with touchpad, Lexus Premium Audio and a 10.3-inch color TFT multi-information display with navigation.  The 2018 LC will also come standard with Lexus Safety System+ which includes Pre-Collision with Pedestrian Detection, All-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Lane Keep Assist, Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist and Intelligent High Beam Headlamps.  Although considered to be “optional”, we are confident that most/all LC’s built for our area will also include the following “standard added options”:  21-inch forged wheels  (go ahead and add $2,650 for the LC500 or $1,440 to the LC500h MSRP unless you prefer the standard 20″ Forged Wheel), Mark Levinson Audio (add $1,220), Limited Slip Differential ($390), Blind Spot Monitor, Park Assist and new Heads Up Display ($900).  Adding in the optional equipment mentioned above, brings the LC 500 MSRP to around $97,160 and the LC 500h to $100,460 assuming you wanted your LC with only those popular individual options.


Add Some Options

We have found out that the Lexus Southern Area plans to first release the Lexus LC 500 with 4 build options and the LC 500h with one.  Including all of the options and packages the 2018 LC 500 will have a starting MSRP of around $98,150 and going up to $105,760 for the Performance build.  The 2018 LC 500h will be built with the Touring Package and respectfully start at $101,450.  Of course, you can also special order your new LC.  A list of LC factory options and package levels are listed below.

Optional Equipment:

  • Cold Area Package (CK):  $250
  • Convenience Package (CQ):  $1,000
  • 20″ Forged Wheels (FM):  $1,210 for LC 500 and standard on LC 500h
  • 21″ Forged Wheels (FP):  $2,650 for LC 500 and $1,440 for LC 500h
  • Heads Up Display (GF):  $900
  • Limited Slip Differential (LD):  $390
  • Mark Levinson Audio (ML):  $1,220
  • Premium Paint (Infrared/3T5):  $595

Package Options:

  • Touring Package (TV)  Glass Roof, 20″ forged wheels, Semi-Aniline seats, Alcantara headliner, Mark Levinson, Park Assist & Blind Spot Monitor.  $4,000 for LC500 and $2,760 for LC500h
  • Sport Package with Glass Roof (SN)  Glass Roof, 20″ or 21″ forged wheels, Alcantara sport seats, Limited Slip Differential, Park Assist and Blind Spot Monitor.  $4,000 if you opt for the 20″ forged wheels on the LC500 or $5,440 if you want the 21″ forged wheels on the LC500.  LC 500h is $2,400 with standard 20″ wheels or $3,840 with 21″ wheel.
  • Sport Package with Carbon Fiber Roof (SM)  Carbon Fiber Roof, 20″ or 21″ forged wheels, Alcantara sport seats, Limited Slip Differential, Park Assist and Blind Spot Monitor.  $5,560 with 20″ wheels on LC500 or $7,000 on LC500 with 21″ wheels.  LC500h with standard wheel, add $3,960 or $5,400 for the 21″ wheel.
  • Performance Package (PQ)  Sport Package with Carbon Fiber Roof + Active Rear Steering, VGRS, Active Rear Spoiler, 21″ forged wheels, Alcantara headliner, CFRP door scuff plate.  $10,000 on LC500 and $8,760 on LC500h

As we mentioned earlier, the Southern Area is planning on building the LC and LC Hybrid to include pre-determine packages and options so if you want the Sport Package with Glass Roof, the Sport Package with Carbon Fiber Roof or the Performance Package on the LC 500h, then you will have to special order.  If you’re a little more easy-going and prefer to get the new LC in any of the specific ways that Lexus plans on first building the new coupe then you can choose from any of the following build options…

Pick a Build

2018 Lexus LC 500 Build

  1. $98,150 MSRP with Touring Package (CK, CQ, FM, GF, TV)
  2. $101,200 MSRP with Sport Package & Glass Roof  (CK, CQ, FP, GF, LD, ML, SN)
  3. $102,760 MSRP with Sport Package & Carbon Fiber Roof  (CK, CQ, FP, GF, LD, ML, SM)
  4. $105,760 MSRP with Performance Package  (CK, CQ, FP, GF, LD, ML, PQ)


2018 Lexus LC 500h Build

  1. $101,450 MSRP with Touring Package (CK, CQ, FM, GF, TV)


Ready to order your Lexus LC or do any of the build options for the LC 500 and LC 500h work for you?  Then add your name to the list so to ensure you get your first choice LC as soon as it arrives this Spring.  Click here to get on the list.



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