2018 Lexus LC: Coming Soon

Lexus Enthusiast recently shared a great, in-depth article on the 2018 Lexus LC which not only upped our excitement for the coupe’s arrival next year, but also provided a glimpse at what we can expect to see when the new Lexus LS 460 debuts next month.  With the LC poised to be the new Lexus flagship, it is interesting to learn more about the parallels of the future Lexus flagship and today’s LS 460.  One parallel is mentioned in the Lexus Enthusiast article reporting that Chief Engineer Koji Sato compared the technical difficulty of producing the Lexus LC 500 to the development of the original LS.  We’ve also recently learned that the new LS will be built on the new Lexus platform, that was first developed for the 2018 LC.  This newly developed platform is the future platform for all rear-wheel drive Lexus vehicles and was designed to provide lower overall mass, improved front/rear weight distribution and a low center of gravity.  The new Global Architecture – Luxury (GA-L) platform is no doubt the genius engineering that made the LF-LC concept design into the real-world driving Lexus LC that is coming soon to North Park Lexus at Dominion.


Lexus LS teaser image showing the new GA-L platform

The Details: 2018 Lexus LC

The Lexus Enthusiast article provides loads of detailed information on the engine, drive train and performance so we wanted to dive into the details.  Anyone wanting to reserve their new Lexus LC will find the following details helpful in making that all-important color decision.

Exterior color options for the 2018 Lexus LC

The 2018 LC will debut two new colors: Structural Blue and Flare Yellow in addition to Ultra White, Obsidian, Liquid Platinum, Atomic Silver, Nebula Gray Pearl, Caviar Mica, Matador Red Mica, Infrared, Nightfall Mica and Autumn Shimmer.  Quite a few options to choose from- especially interesting to hear that they will be making the LC in both Lexus Red’s – Infrared and Matador Mica.  We will have to see if all of the color options above will actually be built and available for our market.

The Lexus LC will offer four interior colors to choose from: Mid Brown, Rioja Red, Black and the new Bespoke White – all pictured below.

Bespoke White interior for LC
Rioja Red interior for LC
Mid Brown interior for LC
Black interior for LC

Of course, the new Lexus LC will come with the latest from Lexus: revamped navigation and voice recognition software, standard Lexus Safety System+, new run-flat tires that allow for up to 100 miles at 50 mph of driving with a punctured wheel and a new “pop-up” hood.  The LC’s “pop-up” hood is designed to literally pop-up in the event of a front impact with a pedestrian using a series of pistons, in hopes of lessening personal injury.   This new safety measure further illustrates the brilliantly-thorough thought process that went into building the new LC coupe.

The hand-stitched shift knob in the LC- four strips of leather stitched together from the inside-out, hiding all seams.  

The 2018 Lexus LC is stunning and incorporates new design elements that are sure to extend out to future Lexus vehicles.  

Polaric Ellipsoid System lens on the Lexus LC.


In order to fit a headlight into the small overhang between the bumper and wheels, Lexus engineers had to develop an ultra-compact LED triple-projector.  The Polaric Ellipsoid System lens is half the size of a conventional LED lamp.  The next-generation Lexus DRL design is also seen on the new LC and has been reworked to eliminate grain in the light signature.

The rear tail combination lamps that are described as having an “infinite afterburner appearance” comes from a strategically placed one-way mirror with the tail light reflecting back on itself.

Rear tail lights on the Lexus LC


Interior Design

The LC interior is designed for two specific zones: a driver focused space and a welcoming passenger space.  Interior design and technology highlights pictured below.

New Remote Touch controller
Paddle shifters made from magnesium alloy to allow for easier grip
Drive Mode Select control- now placed to the side of the instrument panel


Next-generation Navigation and Infotainment System
New color Heads-Up Display


Want more?  Sign up for updates on the new Lexus LC on the Lexus website or stop by North Park Lexus at Dominion where the all-new Lexus LC will be arriving this Spring.

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