Lexus Tire Center: FAQ’s

North Park Lexus at Dominion is happy to offer an in-house Lexus Tire Center.  Our Lexus Certified technicians are expertly trained on your Lexus and the advanced engineering behind it.  Our in-house Lexus Technicians can provide you with informed recommendations based on all of the evaluations completed by Lexus when first determining tires for your specific Lexus.  Our Lexus Tire Center provides competitively priced tire options on our driver’s most preferred brands including Michelin, Goodyear, Dunlop and Bridgestone.  When it comes time to replace your Lexus tires, it’s incredibly important to select those that are worthy, and approved, to meet your Lexus model’s specific engineering requirements.  Other considerations are also important including selection of tires based on their handling for wet and dry traction, stability, tread life, acoustics, smoothness and comfort.  Rolling resistance, which impacts fuel economy and load and speed ratings are also important considerations.  To provide our Lexus drivers the best service, our in-house Lexus Tire Experts are here to help you select the perfect tire for your Lexus- tires that enhance so you can continue to enjoy the smoothness and comfort you expect from a Lexus.

Below are a few FAQ’s from our Lexus at Dominion Tire Center.  If you have a question for our tire experts here at North Park Lexus at Dominion, please contact our service team directly at 210-816-5000 or click here to view our Tire Center online.


When does Lexus recommend I have my tires balanced?

Tires should be balanced anytime they are replaced, and as needed after that. An indication that tires may be out of balance is a vibration felt in the steering, especially at higher speeds.  Our Lexus dealership can determine if balancing is needed.

LEX_TreadModule_Alignment (2)


Why do I have to check the tire pressure when my vehicle is equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitor System?

While the Tire Pressure Monitoring System will detect tire under-inflation once it reaches a certain threshold, the tires may be prematurely wearing in the meantime. Low tire pressure can result in decreased fuel economy and is the most common cause of tire wear. Lexus recommends checking the tire pressure at least once per month.


How do I know when my tires should be replaced?

Tires have built in tread wear indicators or wear bars that run perpendicular to tire tread.  The wear bars are thin strips of rubber spread out every few inches.  The tread level becomes even with the wear bar at approximately 2/32″.  When the tread level becomes even with the wear bar, it is most likely time to replace the tires (or past time).  Tires may also need to be replaced if they are physically damaged, showing abnormal wear or are unsuitable for driving conditions.

LEX_TreadModule_Alignment (2)

What is the proper way to check my vehicle’s tire pressure?

It is best to refer to the driver’s side door post or your Owner’s Manual to determine the recommend pressure but you can also call our service team.  Be sure to use a quality tire pressure gauge and try to check the tire pressure when the tires are cold.  Also remember to check the spare tire which may require a different pressure, especially if it is a temporary spare.

What are run-flat tires?

Run-flat tires enable the vehicle to be driven even if the tire pressure drops due to a puncture.  The vehicle can be driven, with care, under most conditions, up to approximately 100 miles at speeds under 55 miles per hour when the tire is completely flat.  The Lexus SC430 is the only Lexus that commonly came with Run-flat tires.

Are there benefits to using nitrogen in my tires?

Nitrogen permeates (seeps) less than regular air so tires may stay inflated longer. Nitrogen also contains less moisture than regular air which helps reduce corrosion on the wheels and interior damage to the tires.  North Park Lexus at Dominion does have a Nitrogen filling station.

Nitrofill Service
Nitro-Fill Station at Lexus at Dominion


For more information, visit our Tire Center online or stop by the Lexus Service Center at North Park Lexus Dominion today!


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