Lexus Owner Discount for 2015-16 Broadway Season at Majestic!

Lexus Owner Perks from Lexus at Dominion

In case you haven’t already heard, Lexus owners can take advantage of Special Discount Prices on tickets for the upcoming 2015-16 Broadway Season at the Majestic Theatre in San Antonio!

Friends and family of Lexus Owners can purchase their tickets (and even pick their own seats) by visiting the following website:

Promo Code: LEXUSSA

**the site reportedly works best with Chrome or Firefox Web Browsers**

Majestic Theatre Broadway Series Show Dates:

The Little Mermaid:  September 22nd- 27th

Beauty and the Beast : October 16th-18th

The Phantom of the Opera:  November 5th-15th

The Book of Mormon:  December 15th-20th

Kinky Boots:  January 26th-31st

Riverdance:  February 26th-28th

Cinderella:  April 5th-10th

Motown the Musical:   May 3rd-8th

The Wizard of Oz:  May31st- June 5th

We look forward to seeing our Lexus owners at the Majestic for the upcoming Broadway Series!!


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